• Title: Arbuusisuhkrus
  • Author: Richard Brautigan Enn Soosaar
  • ISBN: 9985942701
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arbuusisuhkrus Arbuusisuhkrus tegevustik hargneb paigas nimega iDEATH Nagu kirjutab raamatu peategelane on sealsed asukad oma elud hoolikalt arbuusisuhkrust seadnud ja m da m ndide ning kividega servatud teid oma u
    Arbuusisuhkrus tegevustik hargneb paigas nimega iDEATH Nagu kirjutab raamatu peategelane, on sealsed asukad oma elud hoolikalt arbuusisuhkrust seadnud ja m da m ndide ning kividega servatud teid oma unistuste l ppu r nnanud Selles maailmas valitseb rn tasakaal , mille id llilisust h gustab musta varjuna vaid k lvatu inBOILi bande Brautigani fenomen, vaimustus ja Arbuusisuhkrus tegevustik hargneb paigas nimega iDEATH Nagu kirjutab raamatu peategelane, on sealsed asukad oma elud hoolikalt arbuusisuhkrust seadnud ja m da m ndide ning kividega servatud teid oma unistuste l ppu r nnanud Selles maailmas valitseb rn tasakaal , mille id llilisust h gustab musta varjuna vaid k lvatu inBOILi bande Brautigani fenomen, vaimustus ja kultus saavutas k rgharja 1970 aastatel ning on j nud senini heks beatp lvkonna omap raseimaks teoseks.

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    1. I almost can't believe how dazzling this book is. In Watermelon Sugar is 138 pages long — many of which are half pages at best — and yet manages to whip up a stunning, strange, surreal little world, full of sad, sweet characters and shockingly beautiful images. It's the simplest little story: two lovers, a scorned ex-girlfriend, an old-timer who lights the lanterns on the bridges, a chef who cooks nothing but carrots. The whole book takes place in a few days, in a tiny little town where ever [...]

    2. Softly we are Richard Brautigan and we have nothing to do with hippies and we fish for trout and keep some of the trout in there because we are Richard and we like to look at them. It suits us to have this mustache and to touch it periodically like one might touch a butterfly sitting there and wipe the crumbs away from something special that we have just eaten and enjoyed.

    3. 393. In Watermelon Sugar, Richard Brautiganدر قند هندوانه - ریچارد براتیگان (چشمه)؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و سوم ماه جولای سال 2012 میلادیعنوان: در قند هندوانه؛ نویسنده: ریچارد براتیگان؛ مترجم: مهدی نوید؛ تهران، نشر چشمه، 1384؛ در 184 ص؛ چلپ دوم: 1386؛ چپ چهارم 1387؛ شابک: 9789643622183؛ چاپ پنجم 1389؛ چاپ هفتم 1394 [...]

    4. برای کسی مثل من که خیلی براتیگان رو نمی‌شناسه، در قند هندوانه می‌تونه تجربه نچسبی اطلاق شه. یه بخشش به نظرم بر می‌گرده به اینکه براتیگان قبل از نویسنده‌بودن- خصوصاً رمان‌نویس‌بودن-، شاعر بوده. خیلی ریسکه یه شاعر بخواد رمان بنویسه؛ هر چند من دوست دارم بگم داستان‌بلند؛ چون [...]

    5. In the hippie world life obeys its own laws. And those who live in a watermelon fairytale are lucky because watermelon sugar is a universal stuff that can serve all purposes in life and satisfy all far-out wishes. I once had a dream about the aqueduct being a musical instrument filled with water and bells hanging by small watermelon chains right at the top of the water and the water making the bells ring.There’s no need to bother for food either…Al cooked up a mess of carrots again. He broil [...]

    6. كتاب فضاي خاصي داشت كه تا حالا در كتاب ديگري تجربه ش نكرده بودم حس خوبي دارم بهش

    7. Remarkable imagination. At times funny yet dark overall. Poetic yet simple lines. One of the two books that I am planning to re-read again and again.Richard Brautigan (1935-1984), born in Tacoma, Washington, wrote this novella only for around 60 days in 1964, the year I was born. However, this was only published in 1968. In Watermelon Sugar was his 3rd novel after he earlier got noticed with his first, A Confederate General From Big Sur and got catapulted to international fame with his second, T [...]

