• Title: The Bridges of Madison County
  • Author: Robert James Waller
  • ISBN: 9780446364492
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Bridges of Madison County The story of Robert Kincaid the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County and Francesca Johnson the farm wife waiting for the fulfillment of a girlhood dream
    The story of Robert Kincaid, the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County, and Francesca Johnson, the farm wife waiting for the fulfillment of a girlhood dream, THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY gives voice to the longings of men and women everywhere and shows us what it is to love and be loved so intensely that life is never the same agThe story of Robert Kincaid, the photographer and free spirit searching for the covered bridges of Madison County, and Francesca Johnson, the farm wife waiting for the fulfillment of a girlhood dream, THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY gives voice to the longings of men and women everywhere and shows us what it is to love and be loved so intensely that life is never the same again.

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    1. Recipe for Bridges of Madison County Firestarters1. melt 20 oz. parafin in 4 1/2 quart slow cooker set on low--should take about 20 minutes.2. set several sheets of newspaper on kitchen floor next to slow cooker.3. Tear pages out of binding--I find about seven at a time works best. Discard binding.4. Crumple each page individually--you can do it two or three at a time, but recipe will go farther if you take the time to crumple each page individually.5. With tongs, dip each crumpled page into the [...]

    2. You guys have completely lost the plot.You simply can't say that this is not a good book. It's well written, the story stands its ground and there is that bit of intrinsec poetry which can make a good read into an excellent one.And remember, it is a book! What is this bigotry of saying that you don't like it because she has an extra marital affair? The story works and the main doubt the author underlines is for her between leaving her obligations and following her heart, regardless of the adulte [...]

    3. The Book, cough, cough: Called a novel, it's more a novella, barely over 170 pages--the better to save money on printing costs--set in large type on small pages. Set between a frame story (utterly forgettable) employed to give the reader a sense of being privy to a real event, voyeurism at it's best--one of my acquaintances actually tried to find the characters from the novel in the real world using the Internet, convinced Waller could never have made the story up. She was half right: Waller did [...]

    4. This was a bestseller for 2 years when I first became a bookseller. It is no coincidence that I started to hate most people with a deep and abiding passion around that time as well. Robert James Waller writes sex scenes that are so moronic you wonder if he's ever had it himself.Bottom Line: I've read more romantic things on Craigslist.

    5. Sometimes I wish that negative stars were allowedis book deserves the Anti-Star. I wanted to read this book because everyone I knew had read it and love it and wept over it. "The greatest love story of all time." blah blah blah.~~Spoiler Alert~~I have a serious pet peeve. A love story does NOT involve adultery. (Period!with a capital P) I have also started to question anyone who thinks that a "great" love story can only happen if you cheat on your spouse, or steal another persons spouse or any c [...]

    6. If it were possible to rate a book in the negatives, this one would earn a negative 10. Truly one of the most terrible books ever. Maudlin, whiny and ridiculous. A woman whose husband and children are away has a brief affair with a photographer just passing through. Of course, the few days spent with this complete stranger prove that her marriage is a sham and the photographer is her true lovebut wifey sacrifices herself in martyrlike fashion and suffers to allow her substandard husband to conti [...]

    7. I wonder what Waller, the 8 year old doofus responsible for "The Bridges of Madison County" is like in real life. Like, is he for instance the dashing "last cowboy" he so "romanticizes"? Or more like the tepid housewife who looks at the nothingness that is Iowa (oh forgotten state! what did you ever do to deserve this?) and nods in approval. Did he grin in a stupid daze with his mouth full of Oreos all the way teeheehee to the bank? All I know is that this belongs in the same category as (The Gr [...]

    8. The Bridges of Madison County, Robert James Wallerعنوانها: پل های مدیسون کانتی؛ نویسنده: رابرت جیمز والر؛ فرجام یک عشق (پل‌های منطقه مادیسون)؛ انتشاراتیها: سکه، سوگند، همراه، آشنایی،؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: 19 سپتامبر 1994 میلادیعنوان: پل های مدیسون کانتی؛ نویسنده: رابرت جیمز والر؛ مترجم: البرز آذرکیوا [...]

    9. It was absolutely wonderful. I started it like an hour ago, and I already savored its 170 pages. Crying, the last fifty or so. It's similar to Night of Rodanthe, but its better, sweeter, shorter and sadder. I want a love like this, but one that can happen. Not one tainted with already present responsibilities. Ie: I am NOT supporting adultery, I banish the thought. She should have divorced and moved on-- be brave if true love finds you. It ended as happily as a novel like this could.Its also mad [...]

    10. In 1993, this novel topped the Bestselling Novels List in the US. Why? Check the others in the lists around that time. They were novels by Stephen King, John Grisham, Tom Clancy, Daniel Steele and Robert Ludlum. It reminded me when in 2001, the soulful operatic voice of John Groban made his first waves in the music industry. The market was then dominated by the likes of Limkin Park, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Nelly and Shakira. On that same year the simple, acoustic yet heartfelt song Pagdating ng P [...]

    11. This book was absolutely beautiful. I read it over the summer because I had just taken a photography class and I was interested in a lot of related stuff. I found the book on my mom's bookshelf and picked it up mainly because of the fact that the man is a photographer.I read that book in a day, I couldn't put it down. It was probably one of the greatest works I have ever read and possibly will ever read.I would recommend The Bridges of Madison County to anybody who wanted to read a good literatu [...]

