• Title: Three Steps to Heaven
  • Author: Pam Howes
  • ISBN: 9781907461989
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback
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    Three Steps to Heaven It s the s and Eddie Mellor is unhappy in his shotgun marriage hates his boring factory job and is not unduly bothered when he is sacked His young son Jonny and his dreams of becoming a famous r
    It s the 1960 s and Eddie Mellor is unhappy in his shotgun marriage hates his boring factory job and is not unduly bothered when he is sacked His young son Jonny, and his dreams of becoming a famous rock drummer with The Raiders, a career he was forced to shelve when he married Angie, are the two things that keep him going But Eddie s luck is about to change for the betIt s the 1960 s and Eddie Mellor is unhappy in his shotgun marriage hates his boring factory job and is not unduly bothered when he is sacked His young son Jonny, and his dreams of becoming a famous rock drummer with The Raiders, a career he was forced to shelve when he married Angie, are the two things that keep him going But Eddie s luck is about to change for the better Three Steps to Heaven is the first novel in a trilogy spanning forty years and the lives and loves of the Mellor and Cantello families.

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    1. Rock and roll! The story of the birth of a (fictional) music phenomenon - the sixties rock group The Raiders and the lives and loves of the group members and their families.I loved this. Lots of dialogue, lots of character interplay and being from Cheshire myself, it was fun guessing all the (only slightly fictional) Cheshire towns. I'm fairly sure I got them all right. There are no real surprises in this story, but that doesn't matter as it's the journey that counts and what a journey.

    2. Rock’n’Roll, love affairs, and superlative family drama Anyone who likes the music and atmosphere of the early sixties in Britain will love ‘Three Steps to Heaven’, by Pam Howes. In a style reminiscent of Stan Barstow’s ground-breaking book ‘A kind of Loving’, Ms Howes charts the fortunes of Eddie and his girlfriend Jane, who were in love until fate forced them into separate relationships. You sympathise with lovable Eddie Mellor, trapped with the awful Angie in impecunious squalor [...]

    3. Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. As a former pot-smoking wild child here, I can totally relate to almost everything that happened in Three Steps to Heaven by Pam Howes. I well remember the days of screaming, dancing, and, well, other things :) while on the road chasing my favorite bands. Part of me really misses the old times. Strangely enough, this is the second novel I’ve read in the past few months that brought back memories, good and bad alike. I didn’t mind at all the journey back in time [...]

    4. WARNING: you’ll have difficulty putting this book down!Everything about this book screams 5 star read. The characters are realistic and their everyday lives are what we can relate to – until they become famous, that is. I for one can’t relate to being a rock star, but it doesn’t mean I can’t go along for the ride! The plot flows well and keeps you hooked and the author’s writing is simple and straightforward. She calls a spade, a spade and doesn’t shy away from controversy. You’l [...]

    5. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.This has to be one of the best novels I have read.It was the title that appealed to me and the setting of the story around the Rock 'n' Roll theme. No sooner had I read the first page I was hooked to read more and was constantly wanting to know what happened next.Reading about these characters and their sometimes very complicated lives did bring back a few memories of these times with references to cetain music tracks and artists many of which I still listen to today.In p [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this novel. It starts in July 1961, spanning five years, finishing in April 1966 and follows the life of Eddie Mellor, Jane Wilson and The Raiders, together with other supporting characters.There is plenty going on throughout the story that keeps you hooked and I found myself really involved with the lives of the characters in this novel. You could see them all grow and develop as the story evolved. There were some twists and turns, the pace picking up quite a bit about three qu [...]

    7. Set in the early 1960s, Three Steps to Heaven follows the story of Eddie and Jane, their love, struggles, friendships and the bearing their past relationships have on their future happiness. The couple should be together, but Jane is engaged to Mark and Eddie has had to marry the pregnant Angie and give up his dreams of making it big with rock band The Raiders. When they meet up again several years later, the spark is still there and they begin an affair. There are many changes in store and thei [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which could be because I was around in the early sixties. Even though I was only a boy at the time, I can remember it clearly (I harboured ambitions to be a Beatle when I grew up) and Pam Howes captures the spirit of the time perfectly.The story deals with the rise of a band called The Raiders, and the lives of the people around them as they gradually become successful. It also deals with the downside of fame, and how obsession can become all consuming. The sub pl [...]

    9. I bought this book a couple of weeks ago on the recommendation of another Kindle reader.This is a tricky review to write I really enjoyed the soapy storyline of the book, but I was distracted by the flaws. It needs a really good edit. The book covers the lives and loves of "The Raiders" a 60s band on the rise.So, the good: I liked Sammy and Jane as characters and I enjoyed the ups and downs of their relationships. The 60s were evoked well and I felt the impact of the changing times. I liked the [...]

    10. Three Steps to Heaven by Pam Howes is the first book in her rock and roll Raiders trilogy. I enjoyed this book very much because, like Pam, I am a writer of music fiction and enjoy reading about one of my favourite subjects in stories. There were memorable characters, and great tension between the young new rockers and their old fashioned parents as the changes of the early and mid-sixties began to form the generation gap. The story itself had a lot of drama, and kept me interested in what would [...]

    11. First I really want to give book 4.5 stars but doesn't allow 1/2 stars. I found the characters very realistic and believable. Ms Howes plot went well, keeping the reader hooked from beginning to end."Three Steps to Heaven" is distinctly British from the 'fish and chip' suppers to the speech of the day. We had some glorious times back then!We had the places, the era, and all that music! This writer knows her subject matter and has been very thorough with her research which certainly shows.Thanks [...]

    12. This book was set back in the mid 1960's in England. Eddie, a bad boy rock and roller is in a loveless marriage. He and his wife have a little boy named Johnny. Jane, Eddie's first love is engaged to a mentally unstable man named Mark. Jane and Eddie's love can't keep them apart but they continue to have their past catch up with them. This was a good story and I enjoyed the writing, especially with all the English phrases from that time and place. They way they spoke was rather funny at times.

    13. Much of the story is told through the dialogue of the friends and families involved in this tale. It reads like a script for a fascinating soap opera that hooked me, drew me in, and didn't let me go until I finished the last page. The characters were so human that I came to worry about them and feel bad for their misfortunes--even the not so nice ones who came to a bad end.

    14. The story follows the rise of an English rock band in the 60's. The characters are fun, and I enjoyed watching them develop. There's a bit of suspense with a twisted character that I thought was one of the best parts of the book.

    15. Hugely enjoyable, Pam Howes novel took me back to my youth. How I remember the fashions! Not to mention sex, drugs and rock and roll. I thought the dialogue was perfect; it felt as if I was watching a film. A great read, and the cliffhanger at the end has made me want to read book 2.

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