• Title: Cleopatra Rules!: The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen
  • Author: Vicky Alvear Shecter
  • ISBN: 9781590787182
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cleopatra Rules The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen Good Evil Dangerous Glamorous Will the real Cleopatra please stand up Almost everything we know about the last queen of Egypt came from her enemies the Romans Now it s time to meet the real Cleopatra
    Good Evil Dangerous Glamorous Will the real Cleopatra please stand up Almost everything we know about the last queen of Egypt came from her enemies the Romans Now it s time to meet the real Cleopatra, a ruler complex, brilliant, and powerful than we ever knew Cleopatra didn t just rock the boat when she became queen at seventeen She rocked the world with briGood Evil Dangerous Glamorous Will the real Cleopatra please stand up Almost everything we know about the last queen of Egypt came from her enemies the Romans Now it s time to meet the real Cleopatra, a ruler complex, brilliant, and powerful than we ever knew Cleopatra didn t just rock the boat when she became queen at seventeen She rocked the world with brilliant alliances that kept her in power and in control When Mark Antony tried to put Egypt under his thumb, she negotiated for and won territory than any Egyptian ruler had snagged in generations Cleopatra didn t just play by the rules She made them up as she went along She bowed to no one, including Octavian the future Caesar Augustus who never missed an opportunity to pump out anti Cleopatra propaganda The queen of Egypt has fascinated the world for thousands of years It s time to find out why So, on your knees, commoner The world s most brilliant and outrageous queen Cleopatra VII, the last Pharaoh of Egypt is about to make her entrance This Voice of Youth Advocates Nonfiction Honor List book includes maps, endnotes, timeline, glossary, sources, and index.

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    1. 4.5 StarsThis was such a beautiful book! I was really impressed. The layout and photos of this non-fiction book for young readers were very nicely put together. The cover is absolutely stunning and the image is on the book too, not just the dust jacket.I have always admired Cleopatra and I knew some of the facts, but Shecter opened my eyes about some things. I knew Cleopatra was misunderstood by most and her image of the sexy seductress wasn't all there was to her. But I always thought it was Ho [...]

    2. Lisa CampbellBiographyThis book follows the rise and fall of the greatest queen of antiquity. From her fight for the throne against her bloodthirsty siblings to her alliances with Rome, Cleopatra only wanted one thing—stability and independence for her country. She was a brilliant and enigmatic leader who used her extensive education to form alliances with some of the most powerful men in the world. Cleopatra launched a PR campaign that would have made any Washington politician proud. With Cae [...]

    3. "Queen Cleopatra VII, the last pharaoh of Egypt, was in fact a brilliant, complex, powerful ruler. For twenty years she kept the world's greatest superpower from taking over her country -- a good trick when you realize it was during the time that Rome swallowed up countries faster than most teens use up text minutes." Julius Caesar is a "player", Cleopatra's siblings are "a nest of squirming, hissing reality-show stars", Mark Antony is a "Roman Redneck" and Octavian is a "snot-nosed, knobbly-kne [...]

    4. Some reviewers have back-handedly show distain for the author's use of modern-day teen vernacular in this biography of Cleopatra. I was a bit (just a little bit) put off by the slangy language at first. But I got over it quick -- it's good the try a new approach to hooking young people. It's a refreshing history of Egypt's last pharoah. Shecter also challenges the reader to critically consider the source of historical information. She points out that the common western image of Cleopatra--passed [...]

    5. 3.5 Matt loves to tease me about my reading level when I bring home books like this from the library. Totally worth the abuse ;) It was full of truly horrid metaphors --- "by the time Cleopatra came along, Egypt was sliding down the tubes faster than a greased-up preschooler on a Slip 'n Slide" but it's perfect for the amount of information I'm looking for. I've been reading and listening (podcasts) about Roman history lately, and, after watching the HBO series 'Rome' this really helped me solid [...]

    6. Pretty good. I expected it to be longer then it was but it was nonetheless pretty good. Perfect for Young readers to be introduced to Cleopatra and ancient Egypt. Also works to debunk many myths and conflicting interpretations we have about her. Good if you want to be introduced to her history or are just looking for a quick and entertaining read.

    7. Cleopatra is usually viewed as a gorgeous, evil, snake addicted, dripping with jewels woman who was power hungry and wanted to rule the world. In reality none of these traits describe her. All of her actions as a queen were to keep Egypt an unified independent country. Her brothers and sister were all greedy and wanted the throne to themselves. Cleopatra’s family was actually Greek for they descended from the Greek conquerors that conquered Egypt. For a long time Egyptian rulers spoke Greek an [...]

