• Title: Vanished True Stories of the Missing
  • Author: Marc Tyler Nobleman
  • ISBN: 9780545144728
  • Page: 271
  • Format: None
  • Vanished True Stories of the Missing This book is true stories of the missing Some of the most haunting tales are about people who have disappeared some are found and some are never found
    This book is true stories of the missing Some of the most haunting tales are about people who have disappeared some are found and some are never found.

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    1. The book I read was vanished by marc Tyler nobleman. This book is about a series of stories about adults and children running away or being kidnapped. This first story was about a second grader named Erica being kidnapped because of money complications. The second story was about a man named Percy; he got lost in the woods and never came out. The third story is about a woodsman running away, and the fourth was about a musician that disappeared. The fifth story was about a nature lover getting lo [...]

    2. I brought this to read with my kids, although after reading it I think it's probably too young for my daughter and a bit old for my sons.The writing is strange, I'm not sure if it's written deliberately to sound like a child is writing it. The stories have enough information to keep kids interested, and aren't very long, so they don't get bored.

    3. It is okay, its not funny or anything but its interesting how true it is. Its kind of sad to begin with but it has a happyish ending.

    4. Vanished True Stories of the MissingBy Marc Tyler NoblemanRealistic Fiction128 pagesFinished reading: 2/25/13Summary: Vanished True Stories of the Missing is a book based on multiple true mysteries. These have happened in the world, but aren’t as well known as stories like Amelia Earhart’s. All the stories go back in history from 1925-2009 and are placed all over the world. In the many stories there is, some of the people return while others will disappear forever. You will meet a little gi [...]

    5. This book vanished is different stories on people either disappearing for a time of their life or they just literary vanish. For example the beginning story is about a girl getting kidnapped. She had to find a way to get out the place where she was. Another story in this book it is about a man doing something that made many people very angry, so he left and tried to kayak to Asia from Alaska. They found his kayak on the shoreline of a beach in Asia but his kayak was pretty banged up so at first [...]

    6. Vanished True Stories of the MissingMarc Tyler NoblemenBiography128 pages The book tells of people who were brave enough to escape and to dive in from the cruelty of the world. One guy could be a friend, husband, father who made a difference in their lives and in others. The world only knows him as a myth or the movie star Indiana Jones. This shows that people in our society need to know the real heroes of our past. A girl trapped in a world of darkness brings light to the hearts of many. This p [...]

    7. this book was a very good book. I like each and every diffrent story facirote one is when the two little girls were walking home from school and these men rolled up in this red car.One of the men asked the girls to come over to the car so they did,the man in the drivers seat tryed to pull both little girls into the car but he only manedged to grab one the men sped off the little sister went to thier home and started to cry to the mothere mother asked what happend and she said my sister got kidna [...]

    8. True stories, yes, but most are so dated that kids today wouldn't relate. A WWII disappearance? Why not investigate a case from last year? I was hoping for more stories about kids with gumption that got away, or how justice was served by prosecuting the abductors, etc. This book was disappointing.

    9. I give this book a 3.5 stars out of 5 because some stories were boring, and others were compelling. I thought they would be better since it's about missing people

    10. I really liked this book. Who knew the author of the Little Prince went missing and no one found his plane until 50 years later? It was a super quick read, but I really liked it.

    11. Some of these stories are not as good as others, but I overall it was a pretty good book. The first chapter, the third chapter and the 2nd last chapter are my favorites.

    12. This book is the kind of books I like to read. Always wondering what is going to happen next. Which doesn't come often in anthologies. They are serious true stories which always makes me wonder.

    13. VERY interesting stories,I was riveted the whole time. I didn't know about any of these true stories!!

    14. Very cool book. Kept away from some of the more obvious cases, such as Amelia Earhart. I put this in my classroom library because I think the kids will enjoy reading it.

    15. ItsIzakB I have recently read a nonfiction book, Vanished, written by Marc Tyler Nobleman. I really enjoyed the book because the book sounds fiction more than nonfiction. There aren’t many nonfiction books that are in my interest zone, because I like stories which lack in cliche moments. Vanished isn’t the best book out there, but I think for a nonfiction book, you should give it a try. The story is about a few people, well, vanishing. There is no main character in the book, which I did not [...]

    16. If you're looking for a collection of real, strange, vague, or maybe even scary (depending on preferences) stories that will make you think, "Wowat actually happened?" Then I highly recommend it for that reason.It's not a particularity special or suspenseful book though. Sometimes it's because of the way it was written and structured, but some of the time its the vagueness of the stories not having enough detail to hold itself up.Nonetheless, it's decent read that will definitely keep you intere [...]

    17. Vanished True Stories of the MissingMarc Tyler Nobleman118 pagesMay 2, 2013Vanished True Stories of the Missing is about kids and adults who were taken. Some of these stories can go all the way back to 1925. The first story is about a little girl who lived in a bad neighborhood. Erica Pratt was walking home from school with her younger sister when a white van pulled up and they took her and drove off. The search went on for days when finally Erica bit through the duck tape and teenagers nearby h [...]

    18. Even though this is only at a 4.4 reading level, the stories in it were amazing! I had never heard of Erica Pratt who was kidnapped at age 7 and freed herself, or the Real Indiana Jones Percy Fawcett who disappeared in the jungles of the Brazilian , or the naturalist Grant Hadwin, or the musician Henry Grimes that disappeared for 60 years and was found again playing in concerts, or another nature lover Everett Ruess who wrote in a letter "I have been free of watches and clocks. I never wonder wh [...]

    19. This book is a cumulative of several different stories. This book contains real stories or disasters that have changed their life. I love this book because this is heart touching because one of the story is related to a girl who got kidnapped and was kept away from her family for two days until some kids, playing besides the road see her peeping through the window. That girl managed to escape and awarded with a award representing courage. The book covers all the categories of "Trivia Crack" exce [...]

    20. This would be an okay book to read if you were just starting out to read chapter books, but for me, I found it quite dull. I thought that the little stories were like paragraphs that I had to write in school, except formed into a book. And there were many random facts and dates and names of people that I felt "took up space." (Meaning that I didn't actually feel like they were useful/interesting to the story.)But if you're interested in reading short stories about missing people, then go ahead a [...]

    21. cause i had read the book just want to do a book report and here are for the spoliers dont say anything cause there is a lot of people who did not read this book i started reading the book on Monday an i am almost done with it and it is a really good book to read about when you done i can ask you question or you can ask me question or we can do both but i hope for the people who did not read it to have a good time reading this book.

    22. I think this book is exciting about how some people went missing and never came back. Its still a mystery today about where those missing have been and I think that the missing could have already been dead because its so long ago. I like books that have to do with paranormal and mystery so I think this book is great.

    23. I think it was a really great book! It included lots of different scenarios and made you feel like you are on a roller coaster. I didn't want to put the book down but sure was I along for a ride filled with lots of sad and happy moments. Leaves you thinking on what happened and wondering if the truth will ever be known for sure.

    24. This book was a compilation of many stories of people who have gone missing. Written in an appropriate way for upper elementary or middle school kids. Some of the missing people were found, and some were not. I thought it might be creepy, but somehow it wasn't. I enjoyed it.

    25. This short little volume contains true stories of missing people of all ages. Some have happy endings and some don't, but all are entertaining. A great introduction to nonfiction for those reluctant to take the plunge.

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