• Title: A Divina Sabedoria dos Mestres
  • Author: Brian L. Weiss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Divina Sabedoria dos Mestres Um Guia para a Felicidade Alegria e Paz Interior
    Um Guia para a Felicidade, Alegria e Paz Interior.

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    1. NEW EDITIONI've been reading and watching materials on Dolores Cannon [hypnotherapist and regressionist (past-lives regression), it’s been 40 years]. Doctor Weiss results are quite similar to those of Dolores. Yet, she started earlier.2nd of July 2013My commentary on Dolores may be seen here:/story/show/2Doctor Brian Weiss is a psychiatrist. He got his major in Chemistry from Columbia University, and his specialty at the Yale Medical School. This book is about a trend he initiated some time ag [...]

    2. I took my time and read this slowly. I hesitated to get this book and to read it. I was afraid the idea of reincarnation and having past lives would make sense to me and that I would believe it! And sure enough, I did and I do!! I hesitate to say this because most people already know I have a mental illness, and that belief makes me seem crazier, flakier, or whatever. The times I've listened to Hollywood stars taught about reincarnation and past lives and thought, "Oh, WHA WOO!" But Brian Weiss [...]

    3. I read this after reading Many Lives Many Masters. This book, IMHO, is as good as his first one. I've always been afraid of dieing, esp. a painful death or going to hell, but this book has helped me calm down a bit and realize that it won't be that bad. There's a lot of love and emotions after death and it's just comforting to know that I'll be seeing all the people who's left me and all the people I've left behind one day again.

    4. ()Dos seis livros qua actualmente encontram-se publicados pela Pergaminho de Brian Weiss, este não é, de todo, o seu melhor trabalho, porque para quem já leu um ou dois títulos do autor 'A Divina Sabedoria dos Mestres' torna-se um pouco repetitivo. É sim, um livro propício para o leitor que pretenda ler um primeiro livro deste autor norte-americano, que tem um séquito fiel de admiradores por todo o mundo. Mas Brian Weiss também gera controvérsia; muitos são os críticos que lançam adm [...]

    5. while you may or may not believe this guy, this book is a very interesting opinion of the afterlife/beforelife. he speaks of clients that he hypnotized to get in touch with their other lives. they see people in other lives that are in their current life. i would recommend it to someone who is open minded about religion & afterlife type stuff.

    6. Not his best work. It was repetitive, and in some paragraphs quotes were used from other books not written by himself which should have been clarified. For anyone who has not read a lot of books on the metaphysical though, would enjoy it.

    7. Reading Dr. Brian Weiss' works always makes me feel Zen. Loved this book. This is one of those books, though, that can't be read in a rush. I always felt like after I read patches, I needed to contemplate on those. This reading has allowed me to set some new goals for myself :)

    8. A life enhancing and empowering book. Throws light on the intricate subjects like reincarnation, hypnosis, NDE, post death experience, regression activity. The book re-emphasizes the fact that a soul never dies, it just gets liberated from the body and transcends to the next body. Brian has also explained the steps to under go a state of hypnosis. There are many examples cited for the people who have experienced the regression process and have experienced a much better state of heart and mind. A [...]

    9. A friend recommended that I read this book after she had read it during a difficult time in her life. The book talks about the idea of reincarnation and past lives. She said after reading the book that she was sure we had known each other in a past life and I had been her mother, sister, or aunt. I thought that was such a sweet compliment that I had to give this book a shot. I consider myself to a be a pretty open-minded person but when this book started to give examples of people who had been r [...]

    10. excellent book although i do not claim to be part of any religious sect I do believe that many of the stories felt true to what I believe.I learned that maybe it is not the religion you are part of, but rather the quality of life and lessons you have learned within your life which directs you down different paths and towards various sets/ if not the same people through your reincarnation. I really loved this book. My father passed this year and I found comfort in knowing that I will most likely [...]

    11. after having read the previous two books by Dr. Brian Weiss i've slowed down with one, but it is still wonderful and does go further into the meat of the true purpose of his experiences as a Psychiatrist working with past life regression the messeges from in the in between lives states. It's so very affirming.

    12. Interesting and thought provoking. If you are ardently Christian it may bump against some of your beliefs.

    13. There is no star rating that can really explain how amazing this book is. This man is a true guru, teacher for all of us. I treasure this, and all his books, very dearly.

    14. There are different levels of learning, and we must learn some of them in the flesh. We must feel the pain. When you're a spirit you feel no pain. It is a period of renewal. Your soul is being renewed. When you're in physical state in the flesh, you can feel pain; you can hurt. In spiritual form you do not feel. There is only happiness, a sense of well-being. But it's a renewal period for us. The interaction between people in the spiritual form is different. When you are in physical state you ca [...]

