• Title: Demelza
  • Author: Winston Graham
  • ISBN: 9781402254253
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook
  • Demelza Book of the beloved Poldark novels A major new series on Masterpiece TM on PBS R From the incomparable Winston Grahamwho has everything that anyone else has then a whole lot The GuardianIn the ench
    Book 2 of the beloved Poldark novels A major new series on Masterpiece TM on PBS R From the incomparable Winston Grahamwho has everything that anyone else has, then a whole lot The GuardianIn the enchanting second novel in Winston Graham s beloved Poldark series, Demelza Carne, an impoverished miner s daughter Ross Poldark rescued from a fairground brawl, noBook 2 of the beloved Poldark novels A major new series on Masterpiece TM on PBS R From the incomparable Winston Grahamwho has everything that anyone else has, then a whole lot The GuardianIn the enchanting second novel in Winston Graham s beloved Poldark series, Demelza Carne, an impoverished miner s daughter Ross Poldark rescued from a fairground brawl, now happily finds herself his wife But the events of these turbulent years test their marriage and their love As Ross launches into a bitter struggle for the right of the mining communities, Demelza s efforts to adapt to the ways of the gentry and her husband place her in increasingly odd and embarrassing situations When tragedy strikes and sows the seeds of an enduring rivalry between Ross and the powerful George Warleggan, will Demelza manage to bridge their differences before they destroy her and her husband s chance at happiness Against the stunning backdrop of eighteenth century Cornwall, Demelza sweeps readers into one of the greatest love stories of all time.What Readers are Saying Even better than the first book in the series Wonderful characters, evocative sense of place and time If you haven t read the Poldark series, and care anything for Cornwall, the l8th century, historical romance in its truest form, historical fiction, or just a darn good story that will change you life, then you should read these books The Poldark series is the most powerful reading experience I have ever had These books have no equal in historical fiction I have read them several times and am starting over again.

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    1. I will always be Team DemelzaAt the back of his mind, Ross was aware of the sound of wind rushing about in the distance. Once, when he glanced out of the bedroom window, his eyes confirmed that the swell had, in fact, quite broken up and the sea was stippled with white-lipped waves, which crossed and recrossed each other in confusion, running heedlessly, colliding, and breaking up into wisps of futile spray. The wind was as yet only gusty on the land, but here and there eddies rushed over the wa [...]

    2. This book is featured on Shabby Sunday @ readrantrockandroll/2018/This is one of my favorites out of all the Poldark books. In this installment, Ross Poldark and Demelza are now happily married and giving birth to their first child, Julia. She struggles with the marriage because there are great challenges including Elizabeth’s shadow over Ross. Even though Elizabeth is married to Francis, she will never forget that Ross once loved her and she’s determined to create the best marriage and life [...]

    3. "Loyalty is not a thing to be bought: it is freely given or withheld."5 radiant stars! I thought I could perhaps get hooked on the Poldark series, but Demelza, the second book in the series, really sealed the deal for me! There is absolutely no turning back now – I am thoroughly invested in the lives of these complex characters. Winston Graham breathes so much life into each and every one that you feel as if you’ve already known these folks for a long time. You live with them, you love them, [...]

    4. The BBC's new version of Poldark ended this weekend with heartbreak and a literal cliff-hanger. Over the past eight episodes (which covered the first two books) I fell head over heels in love with Ross and Demelza, played by the ridiculously handsome Aidan Turner and the beautiful Eleanor Tomlinson. They had so much chemistry, conveying so much emotion, passion and confliction, and they turned me into a swooning pile of mush! After it finished, I wanted to immediately read the third book in the [...]

    5. 5 STARSI am completely engrossed in this series now. This is the second book in the Poldark series which was first published back in the 1940's. I was encouraged to read the books after first watching the recently released television series on BBC. The series centers around the life of Ross Poldark, who is a dark and broody character, arrogant and strong, yet often overly compassionate in his nature. It is the late 1780's and he has returned from war to his home in Cornwall, England, only to fin [...]