    8. This is hands down my favorite book of all time. I wish I could give it more stars than five. It's written by a beat poet but sometimes feels more like Science Fiction crossed with stream of consciousness. The first line of the book "In Watermelon Sugar, the deeds were done and done again, as my life is done in Watermelon Sugar." sets the mood of the book.You're never really sure if it's all happening on Earth but in a different time or just in the mind of the author. The sun shines a different [...]

    9. بعد از چند سال خوندن کتاب به این نتیجه رسیدم که بعضی از کتاب ها طعم دارن. این طعم کاملا از فضاسازی کتاب ناشی می شه. در قند هندوانه شیرینه؛ شیرینِ شیرین.فارغ از این که براتیگان و سبک نوشتنش رو خیلی دوست دارم و به نظرم یکی از لطیف ترین، فانتزی ترین و بانمک ترین ذهنا رو داشته بین مرد [...]

    10. Bizarre and surreal pretty much sums this up and I know many people see this as utopian, a Garden of Eden setting in what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world. Brautigan indicated that Bolinas, the town in California where he lived for a while, provided something of a template. It is notoriously reclusive and the abode of poets, artists and ecologists. The commune is called iDEATH and the narrator has a shack nearby and a room in the commune. There's his girlfriend Pauline, an ex-girlfriend Marg [...]

    11. نسبت به اولین کتابی که ازش خوندم یعنی"پس باد همه چیز را با خود نخواهد برد" با خوندن این یکی یه کمی بیشتر تونستم براتیگان رو درکش کنم. حس کردم باید آدم احساسی و سرسختی باشه. با وجود خوندن دومین کتاب ازش، احساس می کنم هنوز نتونستم اون طور که باید با افکارش ارتباط برقرار کنم. با توجه [...]

    12. هیچ‌وقت نباید کارهای یه نویسنده رو از آخر به اول خوند. ممکنه آدم مأیوس شه. حتا ممکنه فراموش کنه همه‌ی لحظه‌های لذت‌بخشی که با کتابای خوب نویسنده‌ی محبوبش داشته. برای من براتیگان نویسنده‌ایه که نه به اندازه‌ی ونه‌گات ولی تا حدود زیادی می‌تونم با کتاب‌هاش خوش باشم. این کتا [...]

    13. به کتاب و نویسنده مشهورش بی احترامی نمی کنم، ولی یقیناً این کتابی نیست که دلم بخواد یک بار دیگه بخونمش. سوررئالیسمِ به کار ر فته در کتاب به شدت "شخصی" ـه. منظورم از صفت "شخصی" اینه که مثلاً من از بچگی یا نوجوونی یه فانتزی ای توی سَرم از یه مکان یا پدیده ای داشته ـم، فانتزی ای که کام [...]

    14. I was absolutely besotted with this book and now I can't remember why, but I carried it around with me in high school and just thumbed through it and soaked it up. I suppose it was everything I wanted, but couldn't have - freedom on all levels for a small-town girl stuck in a small school full of small people. This was my mantra for escape and it opened up many doors - some good and some bad, but all leading to the same right place and that was my own mind and my own opinions. For that alone, I [...]

    15. اتمسفر این رمان خیلی خوب بود. اتمسفری ساکت و توی‌سایه با کلی چیزای عجیب‌غریب که با منطق داستانی خودش جلو می‌ره.توی ریویو‌های دیگه، خیلی اشاره کردن، منم باز بکنم.با خوندن این کتاب نباید دنبال خطِ روایی و پی‌رنگ و این چیزا بود. بیشتر باید فضاشو حس کرد و دنیایی که ترسیم کرده رو [...]

    16. This is the book that made me realize that Brautigan was a sham writer. I had my suspicions after reading Revenge of the Lawn and Trout Fishing in America, but this one put him forever in my private slush pile. I don't understand the reputation that has been handed him and I don't think he deserves it for the folderal he manufactured. His poetry is all right, at least I remember The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster as not entirely without worth. Some of it makes me laugh at least. But hi [...]

    17. از تمام کم لطفی های نشر چشمه در طراحی جلد این کتاب و از تمام کم لطفی های مترجم در ترجمه این متن که بگذریم ؛ این کتاب هم مثل تمامی کتاب های دیگه براتیگان فوق العاده زیبا و احساسی بود . و مطمئنم که براتیگان پشت این حرفای بسیار ساده ، ذهنی بسیار متفکر داره . ذهنی که مطالب و حقایق رو ب [...]

    18. I return to this book a lot. Recently, I think I offended a friend by being nosy about their previous name before they legally changed it. I read this chapter and mulled over my mistake:MY NAME I guess you are kind of curious as to who I am, but I am one of those who do not have a regular name. My name depends on you. Just call me whatever is in your mind.If you are thinking about something that happened a long time ago: Somebody asked you a question and you did not know the answer. That is my n [...]

