• Title: For My Lady's Heart
  • Author: Laura Kinsale
  • ISBN: 9780425206591
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Paperback
  • For My Lady s Heart A young knight will take up his sword for the honor of a beautiful and mysterious princess and risk his life for the love that burns between them
    A young knight will take up his sword for the honor of a beautiful and mysterious princess and risk his life for the love that burns between them.

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    1. Glorious. Superb.How do I say this is the finest hero ever put to paper without sounding like a hyperbole-spewing squeeon?*clears throat and boldly announces*This is one of the finest heroes created in ink. The heroine is brilliantly complex.I'm dazed with wonderment.I want to befriend every single person who loved this book as much as I did they are truly my soul-peeps. I am going to stalk every one of you. Fair warning.Don't urge me not towhere you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. [...]

    2. This story is just stunning!!! I never thought a romantic historical fiction could be written to rival Flowers From the Storm by Laura Kinsale, but if anyone could do it then it would be Kinsale. And she did. For My Lady's Heart is stellar on so many levels. We have probably the most wonderful hero ever written, a tortured heroine for a change, incredible seamless use of medieval dialogue and terminology, and imagery so vivid the reader is transported. She manages to challenge as well as enterta [...]

    3. ETA: The lovely ladies at AG just updated my review with some soundclips :) Bonus!Nick Boulton is A Very Good Thing. Go listen!Medieval romances aren’t a great favourite of mine. I will admit that I haven’t read a large number of them, but most of those I have read have been too anachronistic for my taste. Of course, there is going to be a degree of anachronism in any historical romance – after all, we usually read about the titled and the wealthy and not about the miserable poor eking out [...]

    4. Remarkable story and Nick Boulton's narration is amazing. Laura Kinsale continues to wow with her audiobooks. Every one of her titles (five to date for me) is worthy of multiple relistens.Narrated by Nicholas BoultonI was hesitant to listen to For My Lady’s Heart as I read that it contained (horrors) Middle English. I want my listening to be easy but the lure was strong with all the highly favorable comments I was reading and it’s a Medieval, a sub-genre I thoroughly enjoy. And that Middle E [...]

    5. Old RRA-L review:I liked FOR MY LADY'S HEART a great deal, and I generally don't like what passes for medieval. I read it on the recommendation of someone whose opinion on books I respect, and it is what got me to read medieval romances (and Laura Kinsale in general). Most medieval romances have modern stories dressed up and in a castle. A book I otherwise enjoyed ruined the ending by having the heroine marry her dead twin sister's widower--sorry, but in the Middle Ages that was incest, not a ti [...]

    6. I adored (nearly all of) this book. It is a romance masterpiece. I wish it would have gone on more as I enjoyed the language and prose so very much. I also adored the hero and the heroine too, though Melanthe was a bit off putting once they reached Wolfscar. The set-up and plot for the "romance" was really unique and well-done. And the humor! Kinsale has an ability to deftly add character-driven humor that does not seem forced nor contrived.I also want to thank Ms. Kinsale for allowing the reade [...]

    7. This is one of the best Kinsale romances I've read, and an instant favourite.I loved the language especially, which isn't usual in my reading experience, but that was perfectly comprehensible without the need for a dictionary. And the plotline has clear "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" undertones, which I think was the author's intention. The hero, Ruck, is quite compelling, and the heroine, though at times she can raise eyebrows, is complex. Their romance developed by stages was entertaining t [...]

    8. 3.5There were times when I thought that I'd never finish this book which made me sad - not finish a Laura Kinsale book? That's crazy! I found it very difficult to get into at first. I'm not sure whether that was the medieval setting which is different from most of the historical romance that I usually read, whether it was use of medieval language which can take some getting used to, or whether I just didn't connect with the plot and characters. After trying and failing with the first couple of c [...]

    9. Laura Kinsale never disappoints me. In For My Lady's Heart, she has written a masterpiece, not just of romance, but of universal literary merit. It's one of the most subversive works of literature I've read. Well, listened to actually. My husband and I got the audio book and played it in the car on road trips for about six months. And since I'm going to spend the rest of this review talking about myths and cake, let me just say that Nicholas Boulton's narration of this book is outstanding. Well [...]

    10. On my list of favorite female protagonists are more than a few difficult women. If you go looking, you'll find (for example) that readers either love or hate Melanthe ofFor My Lady's Heart. The comments I have heard is that she is too hard and even abrasive, although I think some of the dislike of Melanthe has to do with the fact that this novel is not an easy read; Kinsale does a good job of approximating Middle English for a modern audience, and it takes a little work to get into it. I loved M [...]

    11. I really don't believe that the dream team of Laura Kinsale and Nicholas Boulton can do anything wrong. Having said that, I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed this intriguing story, set in this difficult historical period, nearly as much, had I read it in print. Ms.Kinsale's fertile imagination, impeccable and thorough research and the melted chocolate voice of the delicious Mr. Boulton are an absolute given for perfectness.I personally adore the medieval period and in particular the Plantagenet dyn [...]

    12. Like many of Laura Kinsale's books, this one is a masterpiece of historical romance writing. If you enjoy stories set in the Medieval era, you *must* read this one!The Medieval era, at least as described in the historical romances of Laura Kinsale, Roberta Gellis, Madeline Hunter, Jo Beverley etc, is so violent, horrifying and strange, that it's usually hard for me to be able to relate to the story and get into it. Maybe we can blame this on Walter Scott, who started the whole genre of violent, [...]

    13. I did not enjoy this book. I wanted it to be over.Melanthe's husband died. Two powerful families want her husband's lands in Italy. She tells the two families she is going to England for a short trip and then they may have her property. She is lying to both of them. In England she falls in love and secretly marries Ruck. The story is about treachery, deceit, plotting and murder. I did not like several parts of the bookUTION SPOILERS:I did not like Melanthe because while she was blissfully marrie [...]