    6. Ross sighed. "You have married into a peculiar family. You must never expect the Poldarks to behave in the most rational manner. I have long since given up expecting it. We are hasty -- quite incredibly hasty, it seems -- and sharp-tempered, strong in our likes and dislikes and unreasonable in them."Demelza is the second book in the Poldark Series by Winston Graham. This story builds beautifully upon the first book in the series. Ross Poldark, returning to the ruins of his beloved family estate [...]

    7. Really really loving this series, right now! Hard to decide which is better the books or the tv adaption because they are both amazing, for real! Love all the characters, especially Demelza, Ross and Verityn't really care for Elizabeth, Francis or George much though.

    8. "Ross," she said, "I should like you to make it up with Francis sometime. It would be better all around.""Sometime.""Sometime soon.""Sometime soon." He had no heart to argue with her.The sun shone full upon her face, showing the thin cheeks and the pallid skin."When something happens," she said, "like what has just happened to us, it makes all our quarrels seem small and mean, as if we were quarreling when we hadn't the right. Didn't we ought to find all the friendship we can?""If friendship is [...]

    9. I chose to read Demelza, the second in the Poldark series by Winston Graham, for the Cornish Reading Challenge.If you haven't heard about Poldark yet, where the hell have you been? The brand new series, starring Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark, is currently showing on BBC One (Sundays at 9pm). The show covers the first two books in the series.I fell in love with the world of Poldark as soon as I picked up the first book, Ross Poldark. Due to my love for Cornwall, I knew I would adore everything abo [...]

    10. Demelza, the second book in the Poldark series, is what second books should be, even better than the first. The story builds to a crescendo, and even though I knew from watching the TV series exactly what was in store, I was glued to every page and full of emotion by the end. What I love the most about this story is that every character is fully developed and very real. No one is always right, no one always wrong. They do things without fully understanding the consequences of their actions; they [...]

    11. After reading the first book in the Poldark Saga, I was eager for more of the gritty, atmospheric world set along the Cornish coast in the late eighteen hundreds. The writing, tone, characters, dialogue and setting were of the finest I have read. I was not disappointed when I continued with the story in this second book of the series which really needs to be read in order.As the title states clearly, this is Demelza's book. She was a waif and an emerging woman in the first book, but this book sh [...]

    12. This is some of the best historical fiction I've read in a while. I loved the characters, the setting, the relationships everything. Some of the scenes dealing with the copper company were a bit dull but for the most part I loved it.

    13. The second book is this series was every bit as good as the first, and did not disappoint me at all. At this point, I feel as though I live on the Cornish coast with not only the landed gentry, but the miners and their families as well. And now I can watch the first season of this Masterpiece Theater production, which encompasses the first two novels. Still have a crush on Ross, am best friends with his wife, and there's still a lot of characters to hate and gossip about. Good writing takes this [...]

    14. After reading this second book in the Poldark series I am even more captivated with these characters. Graham writes naturally, adding no unnecessary details that take you out of the story. His characters are complex yet entertaining. The views of the Cornish coastline, written in panoramic detail, are stunning. Even if I weren't thoroughly bewitched by Demelza Poldark this would be a worthwhile read.But at the heart of this offering is Demelza's story. In this installment she blossoms and mature [...]

    15. 3,5 Soy fan de el personaje de Demelza, pero tanta descripción minera me lo ha hecho algo pesado. Sin embargo, seguiré con los otros aunque sea con calma.

    16. DNFUnfortunately, second book in Poldark series isn't as engaging as first one so I'm putting it aside for now. Hopefully the right mood will strike me one day so I can finish it.