    12. Oh, por Dios! ¿Cómo puede ser que haya tardado tanto tiempo en leer este libro? ¿Cómo puede ser que hasta hace dos días, no se haya decidido a entrar en mi vida? Por Dios, qué historia tan bonita; tan mágica, tan llena de sentimientos

    13. 'The human heart has a way of making itself large again even after it's been broken into a million pieces.'The story and the plot are beautiful and realistic in a way that few books nowadays manage to be, and it impacted me deeply. A very emotional read.

    14. A friend sent me a copy a kajillion years ago, so I dutifully read it. I still adore the friend, and have liked plenty of other books she recommended, but I was actually ANGRY with her for WEEKS for causing me to have read this book. This was my all-time "worst book I ever read (to the end)" until I read "The Devil Wears Prada."I wouldn't disparage anyone who DOES like this book, obviously, but to say it wasn't my cup of tea would beWILDLY kind. How to describe the experience? Let's see. It's li [...]

    15. I always felt that this was one of those books written for women who are menopausal and in a marriage that dried up and need to hold on to a fantasy that they don't need to actually do anything in order to make their life better - it will just happen. It will just drive up to their house and hump them and it will be ok because their marriage sucks and they decide to stay in said crap marriage rather than run off - because running off would be cliche. Happiness is cliche and should be shunned. AR [...]

    16. This book was laughable. Francesca is a housewife living in Iowa where no one--not her children, her husband or her neighbors--see her for the beautiful, fascinating worldly woman she is. Until that fateful day when Robert Kinkaid, a handsome, fascinating worldly man shows up on her doorstep asking for directions. And talk about great timing! Her husband and teen-aged children just happen to be out of town for the next four days. How convenient.Francesca and Robert have four crazy, wonderful day [...]

    17. "It's clear to me now that I have been moving toward you and you toward me for a long time. Though neither of us was aware of the other before we met, there was a kind of mindless certainty humming blithely along beneath our ignorance that ensured we would come together. Like two solitary birds flying the great prairies by celestial reckoning, all of these years and lifetimes we have been moving toward each other."This book. Oh my God, this book.I just finished it earlier this morning and I have [...]

    18. **5 " Once in a lifetime story" STARS** Robert James Waller, you've made me a walking contradiction. Review to come once I get my thoughts in order it may take a while.

    19. EMOTIONALLY EVOCATIVE LOVE STORYMy only regret is that this novel was not longer. It is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read, and Romance is not one of my favorite genres in contemporary literature. With an economy of words, Waller says much, and there is much emotion to be felt via the two protagonists. Because of its brevity, I will not say any more for fear of creating spoilers, which would be doing a great disservice to this splendid tale.Read it! You will be glad you did. [...]

    20. El libro me gustó bastante cuando lo leí, aunque hay escenas que están pensadas para hacerte llorar o si o si. Lo que recomiendo encarecidamente es la película, una auténtica maravilla sobre el amor a cualquier edad.

    21. I read this on a plane so luckily I had an endless supply of sick bags handy. Truly one of the worst books I have ever read. Partly because it masquerades as a "proper novel". Bleargh. Retch.

    22. Perhaps I'm exaggerating but The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Weller is a masterpiece of only 171 pages in length.    I found it to be a simply magnificent tribute to love.    Every word perfectly chosen, none of them redundant.      I know it's been made into a movie yet I've never seen it nor do I know anything about it.    However, reading the book felt a little like watching a movie unfold.   So clear were the images, the descriptions vivid and the feelings aah t [...]

    23. Read on the WondrousBooks blog.* Spoilers ahead. Though, honestly, if you've read even one Nicholas Sparks book, none of this should come as a surprise. *So, I looked at the bestseller lists for 1993 and this one was the top book for the entire year. I needed a book published in '93, because of the 2015 Reading Challenge: A Book That Came Out the Year You Were Born. I later found out that it was actually published in 1992, but I consider my duty done, since I couldn't find anything else connecte [...]

    24. Everything about this book is ice cube slowly melting on hot skin. His essence which he wore like a mantle regally, reached into her strangled mute soul and caused it to speak again, to live again.Excellent good read! Here's the thing. I think those of us in the avid readers club sleep a lot of books that go to cinema. We may think, I saw the movie, I liked or didn't like it, why bother with the books. This is a thought process that we are all guilty of and I am working diligently to correct th [...]

    25. This story is kind of like Brokeback Mountain. In Brokeback Mountain, the fact that the story is a love story takes center stage and you almost forget you're reading about two men. It's just a story of a love that the two participants feel they can't have, and a life that they feel they can't share.This is really the same kind of story. Sure, it's a story about adultery, but what you end up concentrating on is the moment in time that these two people share, and the poignancy and sadness of circu [...]

    26. This short novel, ostensibly about an affair between Robert and a married Francesca, has its share of critics. I think there is a stark reality to this book that can be missed. First, this book is completely plausible. A fleeting affair with a great deal of mutual nostalgia later. Yes the drama is muted and there are quite literally 1,000 ways the author could have made the story more dramatic. Secondly, while the writing about their relationship is limited, the writing about the landscape is de [...]

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