    8. Plot:If you thought you knew Cleopatra, think again! Vicky Shecter takes us on a journey though the life of Cleopatra, with a great sense of humor and a simple relate ability to modern day life. We start the journey when Cleopatra is a teenager and her father is Pharaoh Ptolemy XII, a time of great unrest in Egypt. Then through her co-reign with her younger brother Ptolemy XIII where she had to consolidate as much power as she could with advisors who did not like her and Rome on her doorstep. Th [...]

    9. I absolutely loved this book! This history of Cleopatra is a reader friendly retelling through the author, Vicky Alvear Shecter's use of modern English. Shecter uses commonly known phrases and metaphors to illustrate and interest readers in Cleopatra's life. Shecter does a good job with explaining and analyzing the events that influenced Cleopatra's actions. Moreover, Shecter provides a good description of Cleopatra's life both before and during her reign. Interestingly enough, informative tidbi [...]

    10. Language is probably the biggest strike. It tries too hard to interject copious pop-slang and many either eyerollingly lame or groan worthy puns I suppose this is an attempt to be more kid friendly but as it is aimed at *teens* I think it might miss that mark a bit. It comes across a bit like that over enthusiastic parent/counselor/teacher who tries to prove they are "with it" or fun, and "get you," by their overabundant (and often clumbsy) use of "teen speak" in an attempt to relate to you and [...]

    11. Cleopatra Rules! The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen by Vicky Alvear Shecter is sure to be a hit with anyone who is interested in learning more about the real story of Cleopatra, her life, and the times she lived in. This nonfiction book combines modern references with ancient facts while questioning the motives of the Roman historians who wrote much of what has come down through history of this most famous Queen of EgyptThe book starts by asking readers three questions: Was the last que [...]

    12. Cleopatra RulesVicky Alvear Shecter128 PagesInformationalSeptember 20-28 Cleopatra Rules is about Cleopatra's life as a ruler. It tells you about how she came to be a ruler, what she did as a queen, things that happened in her life, and how shes dies. It is also nice because it tells you about the Romans and the Egyptians. It's very informational and it explains most things in history in a easy to understand way.I really enjoyed reading this book. It told me a lot about Cleopatra's life as a que [...]

    13. Shecter, V.A. (2010). Cleopatra rules!: The amazing life of the original teen queen. Honesdale, PA: Boyds Mills Press.*2011 Society of School Librarians International HonorInformationalAge range:11-14, Grades: 6-9When I think of Cleopatra, I picture Elizabeth Taylor playing a gorgeous queen who had men wrapped around her finger. Other than that, I did not know anything about the "real" Cleopatra. This modern biography uses slang and vernacular language that young teens can relate to and understa [...]

    14. This book offers a portrayal of Cleopatra written for kids, since a different point of view. As it is mentioned in the introduction of the book “…for the first time, modern scholars and historians are looking at events from the queen’s point of view.” It gives us the image of a capable and powerful ruler. Ascending to the throne at the age of 17, Cleopatra used all her charisma and intelligence to keep her in power and in control of her kingdom. Till now the image we used to have of her [...]

    15. Catherine's Response: This was a fascinating read. I appreciated the different take on a figure in history that is so often vilified. I also loved all of the insets that offered random facts about Egyptian culture and history. Shecter’s writing style offers an alternative to the often dry history books that are largely available but her constant pop culture references get to be a bit much at times. That being said, I do think young people will appreciate the way she makes this ancient culture [...]

    16. Most of what we have learned about Cleopatra was written by the Romans, but they hated her! Based on new research, the fascinating life of the last queen of Egypt Cleopatra is presented in a new perspective. Cleopatra was a powerful woman who was just misunderstood. Written in contemporary language, this biography describes Cleopatra’s life, childhood through death, in relatable comparisons for young adults. At a young age, Cleopatra knew she wanted to be a ruler and was very strategic in gain [...]

    17. Such an odd book! The hi/lo style - pop-culture metaphors, slang, irreverent references - is belied by uncompromising vocabulary. The brief chapters and copious sidebars frame historical narrative that FEELS oversimplified but is fully backed up by endnotes and an extremely respectable bibliography.As I skated through descriptions of Marc Antony as "a Roman redneck" and Julius Caesar as "a player," I found myself caught up, as always, in the fascinating story, the machinations of Caesar Augustus [...]

    18. This book had the potential to be great, but falls flat. The format in which facts and pictures were presented would have caught and kept the attention of all ages groups. But the writing tone made it hard to enjoy. It is supposed to be for teens but is written in a tone and style that is more appropriate for upper elementary. Yet the stereotypes and attempted humor are more suited for adults, making it a poor choice for that age group.Here are some of the stereotypes that got me steamed:Pg 56 " [...]

    19. I love history, I minored in European (1900's), but even with that interest, it's not enough to get me through "serious texts". In more recent years, I've become more interested in learning about others cultures or time periods I hadn't previously studied. But I still can't get through "grown up" texts. I really like this one for giving what seems to be a clear view of this famous girl. I do agree with other reviewers on disliking some of the language, not so much the casual engaging vernacular, [...]

