• Title: The Walking Dead, Issue #6
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Tony Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 363
  • Format: None
  • The Walking Dead Issue After last issue s horrendous attack on the camp the survivors are left to pick up the pieces Tensions run high as the gravity of their situation starts to sink in with Rick and the others What happe
    After last issue s horrendous attack on the camp, the survivors are left to pick up the pieces Tensions run high as the gravity of their situation starts to sink in with Rick and the others What happens when they stop focusing on the zombie threat and hand and turn their aggression towards one another

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    1. Holy Shite. From a sad beginning and farewell to a friend - to that ending?!? Whoa.Starting to see the differences with some things as compared to the TV Show. The confrontation in this Issue was just whoa. Intense and brutal. The B&W colouring definitley suited this one thats for sure.

    2. حقا لا أصدق ما أراه بعينى من وصول الرسوم الكاريكاترية إلى هذا المستوى كم هى رائعة بما تحتوى من تفاصيل مذهلة تشعرك وكأنك داخل المشهد بالإضافة أنه يروق لى أسلوب الحوار بين الأشخاص بشدة قصة ذلك العمل تدور حول انتشار أحد الأوبئة التى جعلت البشر أشبه بالزومبى من آكلى لحوم البشر و [...]

    3. The camp buries Amy, all of them say their good byes. Jim's bite is getting worse and he asks to be left by the city so when he turns he can be with his dead family. Rick, Carl and Shane go hunting and Shane goes on the defensive about them keeping the camp right outside the city and if it was the cause of Jim's bite and Amy's death. Rick blames Shane for the deaths because he won't agree to move away from the city.The next day Shane and Rick get into a fight about moving the camp and Lori stand [...]

    4. Review for all Volume 1 (Issues 1-6) I was really surprised by the differences with the show, like no Darryl and oh my god, Shane !! I can't wait to see where they're going to go with Carl's character after this! I found certain storylines under developed but it’s only the first volume, so that explains the 4 stars :)

    5. Great freaking readingKeep it up you guys rock! Poor Jim going out like that you just never know with you Walking Dead creators.

    6. As usual, I loved this issue of the comic and can't wait to keep reading more.I liked the small funeral that they had for Amy, and the nice things everyone said about her. It shows that they have not turned into savages yet.I also like that we learned a little more about Dale and his wife, though his story of how his wife had turned at that other camp, was quite sad.When Donna and Jim were talking and Dale's wife was mentioned, they said his wife turned with within a day (I think?) and I think s [...]

    7. Good god well, this issue sold me. It's an ending alright, an ending to the love triangle. Shane is dead. I have to spoil it for you in order to write about it, because it's the surprise ending that I really liked. Rick's son kills Shane right when Shane loses his mind and is about to attack Rick in the woods. I am sure Rick would have died otherwise. The writing makes a point for the kid to say "it doesn't feel the same as shooting the dead ones." I'm not sure a seven-year-old would observe so [...]

    8. Después horrendo ataque del último número en el campo, los supervivientes se dejan para recoger los pedazos. Las tensiones son altas como la gravedad de su situación comienza a hundirse con Rick y los demás. ¿Qué pasa cuando dejan de centrarse en la amenaza zombi y mano y dirigen su agresión hacia uno al otro? Este sexto libro está lleno de tensión pero eso si, no aparece ningún zombi por eso le bajo un poco la puntuación. Sigo y creo que seguiré hasta el final, no es seguro, que de [...]

    9. Andrea doesn't wait for Amy to turn or shoot her.It's winter not summer.Rick blames Shane for Amy's death. He says if they would have moved the camp away from the city then this would not have happened.They don't leave camp right away. Instead, Jim decides he wants to be taken outside so he can turn.Rick and Shane get into a fight. Rick says he wants to 'talk' to him. Shane almost spills the beans about hooking up with Lori. He probably would have if Carl had not shot him.

    10. Of course we can rely on Rick to ask the right questions: how do they know that they are not the only survivors? Are the zombies hunting in packs now? And of course we can rely on Shane to be a the biggest jerk on earth. Lori's outburst is her guilt rushing up to the surface, heh. Really love that montage of stunned faces.But Carl, dammit—I really didn't see that one coming./First read 23 December 2009.

    11. This one made me realize how much more f***ed up the comic series is over the TV show. I'm all for surprises, and this one (if I didn't watch the show) would probably the first with a big reveal that gets you hooked to read more. (Like the next 14 issues immediately)

    12. PicturesThey are really cool, they give you a vision of the book that you are reading! I just love it!

    13. This was pretty good! I never saw this coming. It's really neat to see how this is so different than the TV Series.

    14. This was a pretty good issue as well. I liked Shane's ending in this better than I did the show's.

    15. Ovdje se radnja odmiče od serije na iznenađujući način, a do izraza dolaze kadrovi bez teksta koji izvrsno prenose emocije likova.

    16. An issue featuring no zombies. The horror all comes from within. Starts out sad and touching, but ends with a punch to the gut. Powerful storytelling.

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