• Title: The Princess and the Pea
  • Author: Victoria Alexander
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Princess and the Pea Preparing to inherit her father s business empire independent nineteenth century beauty Cecily White resists money seeking suitors until she is tempted by the Earl of Greystone who she insists must
    Preparing to inherit her father s business empire, independent nineteenth century beauty Cecily White resists money seeking suitors, until she is tempted by the Earl of Greystone, who she insists must prove his love to her.

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    1. Wow, I really, really wanted to like this book a whole lot more that I did.The blurb looked interesting, I found the premise amusing, even the characters initially were engaging. So why didn't I like this book more? Why?(view spoiler)[1. Way, way, way to much telling, not nearly enough showing.2. Character development is limited. Characters act without us having an understanding of why they are acting that way. One egregious example is that we are told Em (the heroine's sister) runs off to Paris [...]

    2. After one of Cecily's friends gets hurts from the Early of Graystone, Cecily comes up with a plan to go to England and hurt him just as much. Cece's plan is to convince her parents to take them over to England, telling them that she would like to marry a English Lord, and going to England would do that. Her parents had always wanted her to marry one, so her plan worked she had convinced her parents to take both her and her sister Emily over to England. When they get there they visit a friend of [...]

    3. After learning that her friend's heart was broken by Jared, the Earl of Graystone, Cece, an heiress who despises the idea of marrying for money, decides she's going to London and she's going to make the Earl suffer. So she does. When they first meet, they have no idea of who the other is - she doesn't know he's the Earl, he doesn't know she's an heiress. And they meet over automobiles. And they fall in love pretty much instantly (by page 75 they're already declaring their love). But the connecti [...]

    4. Hott Synopsis:It’s definitely a folly – though whose we can’t be certain.Lady Olivia knows that her son Jared must marry an heiress and an American one seems to be the only option but that doesn’t mean she has to settle. Lady Olivia will make sure that the next Duchess will be a true lady worthy of her title even if she has to resort to her favorite Fairy Tale for ideas.CeCe can’t believe it when her friend returns from England only to lament about the most gorgeous Duke whose mother s [...]

    5. As with the previous Victoria Alexander novel I read, the book started out very promising but went downhill from there. I don't don't why I decide to read this since the ratings are pretty low besides the fact that the premise sounds so promising. Like that other novel, this book had the potential of being a great read--she has such nice ideas for the books--but I was very disappointed. There were quite a few things I didn't like about the novel. The biggest problem I had was the love triangle b [...]

    6. Cecily White’s father made a fortune in America and she had been raised as a privileged young lady with numerous marriage prospects. However, Cecily was determined that the man she marry wanted to be with her because he loved her and not just to obtain her fortune.By contrast, the Earl of Graystone was heir to an old and respected title, but their family fortunes had suffered of late. His family urged him to marry an heiress, a young lady of suitable family and wealth, who could bring real lif [...]

    7. It is interesting to see how authors use classic fairy tales as the inspiration for a book, and with a title like this it was pretty clear that that was the case here but I could not imagine how this story could be stretched to fill 354 pages. In this case the classic fairy tale is what inspires the hero's mother to test any of her son's potential brides, though not by seeing how well she sleeps with a pea under the tower of mattresses that is her bed for the night.Set in 1895, this is the story [...]

    8. I really liked this book. I thought Cece and Jared were both extremely likable and the chemistry between them was undeniable. I also liked that they fell in love pretty early in the book and instead of that being the end of their story, it was just the beginning. They had some issues to work out to get their HEA. And what a delightful trip it was. There are also a lot of equally entertaining secondary characters. Jared's mother was great. Her tests for Cece were priceless. The banter between Jar [...]

    9. Cece White was on a mission of revenge for her friend Marybeth Anderson.Both young women were heiress's and the titled men in England were marrying American heiress's these days to restore their lost wealth. The Earl of Graystone had broken her friends heart, and his mother had rejected the poor the girl as well. Arrogant English men. Cece decided she would go to England capture the Earl's heart and dump him, showing that American's were superior.Meeting Jared Grayson sidetracked Cece's plan in [...]

    10. In 1895, British Lords seemed to be seeking American heiresses to bolster their declining fortunes. When a friend returns to Chicago from London with a broken heart after being found wanting by the mother of her perspective Lord, Cece White determines to go to London and teach the Earl of Graystone a lesson. However, adventurous Cece meets a different Jared Grayson, inventor of an automobile, than she expected. Misunderstandings lead to a little of a rocky start but soon realize their true feeli [...]

    11. I struggled to finish this one. The story was set up well, there are several scenarios going on at the same time which keeps a reader busy. The hero has a strategy for winning over his heiress, the heiress has a strategy for winning over her Earl, the mother has a strategy for insuring the heiress deserves to be a countess.Since the two meet each other and fall in love before knowing the true identity of the other, they start out as a penniless inventor unable to marry his true love because he c [...]