    20. Just finished reading Cleopatra Rules! and loved every minute of it. Since I studied Greek and Roman history, I knew the story from that perspective. But here, I found that Cleopatra was much more of a woman of substance than I'd believed, much less could have imagined.So, yes, it's written for a young audience, and I'm sure kids eat this up (Vicky's style is very kid-friendly and oh, so funny), but honestly, I learned tons about Cleopatra, the world of Egpyt, and the political landscape of that [...]

    21. Cleopatra Rules! The Amazing Life of the Original Teen Queen by Vicky Alvear ShecterI really enjoyed this book. I am probably a bit biased because I love that period in history and am fascinated by the Ancient Romans. Therefore I really enjoyed the subject matter but I also enjoyed the style and presentation. It is told in a very informal style that mixes pop culture and ancient history in a humorous way. The layout is a little text bookish - but I liked the asides. I felt like I was getting “ [...]

    22. Annotation: Cleopatra Rules! is the biography of Cleopatra VII, the last of Egyptian pharaohs. This biography tells a story that is much different that the popular depictions of Cleopatra throughout Hollywood history.Book Review: Did you know that Cleopatra was actually Greek? No? This is something you learn along with many other interesting details about Egypt’s last pharaoh and teen ruler. V. A. Shecter does a great job of giving us an upbeat and updated version of Cleopatra’s story. She t [...]

    23. Cleopatra was the last ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra was not the Diva shat she has been portrayed to be. Cleopatra was a brilliant politician who was way ahead of her time. Her only goal was to strengthen Egypt. Her people loved and revered her. Many leaders opposed a women leader. Although she was of Roman decent, leaders of Rome desperately wanted her dead. Anthony loved her and wanted Egypt and Rome to work together. Octavian wanted to destroy them both and he did. Cleopatra and Anthony were loya [...]

    24. I somehow thought this was going to be a fiction book.but it's not. It's more of a nonfiction account setting straight some of the historical inaccuracies about Cleopatra. Most of our understanding of her comes from the Roman historians' accountsd they were the victors so of course history is written to be less than flattering about Cleopatra.This book tries to set the record straight.I don't like the abundance of clichesa couple here or there would have been OK. But every page was full of them [...]

    25. Recommended for gr. 6-10. This is a very “hip” biography of Cleopatra, as the title might suggest. The language is very contemporary (full of statements like “Antony scurried out of Armenia faster than a Rollerblader careening downhill”). I found it a little forced, but students will probably enjoy it. The book appears to be very well researched - there are extensive endnotes to each chapter. Photographs on nearly every page include historical busts and statues, modern and historical pai [...]

    26. Cleopatra Rules!By Vicky Alvear Shecter102 pagesNon-FictionThe main purpose this book is to tell how Cleopatra really was. To some she is a lying, cheating, and good-for-nothing teenager who had no care for the people of Egypt. In truth, the people of Egypt was all she cared about. Her country came first. Her father had left Egypt poor and hungry and Cleopatra improved it greatly in the time she was Queen. But it still was pretty bad. She has had affairs with many Romans and she is a traitor to [...]

    27. A colorful and entertaining overview of the last pharaoh, Cleopatra Rules! is the intersection of biography and fashion magazine. I appreciate Shecter's attempt to write a biography specifically for teens, but I felt that this book was a little long on speculation and a little short on citation. Most of the scholarly references are dumped into a six page chapter of endnotes at the end of the book, but the text does not give any indication that they exist--in other words, you can read the whole b [...]

    28. This is a super personable biography of Cleopatra. It's written in a very friendly and appealing readable tone. I do think that some modern day slang and tech references were out of place and will make this book feel dated more quickly then it would have otherwise and I also think the notes section could have been set up a little better. I would have liked to read these notes at the end of each chapter but I didn't realize they were even there and read them out of place at the end. I really like [...]

    29. This was a fascinating little book to me. I have always wondered about Cleopatra as all of the information we have is from the Romans. This book looks at things from the Eastern perspective where everything wasn't destroyed by the Romans. She was the only pharoh in 250 years who learned and could speak Egyptian. The Easterners thought she was a chaste woman because she only had two men in her life - Ceaser and Mark Anthony. She was extremely intelligent and well educated and her goal was a stron [...]

    30. I picked this book up thinking it would be a light, fun, and interesting read. I'm so glad I did because it ended up being loads more informational than I could've ever expected. I never expected to learn so much and to me, that's exciting. There are countless books out there that basically reiterate the same facts over and over but this one was fresh, fun, and full of unknown facts. Even if history isn't your favourite thing, this book might just hold your attention enough that you'll find your [...]

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