• Title: Adventures in Solitude: What Not to Wear to a Nude Potluck and Other Stories from Desolation Sound
  • Author: Grant Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9781550175141
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adventures in Solitude What Not to Wear to a Nude Potluck and Other Stories from Desolation Sound From Captain George Vancouver to Muriel Curve of Time Blanchet to Jim Spilsbury s Coast Spilsbury visitors to Desolation Sound have left behind a trail of books endowing the area with a romantic aura
    From Captain George Vancouver to Muriel Curve of Time Blanchet to Jim Spilsbury s Coast Spilsbury, visitors to Desolation Sound have left behind a trail of books endowing the area with a romantic aura that helps to make it British Columbia s most popular marine park In this hilarious and captivating book, CBC personality Grant Lawrence adds a whole new chapter to theFrom Captain George Vancouver to Muriel Curve of Time Blanchet to Jim Spilsbury s Coast Spilsbury, visitors to Desolation Sound have left behind a trail of books endowing the area with a romantic aura that helps to make it British Columbia s most popular marine park In this hilarious and captivating book, CBC personality Grant Lawrence adds a whole new chapter to the saga of this storied piece of BC coastline.Young Grant s father bought a piece of land next to the park in the 1970s, just in time to encounter the gun toting cougar lady, left over hippies, outlaw bikers and an assortment of other characters In those years Desolation Sound was a place where going to the neighbours potluck meant being met with hugs from portly naked hippies and where Russell the Hermit s school of life boating, fishing, and rock n roll was Grant s personal Enlightenment an influence that would take him away from the coast to a life of music and journalism and eventually back again.With rock band buddies and a few cases of beer in tow, an older, cooler Grant returns to regale us with tales of going bush, the tempting dilemma of finding an unguarded grow op, and his awkward struggle to convince a couple of visiting kayakers that he s a legit CBC radio host while sporting a wild beard and body wounds and gesticulating with a machete With plenty of laugh out loud humour and inspired reverence, Adventures in Solitude delights us with the unique history of a place and the growth of a young man amidst the magic of Desolation Sound.

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    1. This was great fun, even more so because I grew up at the south end of the area in question and everything he talks about was familiar to me. Except the drinking. Somehow I don't think there was quite as much of that as he lets on. It does lubricate the narration so that events flow nicely into each other. When people are writing about their own lives, though, they should be careful about the use of the words "for many years" or "for years and years" unless they are looking back from 90 years of [...]

    2. I enjoyed the first half of this book very much. The author describes Desolation Sound, its exploration by Captain George Vancouver, and the colourful characters who first settled the area with great humour. Lawrence became familiar with the area as a child when his father developed a piece of land for holiday cottages, and then returned as an adult, bringing with him many of his friends.It was at this point in the book that I found the narrative rather irritating. There were some accounts of id [...]

    3. So so so good. I always forget how much I love biographies, especially nature-related ones. This had me laughing every few pages and making me want to buy a cabin and a boat.

    4. This is a perfect summer read - well written, funny, engaging, and chock full of great stories. Loved it!

    5. This book was funny! One of those rare books where the stories went from mental chuckles to laugh-out-loud (LOL) laughs. The few paragraphs about mullet clad Terry in his jean shorts (jorts), smoke in mouth, tubing behind the motor boat was so funny I reread the page four times, cracking up each time. The countless hilarious stories set a good natured tone throughout the book, but, there was so much more beyond the laughs. There was a much deeper story about Grant's life and the many changes he [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book and it made me homesick for the West Coast. Grant Lawrence is a music journalist whose father was a bit of an adventurer and bushman. His dad bought up properties in an isolated area called Desolation Sound and Grant and his family started spending their summers there when he was a kid. The early chapters are filled with their misadventures which include a lot of pot smoking hippies and nudity. When he reaches his later years, Grant rediscovers his love for the Sound a [...]

    7. I'm giving this book 5 stars because I enjoyed it whole-heartedly from beginning to end. It's not an incredible story, nor is the writing divine. However, I devoured it in about 5 days, laughed out loud to the point of embarrassment on public transit, and then proceeded to try to convince everyone I know to pick up a copy. It's a wonderful light read, ideal for summer afternoons at the beach when you're too sun-drunk to really focus, or winter evenings curled up in a cozy chair with an old croch [...]

    8. I received this book from my BC niece in June and only got around to reading it now - am I ever glad I did! Grant Lawrence is apparently a CBC personality - he has also fronted an alt music band in addition to being an author. This book recalls his childhood and teenage years spending his summers in Desolation Sound with a father who was determined to get back to the land and live simply with other dropouts from the hippie era. Grant describes himself as a book loving nerd in coke bottle glasses [...]

    9. Started reading this book as I waited for a ferry and was immediately smitten by the author's observation that the designer of the the ferry terminals must also have designed concentration camps!We were in the terminal for 4 hours (no reservation -- what were we thinking!!) and this book kept me totally occupied for the wait & the subsequent ferry ride. I just kept reading until I was finished.I really enjoyed the first half of the book and am not sure if my dissatisfaction with the second w [...]

    10. This is a fantastic book, full of first-hand experiences and historical information about Desolation Sound, one of my favorite places in the world. The hilarious, often wry observations are so entertaining, but there's also a lot of love and appreciation woven through.I loved the descriptions of the people and the place itself, but also the general attitude and vibe which is difficult to express to anyone who hasn't grown up in a coastal BC area. It's the strange, disparate mix of people banding [...]

    11. Maybe I'm too emotional on Father's Day but what Grant Lawrence writes about in this book is what I think everyone would line in their life whether they know it or not. I'm not particularly prone to expletives but Grant Lawrence is a lucky guy to have found something so awesome, and not always easy, in life and to be able to express it so well. I think it was Bernard the German who said "This is fucking awesome."

