• Title: The Bikini Car Wash
  • Author: Pamela Morsi
  • ISBN: 9780778327813
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Bikini Car Wash After Andrea Wolkowicz abandons corporate life to help care for her sister she quickly wears out the want ads in their rust belt hometown Time to be her own boss Every mogul knows the best idea is an
    After Andrea Wolkowicz abandons corporate life to help care for her sister, she quickly wears out the want ads in their rust belt hometown Time to be her own boss.Every mogul knows the best idea is an old idea with a new twist So Andi proudly revives her father s business an old fashioned car wash, staffed entirely by bikini clad women That ought to get traffic and blAfter Andrea Wolkowicz abandons corporate life to help care for her sister, she quickly wears out the want ads in their rust belt hometown Time to be her own boss.Every mogul knows the best idea is an old idea with a new twist So Andi proudly revives her father s business an old fashioned car wash, staffed entirely by bikini clad women That ought to get traffic and blood flowing on Grosvenor Street This gutsy gimmick soon has the whole town in a lather, and not necessarily in a good way.Scandalized citizens are howling, neighboring businesses are worried But straitlaced grocery store owner Pete Guthrie is definitely intrigued He knows it s hard to run a small business in a big box world To him, Andi s brains and bravery are as alluring as the bikini she calls business attire.

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    1. If I had to pick one word to describe this book it would be “charming”. From the first sentence, I had no problem jumping in step with Andi and joining her as she navigated making a new life for herself after returning home to her family following her mother’s untimely passing.Though romance played a big part in this story, there were many other things competing with Andi’s time when she got back into town. Andi had a lot of unresolved feelings towards her mother and had a difficult time [...]

    2. Very enjoyable read about a woman returning to her family in a small town. The main characters are very likeable and this is a "happy sighs" story all around :)

    3. I am a huge Pam Morsi fan. While I like some of her books better than others, I always close a PM book glad that I read it and feeling enriched as a reader and enlightened as a writer. This holds true for her older historicals and for her recent romance/women's fiction hybrids. Both Last Dance at the Jitterbug Lounge and Red's Hot Honky-Tonk Bar were among my top reads for their year of publication. This one may not quite reach that level, but there were many things I loved about this book. Firs [...]

    4. An eye full and the perfect end of the summer beach read!!! The Bikini Car Wash isn't what it really seems. I know some people will think, a bikini car wash? I don't want to read that! However, it goes beyond that. It is about fighting for something you want and believe in; finding out who you really are and love. I always love a good love story. Who doesn't? Pamela Morsi outdid herself with this one though! I was stumped at first wondering what Pop was up to, sneaking around like that. I had my [...]

    5. I expected this to be a fluffy romance, which it was for the most part. However, the rape of Cher-L by the owner of the strip club was aboslutely unnecessary and used in her character arc as a lesson for a wanna-be bad girl. The word rape wasn't used by any of the characters, but the she describes it as sex that she didn't want and felt powerless to stop, which is rape. Pete, the nice guy of the story, tells her to get herself checked for STDs, but both feel the need to cover up the incident, no [...]

    6. A couple of Tell Me What to Reads ago, one of you lovely people recommended I give Pamela Morsi's THE BIKINI CAR WASH a shot. It wasn't selected that go-round, but the title (surprise, surprise) stuck in my head and I would find myself thinking of it and grinning at random times here and there. So when I noticed it was available on NetGalley, I went ahead and downloaded it to DH's Kindle to have on hand on our trip to D.C. earlier this month. And, yes, I appreciate the irony that I read and revi [...]

    7. newandusedbooks/index.The Bikini Car Wash By Pamela Morsi MiraJuly 2010In public school Andrea “Andi” Wolkowicz was a geek and her twin sister, Angela “Jelly”, was mentally challenged. Andi loves Jelly more than anything, but she left home for college and stayed away knowing that her parents would have more time to devote to her sister. Andi got so wrapped up in her corporate life in Chicago that when her mother was sick, she took her time coming home and her mom was dead by the time she [...]

