• Title: Lots of Dots
  • Author: Craig Frazier
  • ISBN: 9780811877152
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lots of Dots In this exuberant book acclaimed graphic designer Craig Frazier does than simply showcase a vast variety of dots he encourages young readers to look closely at the world around them Through his ener
    In this exuberant book, acclaimed graphic designer Craig Frazier does than simply showcase a vast variety of dots, he encourages young readers to look closely at the world around them Through his energetic images, the ordinary becomes extraordinary Buttons are dots Wheels are dots Ladybugs have dots And so do the fried eggs on your plate Lots of Dots is lots ofIn this exuberant book, acclaimed graphic designer Craig Frazier does than simply showcase a vast variety of dots, he encourages young readers to look closely at the world around them Through his energetic images, the ordinary becomes extraordinary Buttons are dots Wheels are dots Ladybugs have dots And so do the fried eggs on your plate Lots of Dots is lots of fun

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    1. There are, indeed, many dots to be found around us. These dots are printed in vivid colors, which I like.Library copy

    2. Worked well with a variety of groups of different ages. Simple, but the illustrations are bright and lovely. Good for jumping off into a discussion of shapes, colors, or same/different.

    3. A simple book that talks about dots being found in real life. I really liked the pictures here and that the dots were the focus and not the object they were a part of. toddler and up.

    4. This is a colorful and rhyming book about dots and how they are all around us. Many different circles are shown, and the book is physically a nice size for storytime. This would work well for a storytime about circles/dots.

    5. Whimsical dots, dots for licking, dots for snacking and even dots on shirts. In every color and size dots make up many of the things in the world around us. There are dots everywhere, if only you know where to look.In the recent past there have been numerous books based on how we interact with common things in our environment such as shapes and colors. Dots have been a popular choice as of late, but it’s obvious why. Children love them! We’ve reviewed Dot by Patricia Intriago, now Lots of Do [...]

    6. Lots of Dots by Craig FrazierAge: 2-5Genre: ConceptsLots of Dots is a wonderfully illustrated concept book linking ordinary objects in a child’s life to simple little dots. There is an easy rhyme to the book, and did I mention that the illustrations are absolutely wonderful? I’ve been reading this book with my soon-to-be 2-year-old and he is in love with this book. In fact, I checked this book out to read for my baby/toddler storytime at the library, but my son has been having so much fun wi [...]

    7. This bright and fanciful book takes dots to a new level, celebrating all of the ways that dots and circles are in our life. There are dots that are buttons, dots as flowers, dots as scoops of ice cream! All in bright, vivacious colors that add to the joyful nature of this picture book. The rhyming text is very simple, allowing the emphasis to be on the illustrations that are colorful, graphic and very fun. This is a book that will have readers and listeners smiling at every page.Frazier’s illu [...]

    8. Originally rated E by Lucy ThomasDots, dots everywhere! Simple drawings with bright colors and short text against white background pages provide eye catching pictures for younger readers. The students will learn about dots found on many different things (e.g. peas in a pod, ice cream in a cone, traffic light) and they can guess what the dots are on each page. The final spread pages show all the dots shapes that were found on the previous pages of the book. Overall, this is an appealing picture b [...]

    9. Author and illustrator Craig Frazier creates dots of all colors and dimensions that young readers can discover around them. There are brightly-colored floating balloon dots, big drum stick dots, oranges (dots) falling from a tree, traffic light dots, ice cream dots, pea dots, heavy dumbbell dots, light bubble dots and more. This fun “I Spy” read-alike with its simple, bright, colorful illustrations is a fun read-aloud emphasizing colors and shapes for preschool children. Sharyn H. / Marathon [...]

    10. Title: Lots of Dots by Craig FrazierSummary: A playful rhyming celebration of dots. Rating: YesAge: 2-4 yearsPros: A perfect concept book for toddler or preschool storytime. The book has graphic bright illustrations that are colorful and easy to see.The book focuses on different types of dots, which provides a great opportunity to talk with children about the existence of circles everywhere. (This book would couple nicely with Alphabet City by Steven T. Johnson.) The book is written in rhyme, w [...]

    11. An absolutely brilliant book by graphic designer Craig Frazier. This is a book about dots, and all the ways they appear in the world around us. This book is not illustrated--it is truly graphic design in picture book form.Admittedly, I love learning about and looking at graphic design. But this book truly is amazing! You can make a flat, 2D circle look heavy or light, build on other things, have depth and meaning and significance just through design principles. This book is bright and colorful a [...]

    12. 'Lots of Dots' is a colourful, whimsical rhyming tale that contrast, collects and connects dots of all kinds. Parents, teachers and librarians will have great fun with this one. If you do not show the kid/s the pictures as you read, each sentence is turned into a riddle. Children will have great joy guessing what the different dots represent, for example, "Some dots are heavy", "What can heavy dots be?". Once they've racked their little brains for answers, you can show them the image of a strugg [...]