    14. Rating: (♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥)Sample of Nicholas Boulton narrating For My Lady's Heart.(This is more of a combined feature than of an individual review.)Laura Kinsale is a pioneer. Seriously! She's done what many author's dream about. She's taken control of producing her own audiobooks, which is truly impressive, and she chose the most ideal candidate to bring her stories to your greedy little ears. Mr. Nicholas Boulton, who is already a talented stage, screen and voice actor, made it into Ms. Ki [...]

    15. Dnf at 2% I'm not going to rate this because I dnf'd so early, but I stopped reading because I hit a deal-breaker and couldn't move past it.But there had been only a few sweet weeks of kissing and bedding, with Isabelle as loving and eager for it as himself, before the king’s army had called him to France. When he’d come back, knighted on the field at Poitiers, full of the future, triumphant and appalled and eager to bury himself and the bloodshed in the clean tender arms of his wife—he’ [...]

    16. It's a good thing I enjoyed Flowers from the Storm so much, because if For My Lady's Heart had been the first Kinsale I picked up, I might not have read any more and would have missed out on The Shadow and the Star, Seize the Fire, and Midsummer Moon, among others. It begins with the hero, Ruck, losing his wife, who thinks herself a saint, and all of his possessions to the church, leaving him penniless until he's rescued by the gift of two emeralds, given to him by the Princess Melanthe on a whi [...]

    17. The one where Princess Melanthe, the widow of an Italian prince, is involved in dangerous political disputes among three Italian families over her lands and herself, and Ruck is neither married nor single, neither landed nor baseborn, neither above her nor below her.It's been a long time since I enjoyed a romance this much. The historical period (1400s) is so distant that a story set there has pretty much the same essential pleasure as science fiction. The people and settings are strange, vivid, [...]

    18. By far, my favorite hero ever.There's a lot that could be said about this story, but the hero, Ruck, is what made this a five-star book for me. They just don't write them like that anymore. Perfect, without seeming to be, and still has a visible character arc throughout the story. To me, the motivations of the heroine, Melanthe, were a little weak at times, but I was so into Ruck, I didn't care.

    19. DNF at 8%. Just couldn't get in to the language and I feel like a dolt for it. Maybe I'll read the 'modernised' version at some point. oh the shame

    20. DNF ~50%I tried, really tried, but can't seem to get into it. The story is really slow and the Middle English is hard to read. English is not my first language so I didn't grow up reading all those old books and getting used to the thou's and thee's. I even tried the audiobook out with the awesome voice of Mr. Boulton but found out that I don't pay attention when someone talks to me continuously (I probably shouldn't admit that but it is what happened). I might come back to it later - or try Sha [...]

    21. [Cross-posted to my blog: paquetdevie]THIS BOOK. Oh my god, this book. It's like someone gathered all of my favorite tropes and rolled it in one neat book-package.This book has everything I want: a stoic tortured knight, his cunning and equally tortured lady, Medieval politics, courtly intrigue, knightly devotion, courtly love, pining, and loyalty. AND THE LOYALTY. My god, let me tell you all about the loyalty.Loyalty is one of my assured catnips. Any book that has the hero being quietly loyal a [...]

    22. Narrator- 5*Story- -4*degree of authenticity- 5*I finished this audio book a few days ago but have had no time to write even a short review. And since I am still short on time, I'll only add my two cents to the already very thorough reviews. Listening to Nicholas Boulton is always a treat and when paired with the very talented Laura Kinsale, it is a winning combination. I am in awe of Kinsale's ability to use language that lent a feeling of authenticity to this medieval story but I was still abl [...]

    23. THIS IS MY FAVORITE KINSALE BOOK!!I experienced this story as an AUDIOBOOK - if you have never read a Kinsale book there are a few things you need to know: - Laura Kinsale books are angsty.- Things are NEVER tidy - The heroes are always flawed - The heroines usually get hurt by the heroesAND MOST OF ALL - - Laura Kinsale's writing talent MAY ruin you for less gifted authors. Now that I have read her work, I get far less enjoyment reading/ listening to historical romance/ fantasy stories that are [...]

    24. This is a medieval historical romance which attempts to incorporate Middle English language in the dialogue (although how successfully--even before her editors made her take out some of the Middle English to make it more accessible--is debatable), so I think this book works best for readers who’ve taken like one semester of Chaucer and can easily follow it, but who aren’t real academics because the latter tend to be annoyed that the Middle English isn’t really very good. Also, I've seen re [...]

    25. i loved the use of middle english in this book (not that i understood all of it - but there is a handy glossary at the back!) I flipped a few chapters of the 'tighter, re worded' version that was included and didn't like it as much. i'm a sucker for a true honorable hero. but this is another one of those book where if people would just communicate, there wouldn't have been a plot (i'm looking at you jamie fraser/roger mackenzie). i liked the idea of the truth speaking hero and the lying lady (wh [...]

    26. I feel terrible for not finishing this one, Laura Kinsale is IMHO a literary goddess. However this one was one of her earlier works and I just couldn't get that feeling of addiction I usually have reading her novels. Firstly, this book was set in medieval times and the language was difficult for me to understand, as I'm not a native english speaker. Secondly, it was soooooo looong. It took me an entire afternoon to finish 3 chapters! Thirdly and most importantly, I did not like the heroine. I ju [...]

    27. 3 or 4 StarsI can't decideI'm having a hard time rating "For My Lady's Heart".I really enjoyed the storyline, it was very different, and the characters were really brought to lifebut it was soooooo stretched out and after the second half it was like "blah blah blah blah blah".I wouldn't not recommend this, but I'm not going to recommend it eitherLoL!

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