    8. Andi Wolkowicz hasn't been able to find work in her hometown. She left her career to move back and help her Dad take care of her mentally handicap twin sister after her Mother died. Down to her two dollar diet (she limits herself to just carrying $2.00 in her purse for bus fare) she finds out that her Dad still owns the local car wash. A simple comment by her Dad about the benefits of being your own boss, gives Andi the idea of opening a new business. When that idea is rejected by the city couns [...]

    9. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Pamela Morsi writes the best average-joe heroes - the handsome, "simple" Jess (Simple Jess), the geeky fish-obsessed Cleavis (Garters), the heart-broken yet amazingly mature Piney (The Lovesick Cure), and my favorites, Jedwin the average-looking mortician with the receding hairline (Wild Oats) and Mikolai the Polish immigrant who gets lost in translation (Something Shady). Add Pete from The Bikini Car Wash to that list. He's the former high-school heart [...]

    10. I can't believe a book with the title this one has was as good as it was. That's what I get for judging a book by its name!While 385 pages was pushing it for a summer reading book, this book had an engaging storyline, well-developed characters and an interesting plot. The short version: Andi moves back home to small town Plainview after her mother dies suddenly. She says she left her great job in Chicago so she could help her widowed father with the care of her special needs twin sister but her [...]

    11. Took me a little while to get into this one - the opening point-of-view is a tad jarring, until you realize who's who (and this can take a few pages) and everything starts to fall into place.So don't give up on this one if nothing is making much sense in the first chapter. Give yourself time to adjust, and if needs be, re-read the start and chapter 1 until everything settles into your mind.Then sit back and enjoy a lovely little treat!I love books that take place in small towns and tight-knit co [...]

    12. Andrea “Andi” Wolkowicz left the big city and her corporate job for the simple life in Plainview to care for her sister, Angela “Jelly” and her father. Andi knows she needs to get a job to help support her family. Pete Guthie is the owner of Guthie Foods, local supermarket. When Pete first comes in contact with Andi, things don’t go smoothly. Andi comes up with the perfect idea to reopen her father’s old car wash business. This car wash will have a twist. Hence…Plainview Bikini Was [...]

    13. I have to say up front that I find the idea of a bikini car wash to be really sexist. But I've read some of Morsi's books that I liked, so I decided to give this one a try, and I'm glad I did. Andi isn't exactly a bikini kind of girl. In fact, she's a successful career woman who returns to her small town after her mother's death because she has a brain-damaged twin sister and she wants to help her family out. However, she's overqualified for every job she interviews for, and the economy in this [...]

    14. From the cover and the title, I expected more fun from this story. It was a good book, with some great characters, but it's pretty tame. If you're looking for steamy, this is definitely not it. I didn't feel the connection between the Andi and Pete. I didn't really get why Andi was attracted to Pete in the first place. He has a weakness for Mallomars, and he's depicted in the beginning as a chubby, middle-aged guy running a grocery store. But then all of the sudden, Andi's seeing him as the "hig [...]

    15. This is a cute, cute book. I've always liked Pam Morsi's writing, back when she was doing historical romances, and now when she's changed to contemporary women's fiction. In this one, the heroine has moved back home from the Big City after her mother's death to help her dad take care of her mentally disabled sister. She applies for, but doesn't get a marketing job with the local grocery store, run by a guy she had a crush on back in high school--one who never looked twice at her. He's at odds wi [...]

    16. This book was a reality check to the world, showing that there is a world where being despriate is real, work isnt easy to get, crochity old folks will be crotchity old folks and word travels in a small town.BUT- The only reason I bought this book was because 1. I was bored in an airport2. The back summary of the book said it included a death mystery- I deffinatly didnt. The book is about a small town with a family of confusion. Thers Andrea. A twin with her retarted sister Jelly, they both just [...]

    17. I loved this book. in all honesty it wouldn't have been as good without the sister Jelly. I think she, with her love of Law & Order, might just be one of my favorite characters ever.The only things I didn't like was that it felt like she was going to set it up for the "bad" guy to get her on the whole selling sex thing with a situation with one of her employees. I know it was also to show the kindness and character of the male love interest, but there were plenty of other ways this was shown [...]

