• Title: The Screaming Season
  • Author: Nancy Holder
  • ISBN: 9781595143334
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Screaming Season The third novel in the bone chilling Possessions series by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Holder The gutsy heroine of Possessions and The Evil Within returns for another year of boarding scho
    The third novel in the bone chilling Possessions series by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Holder.The gutsy heroine of Possessions and The Evil Within returns for another year of boarding school at the haunted Marlwood Academy Lindsay wakes to find herself strapped down in the infirmary She had a breakdown and might have tried to kill her nemesis Mandy or Mandy sThe third novel in the bone chilling Possessions series by New York Times bestselling author Nancy Holder.The gutsy heroine of Possessions and The Evil Within returns for another year of boarding school at the haunted Marlwood Academy Lindsay wakes to find herself strapped down in the infirmary She had a breakdown and might have tried to kill her nemesis Mandy or Mandy s boyfriend, Troy or both The details are hazy, but one thing is certain she is possessed by a spirit she cannot trust.Lindsay soon realizes that nowhere on campus is safe Then, she finds a surprising ally in her former rival Together, Lindsay and Mandy must figure out who can be trusted and who wants them dead But when Lindsay s ex boyfriend shows up at Marlwood, she is given a chance to get away and be free of the curse Will she take Riley s hand and run, or team up with a new love to save Marlwood from the evil spirits forever

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    1. If you have been looking for a new series to satisfy your creepy cravings, then this is the series you need to read! After reading and reviewing The Evil Within last year, I had been waiting for the next book in this gripping series. When the author asked me to review this book as well, I jumped on the chance to read more about Lindsay!First I want to say how I loved the quote on the very first page before you start chapter one.Silence is the most powerful scream. --AnonymousLindsay wakes up in [...]

    2. Okay, the ending just killed it. I was about to give this book a 4.5 rating, but no. No. NO! I am so mad about whom Lindsay ends up with. I loved Miles. He was my favourite character in the series and I really felt like they have made a connection, and all of a sudden there is RileyEndings like that really kill me.A huge part of the book didn't even make sense. Just no.

    3. First off let me say, this is definitely one that you need to read the prior books before delving into…trust me. In fact, once they are all out (as this one releases next week), I’d recommend reading them one right after another. There is a certain mindset you need to be in, in order to fully understand and follow what’s happening. It’s not that it’s unclear, it’s more that because of the circumstances presented, both the storyline and dialogue bounce around between the possessed and [...]

    4. Great, spooky book, loved the ending, and I kinda wish there could be another book, but this one covered everything, and it was really great! Loved it!

    5. In a Sentence: The Screaming Season is hands down the best book in the series and provides a satisfying ending to a thrilling tale. My ThoughtsThough the Possessions books area suspense-filled series, I was ready to finally see some resolution for Lindsay. By this point, the poor girl has been through just about everything--the death of her mother, the loss of a boyfriend and her old high school crowd, her transfer to a new school, and worst of all--her possession by the restless spirit of the m [...]

    6. SPOILER ALERT,YOU'VE BEEN WARNED:I'm super pissed about a sucky ending 2 a good trilogy.The book was going good at first, I liked when Troy broke up with Lindsay and Mandy and they became friends 2 seek revenge on Troy and because they had something in common they were both possessed.Then they killed Mandy off, just when I started 2 like her as a character she started becoming nicer and they killed her! I loved how Lindsay and Miles started hanging out with each other, how he broke her out of th [...]

    7. Loved it! I totally breezed through this series because I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to keep reading whenever possible! Sad that its over but wow!! Lately I have been really craving some creepy books and this series totally fulfilled that need! The characters were great, I was constantly suspecting everyone of something. Just when you would get comfortable trusting a character then you would once again be thrown for a loop. The love interests were a little frustrating to meI felt li [...]

    8. 4 1/2 SOOO good!!! Was not expecting the ending! nor was I expecting Riley to be in the picture! Troy also totally surprised me. I wish this series were longer. I really enjoyed it!

    9. Well, i just finished reading this book. It left me breathless, tired, and sad. It left me longing, missing Miles, missing Mandy, and still with a lot of questions unanswered. But it left me glad that Lindsay's torment is finally over.I hate Riley. I hate that he appeared out of the blue and claimed her. He was saying he was sorry about what he did with Jane, but i never got the feeling that he did felt sorry. Truly, really sorry. And i think that Lindsay accepted too quickly to fall back into h [...]

    10. Just like the rest of the trilogy it starts off like any average YA novel but gets better with each chapter.

    11. I just finished this one tonight. I rated it four stars because of certain things, of course. I really loved it, a lot, thinking that it's the best book among the three. It's my favorite because of all the revelations and twists of the whole plot. I thought I knew all the characters really well after finishing the first 2 books. I waited a really long time to get this book but the story was still fresh like I just read them a day before. And when I read the third one, I just felt really foreign [...]

    12. The final book in the possessions trilogy was stellar, totally blew my medicore expectations out of the water but that doesn't mean I am completely pleased, I have a few complants about it all but I promise I'll also be saying some good stuff so read at your own risk! To begin with it all, the start was actually really boring. I mean, the other two books were boring at first and the first book took forever to finally get interesting and creepy like I was promised, so I wasn't too displeased that [...]

