• Title: Ancient Japanese Ghost Stories
  • Author: Richard Gordon Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ancient Japanese Ghost Stories None

    One Reply to “Ancient Japanese Ghost Stories”

    1. At first I believed this book was poorly translated. The writing is wooden, sometimes so convoluted it's confusing, the typos and grammar blunders are abundant. But halfway through the narrator starts referring to me (the reader) as a fellow British citizen, which only makes the poor quality of writing even worse. Despite the grim cover, this is not a scary book. It's more like a collection of misogynistic folk tales. They are told simply (and poorly). The misogyny could almost be over-looked fo [...]

    2. So, I borrowed this book from the kindle lending program and was very excited for a new source of Japanese ghost stories. I was sorely disappointed. I got about a fifth through the book and my version was very poorly edited. Words ran together and some sections of sentences were completely missing, but so it goes with digital conversion. What really annoyed me is that the title says Ancient Japanese Ghost Stories. Only the first half of that title is vaguely true. These stories do take place in [...]

    3. Not quite ghost storiesThe title of Ancient Japanese Ghost Stories is a little misleading, while ghosts and spirits are prevalent it's more of a collection of fairy tales or folk lore. The stories aren't scary but are certainly interesting and give the reader a glimpse into ancient Japanese culture and superstitions.

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