• Title: Spider Bite
  • Author: Justin D'Ath
  • ISBN: 9781610670104
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spider Bite When Sam Foxs twin brothers Harry and Jordan are carried off in a runaway hot air balloon Sam tries to save them only to end up trapped himself What starts as a joy ride turns into a life or death
    When Sam Foxs twin brothers, Harry and Jordan, are carried off in a runaway hot air balloon, Sam tries to save them only to end up trapped himself What starts as a joy ride turns into a life or death struggle when Jordan is bitten by a Sydney funnel web spider Will Sam be able to land the balloon in time to save his brother

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    1. I just finished reading Extreme Adventures #5: Spider Bite by Justin D'Ath. The genre of this book is adventure. The main charters were Sam and his identical twin brothers, Jorden & Harry. They have all been through some crazy adventures together. Sam is in high school and the twins are 5 years old. The story takes place in Sydney, Aulstraila. The book doesn't say when the story takes place.In the book, Sam & The twins try to save some people who crash land in a hot-air baloon. They got [...]

    2. Spider Bite is yet again another very exciting book in the Extreme Adventures series by Justin D'Ath. This book is packed with adrenaline-pumping events that will leave the reader breathless as the action unfolds before their eyes. Poor Sam . . . he always seems to find himself in very dangerous situations. The good news for us is that these circumstances are very thrilling and we get to go along for the ride safely from wherever we are reading these books.I really enjoy the Extreme Adventures b [...]

    3. Started out good. And ended good. It was a good book. But there were a few 'un-relistic' things that happened. Like how Sam says you can touch a poison dart frog and not get poisoned. If you touched your mouth after you touch one then you would die in like 2 or 3 min. Its poison is enough to kill 100 MEN!!!People just don't get that. THEN he fought off a Kimodo Dragon. Well not exactly grabbed his jeans and ripped them and in order to escape he had to slip his jeans off and run around in boxers [...]

    4. Not much of plot heree author basically just jumped into the action and went from one crisis to the next. It was crazy and made your head spin. Nott my cup of tea.HoweverI could see this book/series having HUGE appeal, especially for boys and reluctant readers. My son was hooked, just from the covers (newly redone) and the titles. Only available through the USBORNE home market, if bought new. Probably best for boys in grades 2-8.

    5. This was a fun read for the boys. It kept them entertained. Personally I think they ran into too many "sticky" situations and could have added a bit more on the plot. We haven't read the others yet but I imagine this is just a continuation of the adventures there.The end could have used a bit more as well. That being said, I still think it was a goodread!

    6. this is an amazing book about a boy named Sam and his brothers going for a walk and the next thing they knew they where in a hot air baloon and Harry was bitten by a funnel weg spider and then the found them selves trapped in a bear inclosear, with hungry bears

    7. I am currently reading Spider Bite by Justin D'ath. It is already starting to shape up as a fantastic novel. With its limitless suspense and action I have not been able to put this book down.

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