• Title: Mercy Kill
  • Author: Lori G. Armstrong
  • ISBN: 9781416590972
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mercy Kill Former Black Ops army sniper Mercy Gunderson isn t adjusting well to the laid back rhythm of civilian life on her family s ranch in South Dakota To fill her time Mercy accepts a temporary bartending
    Former Black Ops army sniper Mercy Gunderson isn t adjusting well to the laid back rhythm of civilian life on her family s ranch in South Dakota To fill her time, Mercy accepts a temporary bartending gig at a local watering hole Yet her attempts to settle in back home are tested when Titan Oil, a Canadian company proposing to run an underground pipeline through Eagle RivFormer Black Ops army sniper Mercy Gunderson isn t adjusting well to the laid back rhythm of civilian life on her family s ranch in South Dakota To fill her time, Mercy accepts a temporary bartending gig at a local watering hole Yet her attempts to settle in back home are tested when Titan Oil, a Canadian company proposing to run an underground pipeline through Eagle River County, sends Jason Hawley, Mercy s former army buddy, to the area to convince ranchers to get behind the project.While local business owners support the pipeline, Hawley s presence riles the landowners, and Mercy is torn After ugly threats and multiple altercations escalate tensions in the county, Mercy discovers Hawley s brutally mutilated body in the bar parking lot When it appears Sheriff Dawson cares about campaigning for reelection than investigating the case, Mercy vows to find Jason Hawley s killer even if she has to run against Dawson for sheriff to ensure justice is served.But Mercy soon learns her former military pal had plenty of secrets Her search for the truth brings unwanted exposure to the county s dark side and risks deadly repercussions for the entire community.

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    1. Mercy Gunderson is back and as usual, she's taking no prisoners. I just love Mercy. She's real. Tough but vulnerable. She'll kick your ass and make you like it and then go home and cry in a bottle about how fucked up her life is. I also love the fact that she's an older heroine - somewhere in her late 30s/early 40s, and an Army veteran. This was a pretty meaty story about old friends, shared memories and having to rethink both the past and the present. Her relationship with Dawson is stretched p [...]

    2. Ex Army sniper, Mercy Gunderson's attempts at easing back into civilian life on her families South Dakota ranch aren't going well. To stay busy she takes on a job at the local bar, but her life gets turned upside down when her old friend and army buddy Jason Hawley comes to town. Hawley is with Titan Oil (a huge Canadian Oil Company) and there to convince the people of Eagle River County that running a pipeline through their ranches is a good idea. Needless to say, the ranchers want no part of T [...]

    3. This is the second book in Armstrong's new series centered on former Army sniper MercyGunderson's life back on the South Dakota family ranch. In this one, Mercy has stopped drinking by becoming the bartender, which also helps keep her out of the way of her grieving sister and her frustrated brother-in-law. But it doesn't keep her from finding a dead body in the bar parking lot. Nor does it keep her from running against her secret lover Sheriff Dawson, even though she's about as unlikely a politi [...]

    4. What can I say? I'm into certain mysteries, thrillers, detective novels & police procedurals. I guess I'm a solve-the-crime junkie. (Since this novel deals with a murder investigation among cowboys, thugs & ex-military folks, expect strong language & violent scenes.)

    5. The big appeal of this book for me is Mercy, she is such a hot mess and manages to offend everyone in the book at least once it. It seems like with this book Mercy is finally facing the truth that she is done with the Army. With her unrealistic expectations about her life and those in her life Mercy ends up eating a lot of humble pie. It seems like for the most part she learns from these experiences, but with the ending you realize that for every step forward for Mercy she takes 2 steps back.I a [...]

    6. I was glad to see the author had her main character grow (in more ways than one) in this second book in the series. There was a lot 'wrong' with Mercy Gunderson in the first book and nothing kills interest in a series (at least for me) than a main character who is flawed, knows it, and doesn't do a thing about it. I am looking forward to the next book in the series but hope the author doesn't change Mercy so much that she loses the character that made her unique.

    7. Listened to this as an audio book and I feel the reader made the book better than if I tried to read it. The main character was interesting and the key point that I liked about the book was Mercy's journey through her life and the finally acceptance that she needed help to come to terms with key events and emotions that have come her way.

