• Title: The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales
  • Author: Joyce Cooper Arkhurst Jerry Pinkney
  • ISBN: 9780316051071
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Adventures of Spider West African Folktales Presents six tales about Spider including How Spider Got a Thin Waist Why Spider Lives in Ceilings How Spider Got a Bald Head How Spider Helped a Fisherman Why Spiders Live in Dark Corners How the Wo
    Presents six tales about Spider, including How Spider Got a Thin Waist Why Spider Lives in Ceilings How Spider Got a Bald Head How Spider Helped a Fisherman Why Spiders Live in Dark Corners How the World God Wisdom

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    1. Very cute book, easy to read and easy for any young children to enjoy about storytelling. I would recommend for younger children definitely!

    2. The Adventures Of Spider: West African Folktales as retold by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney is a wonderful book of folktales that bring the culture and values of Africa to the reader in a simple yet charming fashion. The collection includes 6 folktales that star Spider, a lazy, yet clever, spider that is always searching for the next easy meal. The stories are told in a simple language that is easy enough for young children to understand but contains powerful messages of [...]

    3. If your children don't know the Spider; well they should. I have always loved these stories in all of their many forms. Doesn't every kid want to know how Spider got a bald head and a skinny waist? The stories are primarily from Liberia and Ghana and these retellings are a little watered down for my taste but the ultimate judge is my daughter and she got a kick out of them. The language was simple but not simplistic and she had not trouble reading it herself or picking out the moral of each stor [...]

    4. I picked this book up looking for more myths and folktales for my high school freshman classes. I'm trying to expose my students to a variety of cultures and ideas, and if I need to give them easy reading to do so, so be it. I ended up reading the book to my 7 year old. He loved it and wanted to hear another story and another and mama, just one more, please. I think it's a nice collection of stories. It's an easy read. It captures the essence of Anansi. These are fun stories. I think any child o [...]

    5. I think I enjoyed this book more because it made Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys make more sense. I read that book first before American Gods, and didn't really "get it." After reading American Gods and Norse Mythology by Gaiman and now this book of West African Folktales based on the mythology of Anansi, Gaiman's other book makes more sense. I am going to read it again with this new context.

    6. In this collection of folktales, Spider always seems to be getting himself into trouble. Mischievous and lazy, Spider must think up plans quickly to survive. This book would be appropriate to share as a read aloud or with independent readers between six and eight years old. Readers will appreciate the humor in Spider's character as it develops through the collection. Readers that enjoy folktales and humorous stories may enjoy this collection. It would be appropriate for teaching children about g [...]

    7. I think this book is a cute book and the pictures are funny, it is good for younger children to read. This book have 6 little funny spider, sometimes they are smart, tricky and lazy. When they are good they are full of fun. I would recommend this book to younger children.

    8. Cute stories - but I'm not a fan of spiders. I'm not sure why my stepmother bought this for my baby brothers because she doesn't like spiders either. Why she'd want a children's book full of them I'll never know. I do like that it brought in another culture's folktales though.

    9. Read this last year as part of the in2books program. My "pen pal" picked it (or his/her teacher.) Good program; wish I had done it this year.

    10. Used this in a unit on Anansi tales with my 3rd graders and they really enjoyed listening to the stories about Spider.

    11. Wonderful re-tellings of six West African Folktales. My favorites were How Spider Got a Thin Waist and How Spider Got a Bald Head.

    12. Great story about a spider who fakes his own death and arranges to be buried next to the family vegetable garden so he can swipe all the best produce.

    13. West African Folk tale about how the spider became like he isGreat for classroom discussions of folk tales

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