    17. This review was first published in Babblings of a Bookworm: babblingsofabookworm.This is book 2 in the Poldark series, so the following may contain some spoilers in relation to the events of book 1, though I've tried to keep them minimal. Read on at your own risk!Here Demelza begins to really bloom into herself. She begins to gain confidence, both in her marriage and within society, finding that she can hold her own against uncharitable people, and discovering, to her amazement, that she has the [...]

    18. Poldark series; Ross, Demelza, Jeremy and Warleggan by Winston GrahamAddictive! This is the word to describe what happens when you start reading the first book in thisseries. Winston Graham has written historical fiction at its best. Cornwall in the end of the 18th century, where people are mainly depending on the tin and copper mines.The story starts when Ross, a young man from the higher classes, but without money, comes back after having fought in the American wars. Being rather disillusioned [...]

    19. What can I say. Demelza has been with me for the past few days and I feel so sad that it's come to an end.I found this book so engrossing the Sunday dinner was almost late.Jud made me laugh when he walked down the aisle of the church during evensong a little worse for drink!It's made me chuckle and some parts were very moving with the plight of Mark Daniel.The ending was so very sad too and I did feel for Demelza!This book is so much better than the drama. You get a real feel for the charaters, [...]

    20. In this installment, Ross and his young wife Demelza welcome their first child Julia into the world. Demelza struggles with the status she has married into, but her love for Ross hasn't faded and she remains friends with Verity. However, two bitter feuds, a shocking crime, and an unexpected tradgedy threatens everything.

    21. Demelza picks up where Ross Poldark left off. With the birth of their first child and the Wheal Leisure project progressing, Ross and Demelza are content. However, the country has been plunged into a depression and many are out of work. Ross champions his friends and workers against a system that increasingly favors the wealthy gentry and nobility. His cousin Francis is on a downward spiral as well and cousin Verity is fading into an unhappy spinster. Demelza, with love in her heart, also champi [...]

    22. Over all rating for this one is 3.5 stars. It would've been higher, buuuuut there was just something that ruined it a bit for me.I'm not quite sure where to start with this review. There is so much strife, struggle, and unrest in this series, it gives a stark picture of what life was like during that time period. The illnesses & medical treatments make me glad I wasn't born back then lol. The economic strain of the mining industry, and the country recovering from a war with the American colo [...]

    23. Un gran libro. Ha sido una lectura muy intensa, complicada de dejar de leer. Demelza sin duda es la gran protagonista aunque Ross sigue siendo el mejor personaje, tan complejo y con tantas aristas y contradiccionesDefinitivamente adoro cómo escribe Winston Graham, siempre con la frase perfecta a mano, diciendo lo justo sin florituras y, sin embargo, expresando todo de un modo muy bello y sutil. Adoro la historia, los personajes y lo que he leído. Estoy deseando seguir sus andanzas y sufrir con [...]

    24. This one picks right up where Ross Poldark leaves off. All sorts of romantic entanglements, a christening party goes hysterically wrong, a new arrival throws a couple into a tragedy, and be sure to keep the hankies handy. Very well written, full of twists and surprises, and what I really like in historical fiction, characters that you like in spite of themselves. Four stars overall, and very much recommended. For the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/Winsto

    25. The Poldark series is terrific historical romantic drama and is quickly getting under my skin. The second installment with Demelza Carne, the free-spirited daughter of a poor miner, who has not had an easy life thus far, is now married to Ross. This matchup certainly shifts the intrigue level. And although Ross is still unsettled by the loss of Elizabeth, now married to his cousin, Demelza eases that heartache a bit. This one is even better than the first book introducing readers to Ross Poldark [...]

    26. It's been a few years since Ross has returned and he's beginning to realize that Demelza has grown up, and has caught his eye. She not at all the same as regal Elizabeth, but she is more than irresistible. After the couple marries, Demelza knows she'll have to adapt to the ways of the upper classes, so as not to embarrass Ross or herself. While they know joy in each others company, they also experience more than their fair share of trouble - enough to test their strong marriage bond.After finish [...]

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