• Title: How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation (Classics in Anthroposophy)
  • Author: Rudolf Steiner S. Seiler Sabine Seiber Christopher Bamford
  • ISBN: 9780880103725
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • How to Know Higher Worlds A Modern Path of Initiation Classics in Anthroposophy In this classic account of the Western esoteric path of initiation Steiner leads the student from the cultivation of reverence and inner tranquility to the development of inner life through the stage
    In this classic account of the Western esoteric path of initiation, Steiner leads the student from the cultivation of reverence and inner tranquility to the development of inner life through the stages of preparation, illumination, and initiation Practical exercises in inner and outer observation and moral development are described.By patiently and persistently followingIn this classic account of the Western esoteric path of initiation, Steiner leads the student from the cultivation of reverence and inner tranquility to the development of inner life through the stages of preparation, illumination, and initiation Practical exercises in inner and outer observation and moral development are described.By patiently and persistently following these suggestions, new organs of soul and spirit begin to form, revealing the contours of higher worlds that had been concealed from us Here, Rudolf Steiner is available as teacher, counselor, and friend His advice is practical, clear, and powerful.

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    1. I have put various Steiner books on my goodbooks shelves - and have read more than I can track down here. Rudolph Steiner was a remarkable man whose unusual ideas about Occult History and the nature of man did not prevent him form leaving a formidable stamp on the practice of education, medicine and agriculture. Indeed it is because his ideas have worked so well (particularly in education - I did a study of a Steiner school for my MA and can attest to its success) in practical fields that it ras [...]

    2. I learned that the path to true knowledge lies outside of the perception of our normal senses. The esoteric knowledge can only result in a quieting of our mind and a focus on the improvement of the individual within us while recognizing the dependence of ourself on the world around us and the traits of others. The meaning of life is the question and not the answer.

    3. Despite the seemingly poor translation, the heavy, sludge like writing of the early 1900s, and very little organization, this volume contains some of the most descriptive visualizations of supersensible phenomenon. Extremely detailed, often pontificating, and always slow reading, this book is screaming out for a modern translation, or even a remake. But although it took me 10 times longer than a book of similar length to finish, I have never received this level of knowledge from any source.

    4. What can I say? Wow. If you ever want to read the very finest book ever written by a not-at-all-flaky clairvoyant scientist genius saintly guy, this would be my highest recommendation. It's almost too much to handle, especially the description of meeting The Guardian of the Threshold. And it's NON FICTION. Don't need no vampires to make this interesting.

    5. This book captured my life for several years, and changed my way of thinking. I did find a lot of frustration in the practice of steiners ideas and philosophy which delves into the deep waters of Gnosticism, and esoteric metaphysics, as I tried to understand the methods. Still looking back, I know subtle changes did take place. The book does require a lot of introspection, and that is why it is hard to rate it as one would rate a book on its entertainment or literary merit.

    6. Practical ways to apply more philosophical advice from Steiner. When I read this book, my life got really intense. Warning, if you don't want to be initiated, don't read this book. Seriously, every lesson I read in here gave me a life lesson as a test. Do you really want to become stronger spiritually? The golden road is a bitch, someone said that to me once, and it is so true. Reading this book will land you on the golden road. Worth it? I think so.

    7. It is interesting to find all the accoutrements of 1980s New Age endeavors in a book first published in 1904! Meditation, chakras, auras, spirit bodies -- the whole shebang. The translation from the German was less than crystal clear, although I do not know if that is because of terminology or the ideas themselves. While I find the text too impenetrable to be useful for my own spiritual growth, it is an intriguing artifact in the history of culture and ideas.

    8. I've had this book sitting on my shelf for nearly 20 years. Even though I am familiar with much of Steiner's work, every time I attempted to read this over the years, something always seem to get in the way. I understand now the perfection of timing & the depth of readiness that was necessary for me to receive the knowledge contained in this wonderful book. A must for all serious students on the spiritual journey.

    9. Reminder that some religious beliefs that are against proper medication have killed many innocent yet ignorant people and those that force these ideals HAVE to stop and research actual biology or seek professional doctors and not con-artists that will lie in your face that your body's bad health is important for your magical powers.