    12. This book starts off really strong with a lot of great potential. I think it's between pages 60 and 100 that it took a turn I didn't really expect, and it never really picked itself up. Not too much of a struggle between the main characters, where the setup made it such a prime book for some excitement in the relationship dynamics. I love that she's such a strong person, but yes, it fell a bit flat for a good part of the book. Only gave it 3 stars because the beginning was awesome and ending oka [...]

    13. Turn of the Century Heiress and Motor VehiclesSpunky turn of the century American Heiress travels to Paris where she meets a young supposed penniless inventor and they begin to fall in love. At which point, he leaves her because he needs to marry money, and he turns out to be the Earl of Greystone. This she discovers when she returns to London. He's happy now that she's rich. She's furious that he wants to marry her now. Very nice set up for the rest of the story. Loved it. The writing is superb [...]

    14. Loved the time period and the premise but the characters weren't terribly engaging and there didn't seem to much, if any, romance. I don't care if there's not much sex in a romance- in fact I love tension in a story- but neither of the two main characters seemed overly interested. Honestly, they seemed like two friends who decided it was advantageous to just marry and get it over with. I liked the younger sister better but she got a two-bit wrapup in the epilogue so I guess no followup book for [...]

    15. Didn't think I would like this as much as I did and except for one sex scene (pages 330-335) it was rather clean although it was filled with sexual tension. Interestingly told from both points of view male and female yet that didn't bother me like it usually does! In fact the author was rather omniscient knowing everyone's feelings and thoughts including mama's! The picture on the cover is tons more erotic than the book though and doesn't even fit it!

    16. Victoria Alexander has written a great book based loosely on a fairy tale. Cece White is an American heiress who wishes to enact revenge on the Earl of Graystone for her friend. Jared, the Earl of Graystone is looking to marry an American heiress but his meddling mother chases off every prospect until Cece. Cece and Jared are imaginative, progressive and fun characters to follow in this turn of the century love story.

    17. For anyone who feels exasperated by characters who are bogged down in unresolved angst due to lack of communication between themselves, this is a refreshing change of pace. Rather than emotional turmoil, the plot of this story is primarily external scenarios. For all that, this is still, at the core, a love story. Oh, and it comes with the additional perk of revolving much around the history of the first automobiles!

    18. Cecily White, an American heiress, wants to prove that she can drop a rich, arrogant Englishman that is only after her money. That is until she meets the dashing Earl of Graystone, Jared. Even though he is in need of the money Cecily provides, his witty charm seems to win her over despite her better intentions. There was some initial opposing views and witty conversation at first but it fell much too quickly into the insta-love category that was just too sappy.

    19. พระเอกเป็นผู้ดีตกยาก นางเอกเป็นคนลูกสาวเศรษฐีชาวอเมริกันตอนแรกทั้งคู่เจอกันที่ปารีสแต่พระเอก ทั้งๆที่ชอบนางเอกแต่นึกว่าเธอเป็นคนจน เขาเลยส่งจดหมายปฏิเสธเธอ นางเอกทั้งโกร [...]

    20. A true American princess, Cecily White stands to inherit her father's business empire. With the 20th century right around the corner, she has no intention of marrying some foreign nobleman seeking her money. Then on a trip to England, Cece falls under the spell of a dashing peer who has more to recommend him that the length of his title and the size of his countinghouse.

    21. I really liked this one! I loved the "dawning of a new century" feel to it. I also liked the mix of American enthusiasm and British tradition between the hero and heroine. Cece is definitely my kind of woman - I can see her involved in the votes for women movement (reminiscent of the mother in Mary Poppins). It was well-paced with just the right blend of action, passion and enjoyment.

    22. A fun rideI liked that it was a strong modern woman, who found a way to get happy ending with both people compromising and changing for themselves instead of others. I like the supporting characters and their stories. It went well, not dragging on. It was really quite fun. First time reading this author, but certainly not the last!

    23. Very goooooodd!!!everything was perfect in this book. i liked the characters the way they always made me laugh.what i want to know is if Emily will end up with Quentin. but i enjoyed the book either way. Can't wait to read more Victoria Alexander!!!!!!!

    24. Dingbat-Manic-Pixy-Heroine from Chicago meets oh-so-perfect British Lord hero in saccharine, silly romance, with too many BIG MISUNDERSTANDINGS that were just plain stupid. The only saving grace of the book are the cars. 1895 cars are cool.

    25. I just couldn't get into this book. Cece was manic and annoying and Jared was just too weak. I couldn't stand any of them (even the supporting characters). Perhaps the setting was too modern (1895) and I just don't care for cars, the setting, nor the characters. Pass.

    26. This book started off strong, but about half way through I began to lose interest. I am not really sure why.

    27. Interesting ideas & premise First couple of chapters was good then .Overall ok kind of read, not all that

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