    12. I have to clarify--this was not a bad book, just not what I expected and not completely interesting to me. Also, I was desperate to read a new book that came in the mail, so finishing this seemed a bit like a chore! I expected this book to be funnier, based on what I had heard about it, but it was more on the pensive side. For those looking for a historical and personal profile of a unique piece of Canadian wilderness, this would be a good pick.

    13. A romping fun read, especially if you have traveled to the Pacific North West of Canada. Highly enjoyable, especially if read on a sunny day on the deck of a British Columbian ferry ride going to Vancouver Island!

    14. Laugh out loud funny! Wonderful stories about a remarkable melting pot in BC. Having said that, Grant Lawrence is one of the last people I'd want to meet on a kayak trip in Desolation Sound.

    15. Absolutely hilarious, with the added bonus that I learned a lot about a beautiful part of the province I live in! Recommended to anyone in need of a few belly laughs.

    16. Hilarious. I also learned about a part of the BC landscape that I wasn't familiar with. Desolation Sound is a unique place.

    17. Nicely linked stories about DESOLATION Sound. I was looking for an understanding of Savary Island and learned about surrounds it.

    18. I loved this book. I'm sitting on a remote island in Thailand feeling homesick for my home islands of Haida Gwaii in NW Canada. I'm not sure if I loved these stories so much because I have been gone almost a month and can't wait to take the ferry back home and see similar landscape to Desolation Sound or not. I love the characters, the way the stories take you through the authors life from childhood to present, and just the way it all reminds me of the PNW that I love from Seattle to Haida Gwaii [...]

    19. This is a pitch-perfect personal narrative about Desolation Sound, a remote archipelago on BC's central coast from the king of Canadian indie music journalism, Grant Lawrence. To me Grant has always been a cool music guy, as the original host of the first, longstanding, eponymous CBC radio 3 podcast (which he is still helms). So imagine my surprise to read of how he was a hopelessly nerdy knock-kneed, coke-bottle-glasses-wearing kid, who shied away from rugged nature and idolized his stoic and s [...]

    20. Wow! This book is really wonderful. I found the writing straight-forward and poignant, and also very funny. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt uneasy in wildlife situations, anyone who was ever forced to go somewhere they didn't want to with their parents, or for those who have experienced a cabin or cottage situation. The book is broken up into two parts, the first set during the author's childhood which involves rusty float planes, old row boats, and strange hermits near t [...]

    21. This was a wonderful book about a family , specifically the father, who wanted to find a place they could go to get away from the crowds and busyness of Vancouver. They found such a place in Desolation Sound on the west coast of B.C. It is accessible only by boat or float-plane. The author started going there as a child and still spends as much time as possible there. He describes the beauty of the place and some of the weird and wonderful characters his family met. Some of the encounters are ve [...]

    22. I am familiar with the west coast and the summer vacations that people take there. This book could have almost been my memoir. We didn't row out to an island and build our own house there, but the stages where we would spend hours at BC ferry terminals in the relentless heat, separated from the beach by a fence to the teenage apathy to the re-discovery of our childhood summers really did resonate with me. While the writing is nothing spectacular, Grant does a great job of conveying the environme [...]

    23. Lawrence's book about his family's cottage up in Desolation sound is pretty entertaining. It made me laugh out loud quite a few times. It is the sort of book that I like to have going on Kindle, because I can open it up on my phone and read small chunks at random times, and not feel like I have to remember what was happening before. (Fiction doesn't work so well for that.) So I read half of it like that, in odd intervals here and there, and then the second half in one fell swoop on a cross count [...]

    24. If you have heard Grant Lawrence on his CBC Radio 3 podcasts, you'll know that he revels in revealing what most of us hide, and his tales here are no exception. He happily tells you the most embarrassing or disgusting incidents of his life, especially if the joke is on him. Although more anecdotal than plotted, this memoir is about how an isolated cabin in Desolation Sound began as a dream for his outdoorsman father and a nightmare for a nerdish young Grant, but evolved to become one of the most [...]

    25. This is a great read - those from the west coast may be able to relate to their own adventures in some of the further flung places, and everyone will enjoy the light and highly entertaining storey-telling style. There were a few spots where it felt a little strained (I would have given it 4.5), but for the most part this book moves at a nice clip, weaving and bouncing between Lawrence's personal memories as well as tales of the Sound. I had the pleasure of visiting the Sound in the off-season, a [...]

    26. Sure, it's not great writing and it's not But it's about a man and his discoveries and struggles, his relationship to his father and a mentor and his life in a small island. It's about a family, specifically Grant Lawrence's father , who want to get away from Vancouver and they find it on Desolation Sound. It's sweet and short, but it's great comedic work. There's quite a few intriguing and bizarre but good-heart characters and gongshow adventures. If you like Grant Lawrence from CBC Radio or hi [...]

    27. Wanted to give it a 5 because I totally want to visit Desolation Sound. As a tourism manuals great. But I with-hold 5's for my all time favourites, so 4 it is!This was such an honest, easy and pleaurable novel to read. I feel like I know the author, the landscape and some of the residents after finishing. And it was funny! If you like the outdoors, or have memories of your own of visiting a cabin anywhere, you will enjoy this. As a bonus, it's filled with Canadian music references, which is awes [...]

    28. Anyone who references Caillou and Cooter in the same sentence gets an extra star with me! Heartfelt writing and fun stories abound while connecting to the larger Canadian Southwest context. In addition, I didn't know that music writer Paul Williams and Mark Vonnegut spent some time in Desolation Sound during the 60's & 70's. It would be great to read Grant's recollections of being in the Smugglers--if he wants to revisit that major part of his life. The title is already written: "Growing Up [...]

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