    18. An amusing romance. Andi has returned home from Chicago (ditched a Great job)in the wake of Mom's sudden death to help Pops with her sister Jelly who suffered brain damage at birth. Pops is an equanimous guy,takes it all in stride. Andi is looking for work and none is to be had in tiny town where they live. Taking desperate measures, she reopens Pop's car wish, with a twist- three women in bathing suits are washing the cars. Lots of controversy for tiny town. Lots of internal drama, amid the bro [...]

    19. The blurb for this book paints a picture of a light-hearted chick-lit book, but the book is surprisingly less amusing than expected. Though there were many strong elements of the book, ultimately the lackluster romance undermined the story, and i just never felt a real connection with Andi or Pete. They seemingly ended up together because neither had a better option in their small town which doesn't make for riveting fiction. Not a bad summer read but not as captivating as I had hoped. 3.5 stars [...]

    20. The characters were great. The storyline was realistic and the sub characters had lots of personality. The book was realistic. I also liked that you could see it happening today at the closed down carwash in every town next to the small grocery store that is struggling in today economy. It was fun to imagine the old lady upset and picketing. It was more of a book then I was expecting. I even liked the twin sister and related to the difficult relationship that has always been connected with the s [...]

    21. I really loved this book! I am a big fan of Pamela Morsi's books, but I have only read her historical romances. Each of the characters were so well drawn that they seemed so real. I especially loved the character of Jelly, the mentally challenged twin sister. She was such a sweet, lovable character. I would consider this book more fiction than romance. I read this so quickly; I couldn't put this down. I found the storyline and the characters compelling. I will definitely look to read more of Pam [...]

    22. Are our parents really the people we have always believed they were? Can you ever go back home again? Pamela Morsi tells the story of Andi Wlkowicz returning to the small town where she grew up after her mother's death. Jobs are hard to come by, especially for someone whose career was climbing up the corporate ladder. She revives her father's old fashioned car wash with a new twist - bikini clad women. Morsi develops believable characters who interact with fun dialogue. Good book.

    23. Very pamela in her chic lit style, a main romance, a 2nd-ary romance, special needs person & Lots of lifes travails. I thought the villian too contrived. I enjoyed the 2nd-ary romance more than the main couple, they had more depth. The main hero was such a prototype. What I like most about morsi is the little life moments, people's conversation while playing basketball.

    24. If I hadn't read the "Lovesick Cure" and already decided to read more Pamela Morsi, this one would have done it. A really good upbeat book with life lessons twisted into it.Favorite quote "People had a right to their expectations. But they didn't have a right to insist that other people live up to them."

    25. Pamela Morsi is brilliant and delivering characters you want to cheer for while twisting them through a journey that is entertaining and at time heart-wrenching. This story is no different. You love the secondary characters and get invested in their lives as much at the main characters. Well done Ms Morsi.

    26. Cute Book. Andrea Wolkowicz leaves the corporate life to come home and help care for her sister and finds herself out of money and no job. She reopens her Dad's old car wash with a little twist. The bikini car wash gets alot of attention from town's citizens and neighboring grocery store ownerPete Guthrie, Andi's old high school heart-throb. Happy Ending.

    27. I personally love this book. It shows how people in the world can be sufficient and come up with ideas to wow the crowd and to help them out. Andi has to help her father with her special needs sister. While two other women out of work join with her and help her out. This show the world and how it is full with opportunities.

    28. I admit that I started reading with trepidation as I love Morsi's historical romances. But, I shouldn't have doubted as I really loved the characters. Morsi retained the small-town feel and the book felt comfortable.

    29. Strange. I thought I had already reviewed this book. Just a fun, quick read. Great airplane book. I would say it is a step above the usual books of this type. There were a few things to think about and a couple of twists.

    30. The Bikini Car Wash was quick read. Definitely a lighter book. I enjoyed the book, and appreciated the view of Jelly. This put a different spin on the book and made it better than some of the chick lit I have read in the past. This is a feel good book and ends well.

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