    13. I read this today to a group of preschoolers, and they really enjoyed it. The colors/illustrations are bright--- and easy for a group to see. I used it for the theme "Get Creative"e I needed a 3rd book to fit the theme. It would probably fit more closely in a "shape-themed" storytime, but it was fine here. I will add it to my storytime repertoire! We did a related craft where the children used stick-on dots (colored stickers used for filing)and cupcake liners to make garden pictures.

    14. Some books just radiate with energy and smiles. Lots of Dots, by Craig Frazier, is such a fun, bright book that it just makes kids (and adults!) want to create their own artwork. This playful book grabs your attention from the very beginning, with its joyful cover and wonderfully colorful endpapers. Bold silhouetted figures encounter dots in all shapes and sizes, in all sorts of places and things. The figures are in bright single colors, with happy smiles. They see dots in everything from drums [...]

    15. This book was created by a noted Graphic Artistd the illustrations are clear, crips and clean as is graphic design. The book is a great way to alert students to shapes in the world.specifically dots in this case. Dots are egg yolks, bubbles, apples falling from a treet, etc. The illustrations start out simple and progress to more complex in the end. Love it for it's simplicity and complexity!

    16. Here comes a book illustrated entirely in Adobe Illustrator! Pretty cool, if you ask me, and the illustrations are legitimately fun. I'm not sure if Frazier thought, "Hmm, how can I make a children's book in Adobe? I know! I'll use the circle feature!" and along came this book, but whatever the case, it's cute. The text is simple, rhyming, and the illustrations invite little eyes to notice all the circles and dots. Overall, quite a fun book.

    17. Colorful, graphic illustrations centered around the theme of dots provide opprtunity for discussion of colors, verbs, introduction to new vocabulary, and some fun opportunities to play act what is on the page. Yes, it is about dots, but also about so much more. Fun and engaging. Can be used for many different story time themes or great sharing with a small group or individual kids during reading time.

    18. Super-simple story - dots are everywhere. But it's fun to pair with "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds, or "The Big Orange Splot" by Daniel Pinkwater or "Dog's Colorful Day" by Emma Dodd, and then, for an open-ended art activity, give kids bingo dot markers or dot stickers and let them get creative. Great for a Dot Day celebration!

    19. I wish, that instead of "dots", they were referenced to as "circles". For a preschool audience, which I assume this is the target, it can be confusing to refer to circles as dots and vice versa, especially while they are still learning shapes. While reading this to my 2 year old, I simply replaced "dot" with "circle". Other than that, this is a fun and interactive book for young children.

    20. This is another great book for introducing young students to math concepts and counting skills. Each page is full of dots, but the dots change in their purpose, from apples on a tree, to buttons on a shirt, to spots on a dog. Kids count the dots on each page. This would be a fun whole class activity for either pre-k or kindergarten.

    21. The simple graphics really drew in my 10 month crowd - they stalk this book. They laugh and giggle and keep their eyes on the pages the whole way through and the simple but fluent text makes multiple reads easy to tolerate I need this one in board book form so the littles can just have it on their own.

    22. Age of readership: 4-8Genre: Picture BookDiversity: Circle recognition Description of the illustrations: Colorful silhouette type picturesPersonal response to the book: Nice presentation of colors and shapes of different things we see everyday.Curricular and programming connections: A story time book that can have children shape, food, and color identification

    23. I loved the colors and visuals of this book--just beautiful. It's another one where I'm not sure it's best in toddler story time. I think it would be better with preschoolers where you can talk more about the different dots and what they are and what they are representing. I really want to try a spots and dots theme for preschool story time and will definitely use this book in it!

    24. The book introduces the world of dots which can be seen everywhere around us. The story is simple and easy to understand. The preschool storytime audience enjoyed this book and were thinking and commenting about what was going on with each page. Great observations. The colors and illustrations are lively and vivid.

    25. A great book to show kids all of the dots (or more precisely round things) that they can find in their everyday lives, from tiny dots on ladybugs to egg yolks on their plates to the sun in the sky. I love the bold, colorful, simple illustrations.

    26. This picture book provides a lively, colorful look into the many objects in our lives that are in the shape of dots. I recommend this one for storytime, as it is written in verse, and the illustrations really pop.

    27. Literacy skills:Print motivation: Bold colors and an exciting concept. This book will help children see the different "dots" in their world. This engagement between the book and their own world will encourage a love of reading.

    28. This book has great design. I love the use of color and the geometric graphics. Lively and fun. The rhyming text that explores the concept of "dots" (aka circles) is typical for the concept book genre. Reads aloud nicely, though it's not terribly exciting.

    29. This book showcases all the different things in our world that are circles, yet it only touches the surface. Natalie enjoyed identifying the pictures. Nice colors. I particularly liked the stars page. Great pre-read to looking for shapes in the world around you.

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