• Title: My Serbian Wolf
  • Author: Charisma Knight
  • ISBN: 9781936279
  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook
  • My Serbian Wolf Niko sacrificed himself once for the sake of his pack but will he discover another lesson of self sacrifice that may release him from his spiritual imprisonment Centuries later he discovers his life
    Niko sacrificed himself once for the sake of his pack, but will he discover another lesson of self sacrifice that may release him from his spiritual imprisonment Centuries later, he discovers his life mate, Rebecca, the one who can make him whole once again For Niko and Rebecca, a second chance at love is just a breath away.

    One Reply to “My Serbian Wolf”

    1. THIS IS THE BEST WORST BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AND BEYOND!!!It deserves a genre of it's own! Something like:Ridiculously stupid badly written books that will make you laugh and maybe vomit a littleShort as: RSBWBTWMYLAMVALI think I'll be making a shelf just for this one, it freaking deserves it!I honestly don't remember when have I last read something so badly written. It's just THAT terrible!You know, reading this, it seems easy to write a book about a country you have absolutely no [...]

    2. Why am I doing this?Am I a masochist?I stumbled upon this title, and thought it was simply a bad case of misspelling. Then I realized it isn't. And, I decided I have to read it.Sooooo I read it! *insert unicorn vomiting here*Oh, this is bad!Okay, first of all – the cover. You may have noticed already that I am notorius for not paying too much attention to covers or titles. But, this I have to ask - why is there a yellow nail polish involved? Have I missed some vital thing in the book? No? Hm n [...]

    3. honestly i am speechlessi don't even know how to describe this "work of art" brain is literally draineds i was laughing like idiot and yes i cried how hard i laughedbut OMG!!!!!!!SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?after reading this i am going through my books and adding stars to other books i read!!!this is beyond any words favorite quote would be:“That’s right, Becca. Grind that pussy against me, honey. I want you to baptize me in your juices!”i never judge what people like to read or how they rate book [...]

    4. Final rating: 1/5 starsOhar.god.This was beyond the ultimate horror i thought it would be. I have no words how hilarious this was. Especially since iamfrom Serbia, and damn, this didn't make any sense at all!!! Really. Charisma Knight should have done a better research of our:1. culture, 2. history (which was totally wtf and wrong btw), 3. titles (there was never Tsar, there was only Car, and Car=EMPEROR), 4. language (you simply do not call your woman "ljubavnica", it sounds like you are cheati [...]

    5. I wonder what this author got in her history class? Aside from lot's of sleep. OK I admit I've only downloaded free sample, but this book is a rubbish and doesn't deserve a single star. First off, the book is written by someone who has no connection with Serbia, I can tell, they used Google translator for "Zena Vuk". She wolf would loosely translate to Zena Vuk in Serbian but vuk is a male it should be vucica if you want a female. Same for the word ljubavnica, it is used as an endearment in this [...]

    6. LynnMarie’s Review My Serbian Wolf is a story about love and fate and beating all odds. Rebecca can remember pieces of a past life and is able to visit her wolf shifting lover when she dreams at night. I enjoyed the fact that a modern, contemporary woman could escape into the past in her dreams. Though she loves Niko, she can’t commit to him fully, unable to recall the full details of their century old romance.The day comes for Rebecca to make an impossible choice. Her dream visits with Niko [...]

    7. Give me some cocoa, a warm fire, a nice down blanket, and one of them there wolves Ms. Knight writes about and I’ll be one sated sister! This book was so good.It encompassed magic, and shifting, but most of all, it encompassed love that surpassed centuries. Child that Nicholai/Niko had me wishing he was mine and crying when his world came crashing down.I won’t write anymore for a fear I’ll give away the plot and ending but guys and girls this is one author whose books will definitely be on [...]

    8. This is the worst thing I've read in my life. I still have no idea what's actually going on, the Serbian ruler curses Serbian werewolf because his friends didn't transform into wolves during the Battle of Kosovo or something like that, but his lover magically travels through time and space to have furry sex with him and cry about their destiny. And what's with the Niko thing, it's not even a Serbian name, come on. Not to mention the Serbian words used in the book: if you use foreign words at lea [...]

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