    19. this should really be 4.5 stars because i think the very last page is wrong or stops just a second shy of where it should. i'm still hanging there, waiting for what must necessarily follow right? right, richard? right?in any case, this is a pretty great book. it's brautigan poem-world in the guise of some kind of post-apocalyptic hippie nightmare-fantasyland. takes a little while to adjust to it, it kinda just throws you in, and the adjustment period is a little traumatic, what with iDEATH and a [...]

    20. A short, but beautiful novel. Or is it poetry? The overall feeling is sadness and loss, the book makes you ache for things and people you don’t know. It’s obvious why it is on the 1001 books list. I’m pretty sure I’ll reread this one more than once.This book is not for too rational people who dislike symbolism, fantasy or fairytales. To all the others I say ‘you won’t regret visiting ‘watermelon sugar’ ‘

    21. “In Watermelon Sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar.” This is quite probably the strangest book I've ever read. Richard Brautigan's wunderkind of novel is set in bizarre and zany world. A world where almost everything is made of Watermelon Sugar, where the sun shines a different color each day and the stars are all red. A world where tigers can talk to humans, even teach Arithmetic. A world of forgotten things, vegetable statues, one-inch rivers and [...]

    22. Definitely one of the strangest but most original books I have ever read. Strange that it is such an old story when it seems so contemporary. I can't quite explain the absolute weirdness of it. It's sort of a book about the writing of the book itself. Usually I find that kind of thing quite obnoxious but it just worked with this one. To the character Margaret: I loved you the most. To the unnamed narrator: you chose the wrong girl.

    23. Reads with odd smoothness, going down like watermelon sugar. But that easy flow of words disguises something dark and bitter, something that creeps up over the narrative no matter to what degree the characters disavow that anything could be wrong with their minimal, controlled world of statues, rivers, bridges, and watermelon. Singular American weird -- I should have gotten around to this one ages ago.

    24. a friend and I read this book aloud to one another in the hallway of a dilapidated residence hotel over a few hours. after whcih, whatever was broken in my imagination was amiably mended

    25. The rating is much harder than the actual book. The process of critical assessment is far too logical for this madly surreal, withdrawn, disassociated schizoid novella. You can compare it to a high-brow indie cross-genre EP on Pitchfock, completely incomprehensible but pretty nonetheless. I don't understand any of it, but here's a bunch of artwork that sort of look like the visual imagery, if it can be compared to anything else. Owl by David Noonanor make myself a space to inhabit too by Del Kar [...]

    26. 6/2016 Yes. Again, and always. Water in the desert, this.12/2015 My boy brought this to me tonight because he was certain I needed it. Oh, how right he was. 1/2012 This one is a touchstone for me, and I'm not sure exactly why. Perhaps because it is so very gentle, so loving, so open. Ostensibly, it's a few days in a commune in some mythical world that used to have beautiful, man-eating, talking tigers. A world where everything is made from watermelon sugar. But it's always struck me as a meditat [...]

    27. یه روایت عجیب دنیایی که از قند هندوانه ساخته شدهو مردمی که آرامش خاصی دارن یعنی وقتی با اتفاقات ناگوار مواجه میشن خیلی با آرامش میپذیرن و کنار میان واکنش جدی و پر تنشی در قبال مشکلات و اتفاقات ناگوار ندارن.مردم این دنیایی که از قند هندوانه ساخته شده از کنار هم بودن خوشحالن باه [...]

    28. Breathtakingly original, this surrealist short novel by Brautigan was like reading about a perfect acid or mushroom trip - perfect in the sense that there is no paranoia or upset stomach. In this story, people live in Watermelon Sugar and many objects, such as planks and even windows, are made out of (golden) watermelon sugar. People are buried in tombs on the bottom of trout-filled rivers and there is a place called The Forgotten Works where all the forgotten things lie piled up for millions of [...]

    29. "Well, I've got to get back to work," Fred said. "The plank press calls. What are you going to do?""I think I'll go write," I said. "Work on my book for a while.""That sounds ambitious," Fred said. "Is the book about weather like the schoolteacher said?""No, it's not about weather.""Good," Fred said. "I wouldn't want to read a book about weather.""Have you ever read a book?" I said."No," Fred said. "I haven't, but I don't think I'd want to start by reading one about clouds."

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