    8. Second book in this series, of which I started with the third volume. Filling in more experiences and gaps up till then. Strong story, Great Plains scenery and character and First Nations politics as part of the story, many sub stories and complex characters as part of the strength of the plot. This volume includes many of the various complexities of building pipelines as part of the story, along with two of her old army buddies appearing in Eagle River County. Along with discovering murder agai [...]

    9. Mercy is still on the family ranch, more trouble comes to town in the shape of an old army buddy who is later found dead.Mercy has a better handle on her drinking, but has no idea where she fits in in now. She still doesn't trust the sheriff and decides to start her own investigation when she feels he is too busy campaigning rather than working.This is book 2 in a new series, Mercy is tough and takes no nonsense but currently is cut adrift from all she knew before. I loved it

    10. This is the 2nd book in he series featuring Mercy Gunderson an ex black op operative now retired to her ranch in South Dakota.In this one she's running for sheriff and dealing with a murder of an ex-collegue.Good follow-up to the first book.

    11. Meant to be tough and brutal, and it was, but it was also almost a caricature of a bodice-ripper romance. All too much.

    12. just started this this morning with breakfast. its a x sniper from the war, but its a woman working in a bar. she had a drinking problem but they told her if she wanted the job in the bar she couldnt drink. her nephew was killed, she is part indian i think. im not following the whole thing yet but i havent gotten far. i think something happened to one eye and she cant see out of it good. her secret lover is teh sheriff. she has a dog.her sheriff lover is not investigating the murder of her x sol [...]

    13. This is the second book by Lori Armstrong that has Mercy Gunderson as its main character.Mercy is one of the strongest, and yet complicated, women you will find in the mystery/thriller category. Mercy is from South Dakota, born on a farm, well versed in firearms, and he father has been the town sheriff for years, until his death.Mercy has just been released from the Army due to an injury. She was part of a sniper team that was relentless in the performance of their duties.Did I mention that Merc [...]

    14. This review was posted at Under the Covers4.5 StarsIt’s official…I’m a fan. Mercy is just my type of girl. She always wants to do the right thing, no matter the cost to herself. She’s kick ass, she gets into trouble, she goes after what she believes in. Now if only we could get her to see things straight from the very beginning…In this book, Mercy is working as a bartender when her old army buddy, Jason, comes into town looking to convince people to put an oil pipeline through their ra [...]

    15. This is a classic 'it is what it is' book - a 'thriller' about a murder and a main character with a grey moral compass. The interesting parts are the inclusion of Native American ideas and customs coupled with the small town Americana that permeates a lot of the story. These might have given it 3 stars but there are a few points in the book that are, at best, plot holes and, at worst, bad writing. These are both near the end of the book, so I'm hiding them behind spoiler tags!(view spoiler)[At t [...]

    16. Mercy Gunderson is out of the service where she was a sniper in a covert ops team. She is back home in South Dakota and trying to figure out her next steps. She bartending and knows that isn't what she wants for her future. She also knows that running the ranch she and her sister inherited isn't it.Mercy has gotten over the hard drinking she did when she first got home but she is still plagued with the nightmares and flashbacks that bring her military service back to her. She is also having a se [...]

    17. Mercy Kill, the second book in the Mercy Gunderson series, stakes a complicated protagonist against a giant oil company which threatens her home territory and violent gang members who threaten her loved ones. Luckily for her, she has a background as a Black Ops army sniper. Unluckily for her, most of the time her skills are no longer required nor valued. Then her former army buddy, Jason Hawley, is brutally murdered. Mercy thinks no one is taking his death seriously, so she becomes involved in [...]

    18. Mercy used to be an army sniper but due to an eye injury she could no longer do that job. She settled back in her home town as a rancher or at least she tried to do this but she didn't really fit.Then an old army buddy comes to town as representative of an oil company that wants to put a pipeline through. Jason Hawley is not at all what he appears to be. He's murdered and Mercy doesn't feel that the local Sheriff is doing justice to his case. She has real trust issues.Then another army buddy com [...]

    19. I really have enjoyed Lori Armstrong's Mercy Gunderson books. Mercy is stubborn, flawed and tough as nails. Mercy Kill introduces us to two characters from the ops group that Mercy was a part of during her time in the army. Major Jason Hawkley had once saved Mercy's life in Bali during a nightclub bombing. JHawk shows up in her town working for Titan Oil, a company that wants to put an oil pipeline under Eagle River County. After he is murdered, it appears to Mercy that his death is not being ta [...]