    10. This is a great way to listen to this book. Having it on tape made me understand it in a different way, and I listened to it over and over. This book really changed my life because it has exercises in it, that when applied, really work! I cannot recommend this enough, for any student of Anthroposophy, or someone interested in learning about the path of Anthroposophy.

    11. Although the language may challange the reader from time to time, the knowledge inside this book is a real gem for the individuals walking on the spiritual path

    12. A really, really good book that prepares the student and demystifies a lot of rumors and stigma from non-Occultists.

    13. If you start reading this and you think "this dude is out there", well, you might be right, but take some time with it. And then call me and we'll chat.

    14. This right here is the seed bed of the Late New Age. "Spirit Science" enthusiasts. Weekend reiki trainees. "Light workers" with round-the-world plane tickets, harem pants and deity tattoos. People who think channeling disembodied entities is beneficial for humanity. If this is you, put Higher Worlds on your kindle.A weird thing though is that, unlike everything in the Late New Age, there's a bit of empirical heft to the teachings here. It's a little bit grounded. And some of what is being transm [...]

    15. This was one of the first books that led me to spirituality and still remember its first sentence by heart: "There slumber, in every human being, faculties by means of which the knowledge of the higher worlds is attained" I loved the archaic language it was written in, and felt like I was uncovering a hidden treasure. Eager to experience some of this hidden potential within me, I immediately put some of it to practice, for example about observing the forces of death and life in everything. I als [...]

    16. This is "occult" science. The pursuit of truth behind appearances is at the heart if any real religion or philosophy or science. This book is a practical manual for training the mind to perceive not just sense-perceptions but also to recognize activities occurring between physical objects. Steiner unfolds a Western articulation of the Perennial Philosophy (Huxley) before Huxley. This 1909 book is an extraction of the core of mystical Christianity, Mahayana Buddhism, and Theosophy. It discusses c [...]

    17. Steiner's works are dense and complex and voluminous. This text offers a good cross-section of his essential teachings.Aimed at readers who wish to apply what is put forwards.This book covers many topics that are often too widely defined in popular esoterics. Like Lujan Matus, Steiner foregoes a mass-market appeal text in favor of getting things clear.

    18. What if the internet never existed and cocaine-fueled quacks were given legitimate platforms? Well, welcome to the true sub-text of Waldorf education! If these believers in Anthroposophy simply practiced their freedom of religion/speech/etc. that would be great! However, they pretend to be interested in the education of children, solely for their own eugenic means. Waldorf is a cult! Rudolph Steiner was a drug-addicted lunatic with racist affiliations.

    19. The fourth Steiner book I've read and one of the most straight-forward. Made a lot of good points and always has an interesting and thought provoking perspective. I enjoyed reading this, i like the ideas. Unlike Bees and Agriculture, this is not a series of lectures. Organized as a progression from the starting point as a novice this book doesn't have the asides that the lectures experienced by fielding questions from the audience.

    20. Steiner at his core, this is his better work. While I can occasionally come to grips with his descriptions of the world through the language of metaphor. This book breaks down how to get to a spiritual consciousness without pretense or autocracy.

    21. One of the essential books by Rudolf Steiner. A must for anyone interested in anthroposophy or spiritual growth.

    22. My son starts at a Waldorf school this fall, so I thought I'd read some Steiner. Happened to have an ancient copy of this one on my shelf. No idea how I got it.

    23. A very illumined exposition on the path to initiation replete with discernible truths for the betterment of self. An excellent piece for anyone desiring to be, "A servant of the world and humanity."

    24. If you want to tune in, this is the manual of how to do it.Just wait until you meet the Lesser and Greater Guardians of the Gate !!

    25. There is a simple method for complicated people: train your thinking, master your actions, love everyone, attend to all of your duties and obligations. No elaborate rituals needed, just the power of your own mind.Add in some chakra theories, luminous spiritual beings, and other esoteric stuff, and you've got the whole book. The book is informative and tends toward the universal (as opposed to espousing a particular religious or spiritual tradition), but it's not exactly inspiring.

    26. Im reading it again!I didn't want it to end. I feel like I need to talk to other people who love this book.

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