• Title: Big fish
  • Author: Daniel Wallace
  • ISBN: 9788856500547
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Big fish Quella di Edward Bloom stata una vita a dir poco unica Durante i suoi infiniti pellegrinaggi per il mondo Edward ha incontrato un lupo mannaro ha addomesticato un feroce gigante ha salvato uno spirito
    Quella di Edward Bloom stata una vita a dir poco unica Durante i suoi infiniti pellegrinaggi per il mondo Edward ha incontrato un lupo mannaro ha addomesticato un feroce gigante ha salvato uno spirito delle acque ha incontrato una strega con un occhio di vetro capace di mostrare alle persone che vi guardano dentro il momento della propria morte La storia di Edward BQuella di Edward Bloom stata una vita a dir poco unica Durante i suoi infiniti pellegrinaggi per il mondo Edward ha incontrato un lupo mannaro ha addomesticato un feroce gigante ha salvato uno spirito delle acque ha incontrato una strega con un occhio di vetro capace di mostrare alle persone che vi guardano dentro il momento della propria morte La storia di Edward Bloom costellata di personaggi fantastici, di luoghi sospesi nello spazio e nel tempo, di donne dal fascino magnetico e di un a tanto appassionato quanto incredibile O almeno questo che lui ama raccontare ai suoi ascoltatori Ma chi veramente Edward Bloom Una sorta di eroe mitologico o solamente un patetico vecchio tornato a casa per trascorrervi gli ultimi giorni della sua vita ci che si chiede William, giunto al capezzale del padre per assisterlo in punto di morte Un padre da sempre assente, che non ha mai avuto l occasione di conoscere realmente Un padre dal quale vorrebbe sentirsi raccontare una storia vera , filtrata da figure come streghe e nani, giganti e lupi mannari Ma le sue aspettative rimarranno deluse, perch per Edward Bloom un uomo, a furia di raccontare delle storie, diventa lui stesso quelle storie E lo sar per sempre Big Fish un toccante ritratto di un uomo e di un mondo che travalicano i confini della realt per tuffarsi, come un pesce gigante, nelle acque della fiaba e della fantasia.

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    1. You all probably remember the fantastically cheesy film Big Fish directed by Tim Burton. For me, it was pure visual and storytelling enjoyment. But what you may not realize is that BIG FISH the novel towers over the movie. When I first bought a copy of this, just before they began releasing the movie coast-to-coast in 2003, I remember reading the back cover and thinking to myself: “Huh, a book about a man who doesn’t really know who his father is…how mundane.” O, how silly my thoughts we [...]

    2. On the day I was born, there was a big typhoon. The water was seeping through the ceiling of the hospital room and there was a dripping pan catching the falling raindrops beside my mama’s bed. I was the youngest in the family and my papa did not bother to wait and see me right after I was born. I guess he was no longer excited to see another mouth to feed in addition to my two older brothers and a sister. Three days after my mama’s caesarian operation, my papa picked us up but the streets we [...]

    3. دوستانِ گرانقدر، از آنجایی که قبل از خواندن این رمان، فیلمی با عنوانِ "ماهی بزرگ" به کارگردانی «تیم برتون» را سالها پیش دیده بودم، از همان آغازِ خواندن، به راحتی، خط به خط کتاب را درک میکردمدر زمانِ خواندن، تمامی کتاب برای من حکم یک سری داستان های خیالی و به نوعی به یکدیگر متصل [...]

    4. I'm not a big fan of magical realism, but if it's done well, by an author who can make you believe in anything, just by the quality of his writing, it can be something special. "Big Fish" did that for me. I was under Daniel Wallace's spell from the first word. I guess a lot of people feel that way, because it has been turned into a film and a Broadway production.

    5. BookTube-A-Thon Challenege 2016 #3 Read a book you discovered through BookTube. (I found this over with Ashley from saidthestory).BookTube-A-Thon Challenege 2016 #6 Read and watch a book-to-movie adaptation.

