• Title: The Mexican Pet
  • Author: Jan Harold Brunvand
  • ISBN: 9780393305425
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Mexican Pet The book captures the spirit of convivial storytelling and even encourages the activity Many readers will be gratified to know that Brunvand intends to continue this series of relaxed unofficial excu
    The book captures the spirit of convivial storytelling and even encourages the activity Many readers will be gratified to know that Brunvand intends to continue this series of relaxed, unofficial excursions into popular legends Admirers of curiosa and the psychology of crowds cannot afford to miss them Kirkus Reviews

    One Reply to “The Mexican Pet”

    1. nonostante "mi cugino" di elio & le storie tese, le leggende metropolitane sono dure a morire: un paio di storielle contenute in questo libro le ho sentite giusto un paio di settimane fa sul lavoro, e si tratta di alcune di quelle la cui datazione risale all'inizio del '900 lettura perfetta per quando si hanno pochi minuti da buttare via.

    2. These aren't the longest reads in the world, but I find them very interesting with their modern urban legends - there are things here that are familiar with slight alterations, from tales that I've heard over the years.This book isn't possibly as good as the Vanishing Hitchhiker. There seemed to be less about the development of these stories, where they'd come from etc in this, and just more back to back stories. And there seemed to be a lot of - I wrote about this in the Vanishing Hitchhiker; t [...]

    3. preso in bibliotecaIl fatto che sia un po' datato e rivolto quasi esclusivamente a leggende metropolitane americane mi ha fatto calare un po' l'interesse che avevo per questo libro, anche se d'altra parte si ritrovano alcuni parallelismi con leggende metropolitane ancora "attuali" anche da questa parte dell'oceano (vedi il topo-cane, la babysitter che fa dormire i bambini passandoli sul gas e i bambini rapiti al centro commerciale).Un po' fastidiose le continue citazioni e riferimenti alla prece [...]

    4. My favorite urban legends are those which blur the line between modern and ancient legend. For example, we hear urban legends about muggers in drag, but there is a legend about a woman who gave a night's shelter to an ungainly woman, only to later learn that the "woman" was Jesse James in petticoats and crinoline.

    5. The last thing I really need is another book, but I took it as a sign from God to pick this up at a take-a-book-leave-a-book shelf up because the last two books I read had urban legends in them as part of the plot. I regularly checksnopes website for all the "Scare of the day" e-mail warnings I get sent from friends before sending them on to others.

    6. Anyone who ever thought if they dialled the number on the UPC code on the LP of Michael Jackson's _Thriller_, that it would ring at his house will enjoy this book very much. Thumbs up.

    7. I'm a Brunvand fan, so I enjoy reading the urban legends and reading about their evolution. Every one of his books is like a really good, eye-opening college class, only without tests.

    8. Ah yes, the Mexican pet. Damn you, all of you Mexican pets and vanishing hitchhikers and choking Dobermans filling our heads with nonsense!!

    9. Every page is a delight. I think every shrink should read Brunvand's books to get a finger on the hard-to-find pulse of the mass unconscious.

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