• Title: The Philosophy Book
  • Author: Will Buckingham Douglas Burnham Clive Hill Peter J. King John Marenbon Marcus Weeks
  • ISBN: 9780756668617
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Philosophy Book To the complete novice learning about philosophy can be a cause for dread I won t understand is a common reaction to the mere mention of the subject which is often assumed to be too complex and conf
    To the complete novice, learning about philosophy can be a cause for dread I won t understand is a common reaction to the mere mention of the subject, which is often assumed to be too complex and confusing for the average reader s The Philosophy Book will show that philosophy doesn t have to be a daunting subject With the use of easy to follow graphics and artworks,To the complete novice, learning about philosophy can be a cause for dread I won t understand is a common reaction to the mere mention of the subject, which is often assumed to be too complex and confusing for the average reader s The Philosophy Book will show that philosophy doesn t have to be a daunting subject With the use of easy to follow graphics and artworks, succinct quotations, and thoroughly accessible text, this book cuts through the haze of misunderstanding surrounding the subject, untangling knotty theories and shedding light on abstract concepts.The book is organized as a history of philosophy Each idea and the philosopher who first voiced it is placed chronologically, and is cross referenced to earlier and later ideas.ContentsThe Ideas 336PP Siddhartha GautamaThales Know Thyself PythagorasLao Tzu The Tao That Can Be Told Is Not The Eternal Tao ConfuciusHeraclitusParmenidesProtagoras Man Is The Measure Of All Things Zeno of EleaSocratesPlato Everything Is Becoming, Nothing Is AristotleEpicurusZeno of Citium Happiness Is A Good Flow Of Life Han FeiziPlotinusAugustine There Is No Salvation Outside The Church AvicennaAverro sThomas AquinasWilliam of OckhamNiccol Machiavelli Reprehensible Actions May Be Justified By Their Effects Francisco de VitoriaFrancisco Su rezFrancis BaconThomas HobbesRen Descartes I Think, Therefore I Am Benedictus SpinozaJohn LockeGottfried LeibnizGeorge BerkeleyDavid Hume Reason Is The Slave Of The Passions Jean Jacques RousseauImmanuel KantEdmund BurkeJeremy Bentham Every Law Is Contrary To Liberty Johann Gottlieb FichteGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Only In The State Does Man Have A Rational Existence Arthur SchopenhauerFriedrich Wilhelm Joseph von SchellingAuguste ComteRalph Waldo Emerson Every Natural Fact Is A Symbol Of Some Spiritual Fact Ludwig Andreas FeuerbachJohn Stuart MillS ren Aabye KierkegaardKarl Marx From Each According To His Ability, To Each According To His Need Charles Sanders PeirceWilliam JamesFriedrich Nietzsche Man Is Something To Be Surpassed Gottlob FregeEdmund HusserlHenri BergsonNishido KataraBertrand RussellJos Ortega y GassetLudwig Wittgenstein The Limits Of My Language Are The Limits Of My World Martin HeideggerRudolf CarnapHans Georg GadamerGilbert RyleKarl PopperTheodor Wiesengrund AdornoJean Paul Sartre Man Is Condemned To Be Free Willard Van Orman QuineArne Dekke Eide NaessJohn RawlsThomas Samuel KuhnMichel FoucaultNoam Chomsky Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously Jurgen HabermasJacques Derrida There Is Nothing Outside Of The Text Richard RortySaul Kripke

    One Reply to “The Philosophy Book”

    1. A nice illustrated introduction to the idea of philosophy for students/young people/the still-to be-initiated into the rigors of the philosophical tradition.It gives a comprehensive overview of global philosophical thought over the ages. Although pretty wide in scope, this book is basic in depth. It gives only a few paragraphs on each thinker. Admittedly it does give a very nice introduction into each 'group' of thinkers, or rather, each period in history, from a global perspective. A very nice [...]

    2. I give this book 4.5 stars which rounds up to 5.This book gives a great overview of philosophy. I was a philosophy major in college and this book covers many of the ideas I learned at school. However, my only grievance is that it leaves some ideas out like Kantian ethics. But other than that I highly recommend this to people who like philosophy or want to learn more about it.

    3. An excellent collection of ideas from history's greatest thinkers. This book give a simple comprehensive overview on the last 3000 years in philosophy. The authors take the reader through a chronological look at each philosopher using simple diagrams and illustrations and provides a broad spectrum of each individuals major contributions. The intuitive layout drives the reader from one page to the next, and makes for an experience that is rather hard to put down. An absolute must read for anyone [...]

    4. Man, if I had known this book existed, I would have purchased it 6 years ago! Then again, it probably wasn't published back then. Anywayr those who would like to dip their little toes in the world of philosophy and get a broad overview (that's still chockfull of goodies), this is the book. I especially appreciated the color throughout. The books I read in college took themselves so seriously with pages of black-on-white tiny print. Bring on the color-coded sections!

    5. A brief, readable introduction to the thinkers and ideas that have shaped the world.The profiles are organized by date, bookended by brief intros to each historical era; each person gets 1-3 pages describing major ideas and an abbreviated biography. There are also sidebars with quotations, charts outlining a thinker's logic, "see also" page references to related thinkers in the book, and boxes that put each person into his or her contextual background (telling us who influenced whom).This book p [...]

    6. Jos tavoite on oppia historian merkittävimpien filosofien ajatukset mahdollisimman tiiviisti, selkeästi ja helposti, on tämä kirja siihen varmaan parhaimpia vaihtoehtoja.Pientä miinusta joko käännöksessä tai jo alkuperäisteoksessa putkahtaneista pikkuvirheistä. Esimerkiksi Pythagoran lausetta siteerattiin välillä väärin, ja vuosiluvuissa oli kanssa useamman kerran virheitä. Yksi filosofi muistaakseni meni yliopistoon työelämän jälkeen 14-vuotiaana, toinen taas eläköityi noi [...]