    6. I bought this novel based on my enjoyment of the Tim Burton film, but was surprised at how slender it was considering the vast amount of material the film got through. Once I started to read Wallace's novel, it became obvious why. The film was greatly padded out, using the material from the book as a backbone (the book reads more like a collection of concept notes for the film than a full novel). The film also made several changes in Edward Bloom's character (making him more likeable), for examp [...]

    7. I'm glad to read this amazing book actually more than book teach you more stuff and nothing impossible in this life but just don't give up and finally my favorite book this year

    8. Please, read this book. Once in a while, like The Five People You Meet in Heaven, comes a book that is original, full of wonder, Chronicle of Narneish, so full of meaning and beauty that all must buy it, read it, and pass it on. This is perfection. Oh, also see the Tim Burton version of this. As a matter of fact, just see all of Burton's movies. How else to do such a story? Great!

    9. A book I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend. I watched the movie many years ago, and liked it (albeit I now only have very vague memories of it). The film adaptation diverged in some ways from the book, while still keeping the core concepts, concepts I enjoyed both watching and reading about. This story is about a son coming to terms with the inevitable death of his sick father—as well as trying to come to terms with the 'mythic' life of the same man and trying to make sense of who exactly [...]

    10. Edward Bloom is dying. But he's taking his time about it. Time enough, in fact, to have four run ups to the actual event itself and to recount the varied adventures, myths and fables which have attached themselves to the Bloom name since not long after he was born. For son, William Bloom, having a legend for a father is not easy. Firstly it's a lot to live up to but, there's also the problem that no one knows where the fairy tale that is Edward Bloom's history ends and the reality begins.Edward [...]

    11. 3.5 stars. It's hard to read a book when you've been a huge fan of the movie for years, and that was the case with this book. Big Fish is one of my absolute favorite movies, so in my mind, it was just expressed and elaborated slightly better in the movie.The book was still a good, quick read, and of course, I just adore the ending. <3

    12. I have seen the movie adaptation of this book over a dozen times and it still remains one of my absolute favorites. I was a little reluctant to pick up the book because of my love for the film, but it's shortness and urge to revisit a wonderful story changed my mind. The message is the same in the book as it is in the movie; remembrance through stories. Though the book was different I still really enjoyed it!

    13. This book can be summed up in four words: Great writing, no plot.Like most readers, I watched the movie adaptation first, although I don’t remember much about it now. Since I’m working on a story that has a dreamy, fabulist writing style, I wanted to read something similar, and Big Fish certainly fits that description with passages like this: They say he never forgot a name or a face or your favorite color, and that by his twelfth year he knew everybody in his home town by the sound their sh [...]

    14. My introduction to Big Fish was through the movie over 12 yrs ago. I really enjoyed it. I remembered it as a fun and sort of lighthearted tale with an underbelly of serious lessons to be learned. While I am not a big fan of fairy tales I do enjoy folk tales. I grew up listening to my very southern grandfather tell me how he rigged up matchboxes full of dirt for large beetles to pull and how he "shot a bear off a horse". I am no stranger to a "whopper". When being told a whopper your job as the l [...]

    15. I had the great fortune and pleasure to have Daniel Wallace as my Intro to Fiction writing professor this spring at Chapel Hill. He was thoughtful, funny and most of all very sweet to all of us in the class. And I could feel his sentimental kinda old soul in the words of this book. So the story is made up of vignettes or short stories, the structure has a 'purpose' that I don't know how to capture without sounding too flimsy-fantastic, and fantasy's not all it is. To me it's important not just t [...]

    16. I had no idea that this story started off as a novel after having loved the Tim Burton film starring Ewan McGregor. As soon as I realized that fact, I had to try it for myself - and I tackled it as a part of #TheReadingQuest. While I ended up liking the book well enough I have to admit that I absolutely adore the movie. There are quite a few differences between the book and the movie, but I'd say the changes are to the film's advantage. Overall, though, I think the film has the tone and the spir [...]