    13. Lindsay is back at the haunted Marlwood Academy for another year of boarding school, but what she finds when she returns is far from welcoming She discovers upon waking that she is being held in the infirmary, and something terrible has happened. Was it a breakdown? Did she try to kill someone? The details do not surface for a while, but one fact is clear from the start—Lindsay has been possessed by a spirit that intends to do harm to those around her and she can find no safe haven anywhere on [...]

    14. I haven't even finished this book yet, but it's continuing the creepiness! Kudos to Nancy Holder for another terrifically terrifying edition in the Possession series! Ugh! I can't tell if this is the last one or not! I hope it isn't! I hate spoiling the story for others, so I erased what I wrote! Anything I say could spoil the book for others, so I'm not going to do that, because this is a review, not a book report! :) If I could have given The Screaming Season 6 stars, I would have. Again, from [...]

    15. Nancy is such a creative and profound writer, filling the pages with so much excitement! I just love her and all her awesomeness! The Screaming Season is the third and final book in the Possessions series that is packed with anticipation, eagerness, horror, and fear! In the end, you'll come out shaking and hooked!Picking up from The Evil Within, Lindsay finds herself strapped and restrained to a bed in the infirmary at Marlwood. She did not want to be here at all and did not trust anyone coming [...]

    16. This is the last and final instalment of the Possession Trilogy. And Nancy Holder doesnt hold back. She bring the scary and creepy to a whole new level. Who will survive the ghost possession and who wont? Who can you trust? And who is the Marlwood stalker?Linsday is back at Marlwood for the final time with a mission in mind, she has to get rid of Celia. She can no longer look at her reflection and she is going insane with Celia in her body. She will do whatever it takes, even if it means forming [...]


    18. I had great pleasure reading this book. Possessions and The Evil Within really got me reading and I flew through these books. Holder’s writing really is magnificent. She really has a way with writing powerful stories. The entire series was filled with ghosts and so many nights filled with terror. Lindsay’s time at Marlwood ended well. She endured so much during her short time at the very expensive boarding school. It really had me on edge the whole time .I really felt for Lindsay, right from [...]

    19. This book was amazing! The previous books in the series were amazing too.After I read this book I was likewow!I was thinking that the ending was just fine. But I didn't really kinda understand it. I kinda felt like it was a cliffhanger:p But along that, the book was great! I gave the book five stars since It was simply amazing! I really hoped there was more to the series. And, aaaaw. I am really hoping there'll be more to the series (even though it was said that this was the last book). I enjoye [...]

    20. I gave this book 5 stars because I absolutely loved it! I love how in this book we get to learn more about the others girls and see different sides of them. We got to learn that just because these girls are rich and popular doesn't mean that their lives are perfect. Every girl at the school has her own problems that they have to deal with.What I liked about this book as well is that we get to see a better side of Mandy. She may be that mean popular rich girl but she does have a nicer side even i [...]

    21. When I read the first book in the series, I was totally hooked. I love a good scary story that has a good back story to it. However as this series went on, I found myself not really liking the story. I actually thought about skipping this one. But when I learned that it's the last in the series, I decided to just finish it.The plot is definitely interesting. What I like is how the enemy is actually inside of Lindsay. Throughout the book you keep trying to figure out whether it's Celia who's craz [...]

    22. A good finish to the trilogy. Has some logical flaws in its ghost/possession mythology, but I was willing to overlook those for the very creepy surprises that this finale offered.I picked up the first book because I saw it on a "Pretty Little Liars" read-alike list - and I have to say that this is the first suggestion that I've read that fits that bill. There are rich girls, secrets galore, deaths, and plenty of twists (not as many, nor as good as PLL, but better than the other copycats I've rea [...]

    23. It seems like everything was wrapped up with this book. Once you get to the end everything seemed very clear, but when you are reading it you aren't sure of any of the characters. At times I suspected everyoneLindsay, Mandy, Miles, and all the group of friends. Early on I pegged the bad guy, but it seemed to pat, so I altered my thinking, but things kept happening that I kept altering who or what I thought was behind things. In a way I think the end was great, in another way I am sad for a coupl [...]

    24. I wasn't satisfied with the ending. The author seemed to hurry up and finish the book without giving much thought to the ending. Lindsay had three guys after her and suddenly she decided to return to the one guy who cheated on her with her best friend. Riley never redeemed himself. He showed up, said he was sorry, and announced his undying love to Lindsay. She took him back without giving much thought to it. Troy's character went haywire with his sporadic decisions. I enjoyed Miles but wished th [...]

    25. When an ending is not what you wanted, or expected, or hoped for, what do you do? How do you handle it? It tends to drive me crazy, especially when it is the final book in a series. The easiest way for me to get past it is to make up a whole new ending for myself. Anyway, other than that, I really enjoyed this series. The creep factor is high, and it was a fun, fast paced, plot and character driven thrill ride!

    26. Felt like I was reading disjointed fragments that didn't make any sense. Couldn't remember who the characters were and what happened before. Lots of melodrama and flashbacks. Too bad. I really liked the first book and didn't mind the second. It was after the real possessions started that it went to cheese territory. DNF after 30 pages.

    27. Great Read!!The third book in this series didn't disappoint. I was sucked in by all the characters. Really felt like I knew them. I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Twisting, turning, plunging downhill and climbing back up all the way to the end. I wasn't so much into the lengthy descriptions of what every character was wearing over and over.

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