• Title: Fireworks Over Toccoa: A Novel
  • Author: Jeffrey Stepakoff
  • ISBN: 9780312673512
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fireworks Over Toccoa A Novel Every so often that story comes along that reminds us of what it s like to experience love for the first time against the odds when you least expect it and with such passion that it completely chang
    Every so often that story comes along that reminds us of what it s like to experience love for the first time against the odds, when you least expect it, and with such passion that it completely changes you forever An unexpected discovery takes eighty four year old Lily Davis Woodward to 1945, and the five days that forever changed her life Married for only a week befEvery so often that story comes along that reminds us of what it s like to experience love for the first time against the odds, when you least expect it, and with such passion that it completely changes you forever.An unexpected discovery takes eighty four year old Lily Davis Woodward to 1945, and the five days that forever changed her life Married for only a week before her husband was sent to fight in WWII, Lily is anxious for his return, and the chance to begin their life together In honor of the soldiers homecoming, the small Georgia town of Toccoa plans a big celebration And Jake Russo, a handsome Italian immigrant, also back from war, is responsible for the elaborate fireworks display the town commissioned But after a chance encounter in a star lit field, he steals Lily s heart and soul and fulfills her in ways her socially minded, upper class family cannot Now, torn by duty to society and her husband and the poor, passionate man who might be her only true love Lily must choose between a commitment she s already made and a love she s never known before.Fireworks Over Toccoa takes us to a moment in time that will resonate with readers long after the book s unforgettable conclusion A devastating and poignant story, this debut novel will resonate with anyone who believes in love.

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    1. I received an ARC copy of this book for review from the publisher."Fireworks over Toccoa" is a well-paced love story destined to be on the big screen. The author definitely makes use of his script-writing and producing credits because this book clips right along at the fast pace found in movies and television.In her 80's, Lily isn't sure her granddaughter Colleen is as happy in her relationship as she wants everyone to think. When the two ladies find a long lost formula for a firework called Lil [...]

    2. A light, romantic read set in Toccoa, Georgia around WWII. Kept me interested to see what path Lily would choose. Reminded me of Nicolas Sparks' books/writing.

    3. Being from Georgia, I felt at home in the places described, understood the sultry heat, unhurried lifestyle, and unspoken Southern rules described by the author. Jeffrey Stepakoff weaves a story both jubilant and heart wrenching that left me quietly holding the book once the last page was turned, feeling somehow that it deserved contemplation while I brushed the threat of a tear away. I didn't just become invested in these characters, they became family, and leaving them at the end of the book t [...]

    4. I was teetering between three and four stars to rate this, until it made me CRY. Crying = automatic five stars. It is rare for a book to make me cry. I probably can count how many times I've cried over a book on one hand.People are comparing this to Nicholas Sparks, but as I have never read him, I won't.I read this in about a day; it was a fast read, but by no means a light one. This book proves the term 'quality over quantity'.It tells the story of Lily Davis, married just three weeks when her [...]

    5. Lily Davis was only 17 when she married a boy she had known for a short time. He was shipping out to WWII soon as a supply man for Coca-Cola and it seemed like the thing to do before he went away. Three years later, her hometown of Toccoa, Georgia has scheduled a big homecoming party for all the returning soldiers, including parades and fireworks. Lily stumbles into Jake Russo, the fireworks man, as he's setting up his show and he opens up a world of possibilities for her.This just isn't my kind [...]

    6. I really love a sweet romantic story. I'm not a huge fan of Nicholas SparksI hate to crybut his writing is good. As I read Fireworks Over Toccoa I felt it inevitable that the author would be compared to Sparks, and, in my opinion, he comes up sorely lacking. In fairness I was reading an ARC, so there might still have been some editing to do, but the writing seemed choppy and clumsy. For example:"Feeling the sun on his neck, beads of perspiration rolling down his cheek, Jake just stood there in t [...]

    7. I had this book on my wishlist, ever since I saw it on someone's blog, so I was pretty excited to receive this one for review! The excitement wasn't misplaced either. This book delivered!My opinionFireworks over Toccoa spans four days in the lives of Lily Woodward and Jake Russo. Lily had been married three years to a man she lived only a couple of weeks with, before her husband, Paul, was sent to Europe to serve in the war. Anticipating Paul's return, Lily is nervous realizing that she is no lo [...]

    8. I wanted to like this book, especially since it was the first one I've won from the giveaways!I started reading it when waiting on my computer (for reboots, downloads, etc.), thinking that once I got into it, I'd take it to my comfy chair for "serious reading" time.I finished it at my computer.One caveat--I generally do not read romance. I don't have a basis of comparison on whether this is a typical book for the genre or not. I found the characters to be flat. Lily, the circa 1945 belle of Toc [...]

    9. I don't often read contemporary adult romance. Not necessarily because I don't enjoy it, but because I tend to enjoy young adult romance more. I see a book with Nicholas Sparks' named emblazoned on the top though, and feel sort of turned off, he's just not the right author for me. I cannot get into his books, but a few of my friends can. I approached Fireworks Over Toccoa by Jeffery Stepakoff with trepidation. The plot piqued my interest, but one of the cover blurbs mentioned Nicholas Sparks, wh [...]

