• Title: The Complete Juggler: All the Steps from Beginner to Professional
  • Author: Dave Finnigan
  • ISBN: 9780961552107
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Complete Juggler All the Steps from Beginner to Professional A thorough guide for those who are serious about juggling
    A thorough guide for those who are serious about juggling.

    One Reply to “The Complete Juggler: All the Steps from Beginner to Professional”

    1. Although dated, this book is what got me seriously juggling. It is a wealth of material and gives a broad education to the juggling arts. It has easily understood drawings. If you want to learn juggling or if you have just learned and want to expand your skills, I can't recommend this book enough.

    2. Der Titel ist definitiv nicht gelogen: Wenn man alles aus dem Buch gelernt hat (und das ist möglich, so gut ist es aufgebaut), wird es auf dem Gebiet des Jonglierens und aller Schnittbereiche (Balancieren, Devilstick, Diablo u.a.) nicht mehr viele Hürden geben.Seit ich es vor, puh!, 24 Jahren in zumindest kleinen Teilen durchgegangen bin, habe ich schon etlichen Leuten das Jonglieren weiter beigebracht – darunter einem querschnittsgelähmten 8-jährigen Jungen! Größere Erfolgserlebnisse si [...]

    3. This book opened the world of progressing my juggling. After having somewhat gotten control of juggling 3 balls I found this book in a juggling shop in Florence, Italy and all hell broke loose! Next few weeks was all about breaking stuff around the apartment while learning the basic skills of the Devilstick, the Diabolo and 4 ball juggling, much to my flatmates joy and occasional annoyance. Absolutely understandable and and easy to follow step by step. And It keeps hammering in one of my now fav [...]

    4. This is THE book for aspiring ball ticklers. I don't think there's any reason to question why someone might be interested in the noble art. Worth the weight of the author's moustache in pewter.

    5. Sacrifices quality for quantity - Tries to cover a little of everything from the most basic scarf juggling to complex 5 club tricks.

    6. Really detailed, perfect decriptions of tricks for balls, clubs, diablos, hats, cigar boxes, devil sticks everything you can possibly juggle.

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