    15. Brian's first book that I read "Many Lives, Many Masters" was incredible and I highly recommend it. "Many Lives, Many Masters" was a great extension of this book. Many of the same principles were repeated in this book, but he goes into a lot more detail through his continued experience. This is one of those books I had a hard time putting down because I was so eager to learn and read more. Wonderful book for anyone looking to advance in the spiritual journey.

    16. Ive read lots of books on this theme,but this is one of the best.It`s full of stories,meditations and wisdom.I was especially interestedin the past life regression sections,and could proove very comforting to peoplewho are greiving.I will read it again and again!

    17. Good reminder and practical applications of spiritual principlesThis book is a courageous and beautiful reminder that faith in the eternity of spirit, a spiritual practice of meditation and trusting intuition heals and enhances one’s life. I am well. All is well.

    18. Another gem from the wonderful, Dr Brian Weiss. Stories to help you open your mind up to new experiences.

    19. This is Weiss elaborating and interpreting things from the Masters in Many Lives, Many Masters. He does a fine job. But if you are looking for more stuff from "The Masters," I doubt this is a good choice. Some favorite excerpts:pg 74In Carole’s family there is a saying that has come down through the years that the greatest sin is to take away someone's neshumah. Translated from the Yiddish, the expression means that it is a sin to take away another's joy, or, more colloquially, to rain on some [...]

    20. Another enlightening book from Brian WeissThis book sums up the revelations and spiritual evolutions that Brian Weiss experienced after the events of his first book "many lives/many masters". In MLMM, Brian Weiss was very doubtful about his own findings and his scientific academic mind was reluctant to admit the possibily of reincarnation and past lifes experiences. In Messages from the Master, 12 years later, Brian Weiss has totally surrendered to the accumulated evidence and now strongly belie [...]

    21. Messages from the Masters carries an incredibly positive message. A classically trained psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss became awoken to the possibility of past lives through a patient named Catherine. He has since written three other books and has become the guru of New Age past-life regression psychotherapy. The message of this book is simple: we are all divine, immortal, spiritual beings who are always loved, and in fact are love. Such souls go through multiple reincarnations, and between physi [...]

    22. Reading this book was really a transformational experience for me.I remember , I had bought "Only Love is Real" few years back just because I found the title catchy but when I started reading it , I got to know that it's based on past life regression and at that time I didn't want to believe in such things, so I didn't read it further.Now it was out of chance that I found this book in my brothers collection.I am sure he hasn't read it .Someone would have gifted him.But this time it caught my att [...]

    23. It's an interesting book. I read it because I was curious and wanted to know more about Dr. Brian Weiss' perspective of life. In the end, I found out that I still don't know what to think, it's a book really controversial when you're so accostumed to what you have believed in all your life. I might try one of those meditation methods, to see what happens!trad.: É um livro interessante. Li-o porque estava curioso e queria saber mais sobre a perspectiva do Dr. Brian Weiss da vida. No fim, descobr [...]

    24. I'm not quite sure why I picked it up at the airport, especially because I didn't particularly care that much for Many Lives, Many Masters which I read several years ago. But this book turned out to be interesting because rather than focus on just one patient and her many lives, he talks about important lessons and values and uses his patients as examples of how these values are learned. But mostly, I especially like his final section on meditation and relaxation techniques (which includes a tec [...]

    25. I love reading books by Briian Weiss and this one was no different. The title of this one was alittle misleading though. There were a few references to the "masters" and their wisdom but most lessons learned appeared to me to be revealed by the subconsious of the person regressing. Maybe Mr. Weiss is intending that each of us is a "master". I had expected more from the masters that he referenced to in his first book Many Masters Many Lives. Still learned some valuable lessons and still very much [...]

    26. I don't know if I can properly review any Brian Weiss book because I enjoy them so much and feel extremely biased as a lot of our ideas align. I will say, if you disagree with ideas surrounding reincarnation and a spirit world, if you're not sure what you think, or even if you're 100% certain you've been reincarnated yourself, read this book. Aside from the obvious themes, the messages one can take from "Messages with the Masters" are comforting and hopeful.

    27. Beautifully written book. Captivates the reader through each level, emphasizing each point to ensure it is properly digested. It is a must read for people with emotions.Personally, I am a big Fan of Dr. Brian Weiss work, his content is very much similar to Indian religious teachers across ages, or should I put it, his work validates what our Guru's and masters have been saying and preaching for centuries.

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