    10. Quick easy read. But the story stayed with me. Good if you like a love story that just might make you cry.

    11. “I'm just a girl Jake""I think you're that, and much, much more."Another long moment. Lily found herself returning his smile, finding her own sense of knowing. And suddenly she felt at ease, a sense of mysterious calm.” ― Jeffrey Stepakoff, Fireworks Over ToccoaWhat can i say about this book? i went into it not knowing much about it and i have never heard of this author or this book before, but i was in the mood for another romantic read after The Longest Ride and this one was just what i [...]

    12. Author Jeffrey Stepakoff has a MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie Melon. His television credits include the Emmy-winning Sisters, The Wonder Years, Major Dad, Tarzan, and Dawson's Creek (as a co-executive producer). This is his debut novel, with Billion-Dollar Kiss following. He resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. Colleen finds herself at a crossroads in her life. She is engaged to be married to a handsome doctor, who wishes only to provide her the perfect house to begin their perfect lif [...]

    13. I am not a regular reader of romance-themed books, because all too often I find that they are mere formulaic repetitions of hundreds which have gone before. Nevertheless, I took a chance with Jeffrey Stepakof’s Fireworks Over Toccoa because the description caught at me with the promise of something different. At least partly, the book did deliver.The story takes place during an unnamed present, and the period toward and after the end of WWII. The main character, Lily Woodward marries her sweet [...]

    14. "Every so often that story comes along that reminds us of what it’s like to experience love for the first time—against the odds, when you least expect it, and with such passion that it completely changes you forever."SPOILERSort of:WELL EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT SHE IS ALREADY MARRIED, HER FIRST TIME LOVE SPANS A WHOPP'N four days, and the passion has not changed me forever. I'm sorry, but I just don't buy into the I met you, know you for 4 days (one of which is the day he left and he didn't [...]

    15. Fireworks Over Toccoa begins with the discovery of a long-lost gift given to Lily Davis Woodward when she was twenty. Lily, who is now eighty-four, begins to tell the story of four days in 1945 that changed her life forever. At the end of WWII, Lily was excited because her husband was returning home from serving three years in the war, but she was also apprehensive because they had spent but two weeks as a married couple before Paul was shipped out. While preparing for Paul's return, Lily meets [...]

    16. If you enjoy fiction/literature and romance you will definately enjoy "Fireworks Over Toccoa". If you enjoy a novel that encompasses southern life and southern morals, you will enjoy this book."Fireworks Over Toccoa" starts with the discovery of a glass bottle in Lake Hartwell that has not been opened since the late 1940's. An item inside the jar unlocks the forgotten life of Lily Davis.Jeffrey Stepakoff brings to the reader a stunning story of life in a rural Georgia town that is suddenly swept [...]

    17. "Fireworks Over Toccoa", by Jeffrey Stepakoff, is just like life itself--either more or less than what you expect, but never exactly what you anticipate. At times I wasn't sure if I liked it, and then on the next page the story line would turn around and be completely captivating. I did like the characters very much. Lily Davis is a young Southern woman cultivated by her mother, Honey, to be a society belle. Her father, Walter, with whom Lily shares some private family jokes, lets her mother rul [...]

    18. I received an advance copy of this book from the publisherREWORKS OVER TOCCOA opens with an elderly woman named Lily recognizing an artifact from her past in a local museum. It is a "recipe" for a very special firework named after her. The discovery brings back many memories and Lily tells her story to her granddaugther and the museum director. At the end of WWII, small town royalty Lily Davis Woodward awaits the return of her husband who she hasn't seen in three years when he left for the war t [...]

    19. I don't think he loved you that much Lilly.y took him a day to leave you lol!Being a GOOD military wife who has gone through many deployments,and going through one right now. I do not approve of this type off book. Military wives already have a bad reputation without people writing books about it. Why did I pick this book from the library if I don't approve? I have a weakness of judging books by their cover.

    20. Beautiful. I really enjoyed this Southern small town war time romance. The settings are described so vividly, the love very rich and urgent. There were definitely a few tears shed thanks to the richness of Jeffrey Stepakoff's story telling. It is very evident that the author did work with a tv show giants like The Wonder Years (LOOOOOVE) and Dawson's Creek this would translate to a very successful movie.

    21. I read this book in just a few hours. Doesn't mean that it is a fluff book. I live just a few miles from where this book is set and loved that part. However, the story itself sweeps you up and keeps you invested until the very end. This book will stay with me a long time and every time I see a firework I'll think of it.

    22. This book started out slow. In fact it wasn't until half way through that it really started to pick up. Then, the last 1/4 I couldn't put it down. I did skim entire pages because he over described things. This book was so sweet and sad at the same time. Plus, it had a tiny bit of suspense in it. Who's Lily going to pick? Sigh sweet!

    23. Lily meets Jake, who makes fireworks. Interpersonal fireworks ensue. Gloppy and soppy. Will surely be a movie.

    24. I really liked this book because it had a good overall idea of the hard decisions people have to make in their everyday life. The book also shows how the main character, Lily, has so many feeling, but having to basically bottle them up just to keep her family happy. After this, she has to share her true feelings, but still struggles with her internal thoughts and feelings.

    25. I enjoyed this! Historical fiction has become a favorite of mine as of late, and this was a light summer romantic read.

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