    7. This book has done a good job explaining some of the most notable philosophers and their influential ideas. This is especially true in the entries of modern and contemporary period continental philosophers. Figures such as Heidegger and Derrida whose books are condemned as difficult to follow are explained here clearly without any shred of doubt left. The flowcharts, images and pictures are perhaps there to attract those who have no appetite with philosophy at all, but they are somewhat helpful [...]

    8. I cannot think of a better introduction and summary of philosophy than this book. Well written, easy to consume for the beginners. The writers have good knowledge of the subjects and delivered it in easy explanation. Smart use of diagrams and figures to explain the subject. I really liked it and looking forward to read more in the rest of series and philosophy.

    9. A good book that covers philosophy throughout the history in a very nice and neat way by using illustrations, however expected it to focus on philosophy more than the history of philosophy

    10. The amount of information is rather scarce, but well packaged.A few things I didn't understand:1) Why not group the philosophers into schools/movements (more visibly)? It would make the information much easier to grasp, especially since this book is supposed to be an introduction to philosophy. 'Maps' with groups of opposing philosophies briefly explained for every time period would be great as quick summaries (eg stoicism/cynicism/epicureanism/skepticism or rationalism/empiricism). I feel like [...]

    11. The perfect coffee table book giving a good overview of the history of philosophy and a great resource to dip into if you want an overview into a particular philosopher.

    12. Đã làm xong cuốn này. Để khách quan thì không rate hehe. Cuốn này nhiều phần hay, phần triết hiện đại thú vị. Nhiều bài hay (thường thì bài dài sẽ hay), nhưng một số bài ngắn lại hơi sơ sài. Phần Russell rất thú vị vì lấy nguyên phần Russell để nói về vấn đề cắt giảm lao động của ổng. Phần Hegel diễn đạt rất dễ hiểu. Phần Popper lại không thỏa mãn được mình.

    13. Wow, this is the best semi-comprehensive philosophy book I've ever read. It includes all the prerequisites you need to know and nothing more. The explanations are so amazingly cogent, I could cry. I would buy this for every 13 year old and force them to read it A Clockwork Orange style. The downside is that it's not as detailed as I would like (not in the sense that the author leaves things out as he explains certain concepts, he just doesn't touch on every work of all of the philosophers, he us [...]

    14. This book was fantastic. Covering different philosophical theories of many branches including ethical, metaphysical, political and religious. Starting off from the ancient world, 700BCE, and spanning over all of the most important and thought provoking philosophies up till the modern day. Each philosophical theory has been condensed into no more than two pages, yet contains a background on the philosopher, the age and the events that may have influenced that particular theory, the influence it c [...]

    15. If you're me, you can have spent a good while reading seminal philosophies when you were younger, then years later, muddle it all up in your own head. This book is perfect for that problem, making clever use of that infographic style we love to digest in the current age. It's an innovative reference book, and something I would highly recommend for anyone who is interested in quickly finding great ideas that resonate with them.

    16. I loved the format: 100+ philosophers' key thoughts, each thought nicely illustrated. Philosophy is a broad topic and this book is heavily focused on ontology/epistomology. Thus, some other areas of philosophy, such as moral and political philosophy, is examined to a lesser extent.

    17. Amazing. Takes complex texts and puts them into easy to read and colourful diagrams. A great overview of philosophy, even useful to those who are already familiar with the texts/authors.

    18. A guide to philosophy through different ages, starting with the ancient world and ending with contemporary philosophy. Very simple, with illustrations and nice figures. Great book!

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    20. Sürekli başucunda durması gereken felsefe tarihi kitabı. Kitabın akışı çok güzel kronolojiye göre dizmesi ve hangi filozof kimden etkilenmiştir diye belirtmesi çok faydalı. Felsefeye başlamak isteyenler için güzel bir referans kitabı üstelik ömür boyu ara ara bilgileri (genel kültür olarak) tazelemek için de kullanılabilir. Sayesinde Lao Tzu, Platon, Aristoteles, Farabi, Bacon, Descartes ve birçoğu ile tanışma şansım oldu. Felsefenin; bilimin, toplumun ve huzurun [...]

    21. Best book I've read last year. A one-stop-center for the entire history of Philosophy. From here, I was able to learn summarised versions of every idea every famous philosophers ever thought of and how they were linked to each other. This book categorised each idea clearly into the different schools of thoughts and explains them well. Most of all, it brings you on a philosophical journey of the evolution of every conceivable idea of our human history.

    22. Snippets of philosophy's great ideas, chronologically.This book does what it sets out to, to snippet philosophical evolution. A good primer. A very basic intro for the uninitiated. Complement with and your next, more in-depth books on more particular ideas and schools of thought. There was intentional focus on feminist and international ideas sprinkled in.

    23. Decent thumbnail coverage of philosophers from ancient to modern times. Sometimes with philosophers that I know well, I felt his thumbnail discussed a side issue rather than the key concerns of the philosopher. That happen only a few times and he is covering many philosophers.

    24. This book is very well-organized book about philosophy.But there is a typo on the page 28, the second column, it says "Through exploring the relationship between numbers and geometry, they discoved the square numbers and .".From here, 'discoved' should be 'discovered'.

    25. This is the first book on philosophy that I have read so I can't make a good judgement. It appears to give a reasonable complete overview of the subject. I was disappointed that it didn't cover any of the stoic philosophers.

    26. Scan throughout philosophical figures A nice way to have a glimpse into philosophy. The ideas of the main philosophers in short, without losing your way into the mystery of philosophy.

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