    17. My father is a fishMy best friend is a little obsessive about reading the novel before seeing the film. Not so, me. I’m a bit more laissez faire in these matters. I saw and thoroughly enjoyed Tim Burton’s 2003 adaptation of Big Fish, and didn’t think too much more about it. Fast forward a decade, and I hear that a major, Broadway-bound musical is on the way. Now I know it’s time to return to the source material.In the past, it has occurred to me that I have an overdeveloped sense of whim [...]

    18. This book. Was wonderful. I started it yesterday, and probably would have finished it way earlier today if I hadn't had work. It's a very quick read, and left me feeling refreshed and ready for more, sad to see it end but feeling fulfilled.

    19. This is the story of Edward Bloom, who is dying, narrated by his son, who in turn takes the tale to mythic proportions (as suggested by the subtitle).This is quite a short read seeped in wonder, legend and magic realism.

    20. خاص بود؟! آره. اولش رو هم خیلی خوب شروع کرد و تا چندین و چند صفحه خیلی خوب پیشرفت و هی آدم میخواد بیشتر بدونه ولی وسطاش تا نزدیک ِ انتهاش یه حالت ِ خنثی ِ بدی داشت. یعنی اون جذبه ی اول ِ کتاب به کل ناپدید شده بود. توی اون صفحات آسون نمیشد ادامش داد ولی در کل خوب بود.

    21. I think the guy who plays the main character in this movie is attractive, but I forgot his name. If that's not a good reason to read the book, then I don't know what is.

    22. While I was reading this book, I kept wondering if I liked it. It seems the more I read, the better it was, especiallyat the end, which made me smile. It wasn't until the endof the book, that it made sense in it's entirity. I loved the ending in this book. All the mythology and exaggeration,made me question the value of the story, at first I onlyseemed to attend to the father/son conversations that I feltwere real and poignant. Little by little, I started to appreciate Wallace's use of mythology [...]

    23. A novel with a BIG heart; tailor-made for Tim Burton and he totally made a movie out of it. Read it.

    24. True story. My grandfather was an incurable joker. Also an incurable smoker. He always joked to his doctors that "It's not the cough that carries you off, it's the coffin they carry you off in!" The day after he died in the early 1960s the whole family was sitting in the living room remembering him when the telephone rang. My uncle answered and came back laughing but with the tears streaming down his face."What? What is it?""They asked for Joe. II said he wasn't available. They said to tell him [...]

    25. Oddly enough, this book is the third incarnation of Big Fish I've consumed. To be honest, though, I don't think I would have loved it so much if it weren't for the movie and the musical bolstering it. All three pieces together create an odd but beautiful combination of story, visuals, and sound and IT IS INCREDIBLE. Absolutely love the way this story takes hold of the imagination.

    26. "Bir adamın anlattığı hikâyelerin hatırlanması o adamı ölümsüz kılar, bunu biliyor muydun bakalım?"

    27. Not only is "big Fish" a simple story about life and death , but also it is a story about the relationship between a son and a father. Every single human being has stories to be told which in fact belong to us as a part of our life , but everyone of Edward's stories told by his son William forms a "novel of mythic proportions" as the title suggests. Persuading giants, helping people, taming wild dogs and other heroic acts, William thinks that he does not really know who his father is, just only [...]

    28. ورژنِ تیم برتون ش رو دوست‌تر می‌داشتم. داستانِ زندگیِ ادوارد رو پیوسته‌تر نشون داده‌بود؛ و یه اپیزودِ داستان رو به همون اپیزود محدود نکرده‌بود؛ شخصیت‌ها از بخشِ خودشون سرک می‌کشیدن به بخش‌های دیگه. و خب فانتزی‌تر و کیوت‌تر بود؛ ضمنِ این که من اون رو خیلی وقت پیش دیدم و ض [...]

    29. 4.5Interesting, sweet, well written. I first saw the movie and didn't get it at all, maybe I was too young. So I didn't expect too much of the book, but it really surprised me.

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