    20. I enjoyed the first book enough to pay the unusually high price for this next book in the series (at least high for an electronic version at $16.99!). I really like the character writing and development although the main character seems to be involved in or on the periphery of a lot of depressing events or situations. The ongoing political, and cultural background situations provide a nice underlying flow to the story and helps to complete a vivid picture of the story location and setting in Sou [...]

    21. #2 in the Mercy Gunderson series. Mercy Gunderson is a former Army sniper now South Dakota farmer. She fills the gaps in income of a small dry land farmer with stints as a bartender - and there encounters a 'blast from the past'. At time very exciting, sometimes offputting, the novel redeems itself, and earns its rating, as the end approaches.Mercy Gunderson is a South Dakota farmer. She’s also retired military, back home again. She tends bar, and one night in walks another destroyer, an oil c [...]

    22. I read the first book in this series a while back, and remembered that I had enjoyed it, so picked up book number two. It was an okay read. First, I like Mercy (even if she is a little rough around the edges), although her character seems to be what someone might expect from a female ex-Army specialist. I would prefer there to be something less predictable. (BTW I know several ex-military females and none of them fit this mold.) That aside, the story line seemed interesting, however, the ending [...]

    23. Lori has great character development and I always want to continue reading about her character's. Luckily Lori writes series, and there is more Mercy to come. I like Mercy's attitude and seeing her evolve as the story progresses. Her relationship with Dawson is interesting and real. Her interactions with the locals are entertaining. She's faced with challenges as she is returning home from the military and re-defining what home is to her now that she's back. She's still trying to decide what's s [...]

    24. It’s obvious that Ms. Armstrong knows exactly where she wants Mercy to go as she continues writing this raw, gritty series that is realistic, compelling, and full of passionate, engaging characters who will quickly find a place in your heart. I simply can’t get enough of this riveting series that encompass such charismatic characters and suspenseful plots. Once again, Ms. Armstrong has his a home run with Mercy Kill, the second installment in The Gunderson seriesRead More

    25. Mercy Gunderson, of S Dakota, is a former sniper for the US government military. She is living now in S Dakota in her hometown since she can no longer see as well. She is a bartender. A former comrade of hers is working for an oil company and is killed in her hometown. She tries to find the killer. She is in a relationship with the sheriff and it turns out her friend, Anna, who loved her comrade, kills who she thinks killed Jason; she is wrong. Mercy ends up killing Anna to prevent her from kill [...]

    26. I read the first book of the Mercy Gunderson series and since I had reserved both books, I read this one next. Something that almost never happens, happened. I got 3/4 of the way through and stopped reading. Maybe it was because I just got tired of the Mercy character. Maybe because the ubiquitous use of the f-word escalated. I just stopped caring about how it was going to end. I can't even remember the last time I didn't finish a book. I don't mean to crucify this series because I'm sure it's w [...]

    27. I really liked the second book in the Mercy series! She really got me when Mercy went out to field on her ranch and was just looking out and noticing the sky and comparing it to her feelings. Chapter 19 did me in and I wanted to finish the book today. Good story and character development and a nice conclusion for another story to come. Will definitely recommend this one to my friends and family.

    28. This book definitely ruined a night be keeping me up past my bedtime. Great characters and interesting take on the returning veteran trying to fit in back home theme. This book was passed on to me by my Mom and I went ahead and read it, even though I hadn't read book one of the series. I'll definitely look for that one next time I shop at my local independent mystery book store.

    29. This one actually get 3.5 stars. It's not high literature but Lori Armstrong can develop a character and tell a tale with the best of them. Mercy Gunderson is a foul-mouthed wiseass who takes no prisonersr the most part. I actually enjoyed this book more than the first in the series and I liked that one quite well too. I'll definitely be on the look out for more in this series.

    30. Enjoyed this one so much, I have to go back and find the first one in the series. Had looked over this book several times in library before finally bringing it home. She's like a female version of C.J.Box's Joe Picketttakes no prisoners, takes no bull, but remains a decent human being for all the violence in her life.

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